How To Find A Skincare Routine That Works For You

Skincare Routine INFOGRAPHIC - How To Build A Skincare Routine

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So we all know how absolutely essential a good skincare routine is for making sure that our skin a. improves and b. stays great. What we don’t usually get told is how on earth we go about finding this fantastic, life-changing routine. You know – the actually useful thing.

What is a skincare routine?

A skincare routine is a series of products and treatments that you apply and do to your skin consistently and periodically. This can be (and usually is) a morning-and-nightly skincare routine. Skincare routines consist of different “steps” and actions that you take.

Skincare routines can be as simple and quick as  1 step – “wash face with water” – and complex skincare routines can be as detailed as 13 steps (like Korean skincare routines).

How To Build A Skincare Routine

Why Do I Need A Skincare Routine?

Skincare routines are used to improve and maintain quality of skin. If you’re suffering from skin problems such as acne or discolouration, you can use a skincare routine to heal. Much like working out can help you to lose weight or just be healthy and maintain your current gorgeousness (oh yeah, you pretty little thing, I noticed!) a skincare routine can be to tackle a problem, or it can just be to make sure that your skin is as healthy and beautiful as possible.

What Steps Are In A Skincare Routine?

The typical steps in a skincare routine are:

  • Cleansing (daily)
  • Toning (daily)
  • Any serums or treatments (daily)
  • Moisturising (daily)
  • Face masks (a few times a week)
  • Exfoliation (a few times a week)

Of course, those steps can be expanded and additional steps can be added in. Some people triple-cleanse their faces! Here’s my skincare routine and why I use what I use/how it helps me.

What Products Do I Need In A Skincare Routine and Why?

Skincare Routine INFOGRAPHIC - How To Build A Skincare Routine

How Do I Perfect My Own Skincare Routine?

Okay, so I would love to be able to give you a quick, one-size-fits-all answer to this . . . but the truth is that it really depends on you and your skin. What I can do is help you figure out what’s best for you, though.

  1. Figure out your skin type.

    Oily skin is going to absolutely self-destruct if you’re using a skincare routine tailored for dry skin – and vice versa. You need to identify your skin type first.

  2. Note down your problem areas and things that you want to tackle.

    This will help you when identifying products that you can add into your routine; is your issue scarring? Acne? Oil-control? Dryness? Fine lines?

  3. Look at reviews of people with your skin-type and issues.

    Seriously – one of the greatest things about all the beauty bloggers floatin’ round out there is the fact that there’s so much information available. You can instantly find out which products are good for oily skin, which products help with eczema, which products are a total waste of money. There are detailed guides, reviews, walk-throughs, Youtube videos that you can look up to get a starting point.

  4. Identify ingredients that you like and that your skin reacts well to.

    Now, for all you beauty-junkies out there this will be easy – I can see you already listing off chemical components and whatnot. However, for us mere mortals . . . this can draw a complete blank.There are a lot of ingredients that are used in skincare. You’ve got your oils, your chemicals, your extracts – but what you need is to find the ingredients that work for you. For me, witch hazel and tea tree oil are my saviours, so anything with those in is a yes. The same goes for aloe vera. For some people, it will be something different. This can be slightly trial and error, but identify what the common ingredients are in products you like and kick off from there.

  5. Buy a skincare set.

    I’d highly recommend the Mario Badescu Acne Starter Kit; read my review on it here.

    Now, there is an argument to be made for mixing chemicals. Mixing products can result in unsavoury reactions when the chemicals in the products don’t like each other; obviously, using a skincare range can help with this.

    A lot of people find that sticking to one brand and range can help their skin a lot – but some people need a variety of products to tackle different issues.I recommend buying a base set for skincare (these usually have a mask, moisturizer and toner minimum) for a few reasons. One, it’s cheaper; you don’t need to worry about finding individual products yourself and you can usually get better value for money. Two, the products in skincare sets often work better in tandem. And three, it’s just so much easier!

    I like to think as skincare sets as the perfect base. You can introduce other products in (such as serums, treatements, masks etc.) to enhance and perfect, but your skincare set is what’s going to be the real foundation for building better skin.

  6. Slowly test and add in products.

    Having a routine doesn’t mean never stepping out of the box when you find yourself tempted by, say, a new private label body butter; on the contrary, I think it’s important to try new things and introduce them into your routine. After all, if a product doesn’t work wonders for you – you’ve got a skincare routine guaranteed to get you back on track. And if it does work out well . . . well, you’ve got yourself a keeper.

  7. Alternate sometimes.

    Now, for me at least, I find that occasionally switching between products can help keep my skin on its toes. In my case, this is usually my toners, serums, moisturisers and face masks. There are two fail-safe products that I have for each, but I will occasionally swap them out. (For example, while I usually use Mario Badescu Oil Free Moisturiser, sometimes I will swap it out for aloe vera.)

  8. Don’t be afraid to give your skin a break.

    This is something that I think can be really annoying to us all – but overloading your skin with products can actually be counter-intuitive. Laying off all the serums and treatments sometimes and giving your skin a little break can be just as good for it. If my skin goes through this, I usually just strip back down to water and moisturiser for a few days.

  9. Consistency is key.

    Look, kids – we all want great, glowing skin instantly. If I pay £30 for a product, I want to wake up the next morning with a new bloody face. I get this, but it’s an entirely unrealistic expectation most of the time. A lot of good skincare routines will take a few weeks to kick in and will require consistent use as they improve your skin over time.
    Image result for wait for it gif

  10. Remember to keep your lifestyle and needs into account.

    If you wear a lot of makeup, you will need a stronger cleaning step. You may want to invest in a cleansing brush (they’re amazing, I don’t even think you need to wear makeup to enjoy them) or a double-cleansing step because makeup can clog your skin. If you travel a lot for work, your skin can get dried out a lot easier and you may need a heavier moisturiser.

