June Blog Goals!

Hello gorgeous humans and welcome the post that ideally should have gone out before we almost hit the midway point of June. (And breathe.)

Recently, I’ve been feeling somewhat successful. Not necessarily stats-wise, because I’ve not been tracking that properly as of yet. But successful in terms of personal goals I’ve set for this blog. (Ie: actually fucking writing it. And doing some cool crafts, that too.)

In an effort to ride that wave for all it’s worth, I decided to set some *actual* goals for growth and . . . well, whatever other positive buzzwords fit in here. I used to set regular monthly goals for this little website and it was indescribably beneficial for my productivity.

BTW: If you struggle to make actionable, meaningful blog goals, make sure to read my how to post here.

For the month of June, I decided to keep my blogging goals somewhat simple. My overall aim for the next few months is to earn more money from this blog – so most of these goals are directed there.

I recently joined Google Adsense and the money has been trickling in from there. We’ve started averaging around 70p-£1 per day (I know, I’m a high roller) – but I think that’s a good base. At the very least, Adsense will cover site running costs.

For June, I just want to ensure that I continue an average of £1 per day – and look into some stats to improve that figure. (Cough cough, look into ways to drive a fuckton more traffic.)

My largest goal actually also ties into attracting traffic – and that’s consistently using Tailwind. Tailwind is something I have a love/hate relationship with. The product itself? Fabulous, could sing its praises for hours. Me? Problematic, annoying, inconsistent.

It’s one of those things that I know works. I can see the evidence in my massively spiked stats when I’m consistently using Tailwind. But actually sitting down and spending hours to write detailed captions and schedule Pins? Well, I’m not great at that part. So I included a daily tracker wherein I tick off all the days I have pins scheduled in every slot.

And last but not least is just my content. There are a lot of posts I want to get out in June – and a lot of really interesting ones I want to plan. Some may need materials bought or just time sunk into making them (as well as needing me to just bloody remember that they exist) so I’ve made a note of content to plan and content to write!

All in all, my June goals are pretty simple. I want to spend this time tracking some of my website data on Google Analytics, so I can set some real goals in July – and some stepping stones to get there. I hope you guys enjoyed this little insight to my brain. Do you set blog goals? What are yours? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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24 thoughts on “June Blog Goals!”

    1. I just started the WordPress Ad thingy because why the hell not? I should upgrade to business so I can use Google Adsense but my blog is still an expensive hobby for now. My only goal is to… post shit. 🤣 There are so many posts floating in my head! I hope you make it to your £££! Loving the BJ as per usj!

      Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

      1. Well, I love your content so am very excited that your goal is to make more!

        Tbh with you Dom.. if you’re ever deciding between upgrading, I 100% would. I used WordAds over the past few years – in 2019, I totalled 132,232 views and earned USD$60 ish. I’ve used Adsense for a month or so and out of 15,000 ish views I’ve earned around $60. (Sorry I’m at work and don’t have my adsense dash, so please excuse the rough maths) WordAds payments hurt my heart lol x

      2. I’ve been putting a lot of work into SEO to increase my blog views, and now looking at possible income avenues. I hear a lot about Adsense so that’s something to consider. I LOVE how creative you are with your journal! Mine looks like such a scribbled mess in comparison. xx

        1. That’s awesome, Laura! Your blog is so high quality and professional, it definitely deserves some income. HIGHLY recommend Adsense, I’ve earned the same/a little more in one month of Adsense than over a year with WordPress Ads (and my traffic hasn’t massively boomed or anything). I’m not sure if you’ve tried affiliate earnings before but they’re great – Amazon and ShopStyle Collective are good income bringers xx

      3. I had ads up for a while but literally earned 20 cents.. for the moment I just can’t justify interrupting my content with ads