 I toyed with having a “Products I Recommend” section of this post, but in all honesty I can only recommend products for oily skin . . . so I’ll save it for another post. I hope this was a useful post and that you got some inspiration on how to develop your own skincare routine. What’s in your current routine – do we use any of the same products? Do you have any tips? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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45 thoughts on “How To Find A Skincare Routine That Works For You”

  1. I really should get a skin care routine. I’ve been toying with it since forever, but I change my products so regularly, and since I get up, get home and go to bed at different times everyday, it becomes a chore to have a fixed routine. This has given me a little more inspiration to try harder. Thanks for sharing 🙂 xx

      1. I wouldn’t say mines fine without it. I manage, but I wear a full face of makeup every day for work, and I notice that this definitely takes affect against the weeks where I have more time off. xx

          1. Great post!! Very useful for a person like me who has acne and who wears makeup!! I have a skin care routine but i don’t feel like it’s working anymore, so i want to change it

            1. I definitely need to try Mario Badescu set because my skin is always breaking out to the point that it is a real struggle for me to have a skin care routine that helps. Very helpful post. xx

            2. How have you managed to include a gif from my absolute favourite show ever???!! I’m thinking of getting the Mario Badescu rosewater spray as a ‘moisturiser’ as every moisturiser I’ve tried recently has made me break out so badly, and my skin isn’t actually dry at all just slightly tight after washing… Thank you so much for this post though, so much useful information and good advice! xx

              1. YES GIRL! I love love love HIMYM (if I discount that finale anyway…). Maybe try aloe vera? That works absolute wonders and it’s completely natural so it shouldn’t break you out. I’m so glad it could be useful – thank you for the inspiration!xx

            3. Top-notch entertainment as always with your videos. I shall not call you out on the beep beeps but hey ‘when I was younger’ I might have. Hmm so I am going over to Mario Badescu’s online store (what would we do without the likes of them) to check out some goopy wonders, so hail Mia. Peace out.

              1. Aww thank you! And yep, I cringed so much while I was editing – I don’t normally swear as much (as much as I swear in my writing is my normal level) but when I’m nervous it’s like a tic. Being on camera and trying to think and speak articulately … I didn’t even realise how much I was swearing until later ;-; DEFINITELY check out Mario Badescu, they’re absolutely amazing x

              2. Aww thank you! And yep, I cringed so much while I was editing – I don’t normally swear as much (as much as I swear in my writing is my normal level) but when I’m nervous it’s like a tic. Being on camera and trying to think and speak articulately … I didn’t even realise how much I was swearing until later ;-; DEFINITELY check out Mario Badescu, they’re absolutely amazing x

              3. Mia I cannot express how much I loved this post!! It is so professional and well put together I am in awe – I have been getting into skincare recently (not gonna lie, mostly because of blogging and how satisfying it is to have a Pinterest worthy routine lol) so this is immensely helpful. I do not wear base makeup except for concealer so keeping things minimal really works wonders for me and in fact, excessive skincare can make things worse rather than better. However, I like to include some things such as moisturiser merely for the feel good factor! Thank you so much for sharing these tips and all of your wonderful insight 😊❤️

                1. Thank you so so much lovely! I try so hard with my content so that really means a lot 🙂 And yaaaas girl – skincare is SO important! And I totally get what you mean; it’s such a fine balance between a great routine and a skincare overload. Especially for my skintype because it’s oily ;-; Thank you so much for your lovely words and for reading <3

              4. I recently got into cleansing oils, I’m surprise about well it works and cleans your skin. I sometimes don’t feel a toner is necssary 2nd step, so I usually end up using micellar water. So soft results!

              5. Great post. Well formatted and informative. My skincare routine consists of cleanser, toner, and moisturizer after I wake up. I do the same at night, except at night is when I also sometimes use face masks. I try to use an exfoliating mask once a week and a purifying or hydrating mask 1-3 times a week.

              6. This is the most perfect post I could have read right now. I’m really looking to improve my skincare and try new methods/products for healthier looking skin, so thank you for sharing this!

              7. Great post – you were so funny in the video! It’s always better to go with the flow sometimes, rather than do lots of takes and edit etc.!

                I’m combination/oily skin and loving this new season…are you? Summer is a nightmare for me! I think I’ll write a skincare routine post soon since I’ve never done one and am quite happy with my current skincare routine.

                I also use aloe vera gel instead of my moisturiser sometimes!

                1. Oh my goodness, thank you so much!
                  And yes, I agree! Also, I’m terrible at video editing so there’s that 😉

                  YES YES YES! My skin doesn’t do well with rain, but the cooler weather in general is a lifesaver. Ooooh definitely do a skincare routine; you have lovely skin.

                  Yes girl! Aloe vera is actually REALLY easy to grow too 🙂

                  1. Aw thank you – I do try 😂 It’s behaving again now but I think it’s cos the climate is nicer on my skin.

                    Oo we grow aloe vera in our house actually but my dad never lets me cut it. Have you ever drank aloe vera? (not the sweetened kind.) Tastes absolutely vile, but really good for you. lol

                2. I went through just about the same process to get my routine down and it works wonders! This is such an awesome post for those who don’t have it altogether just yet (:

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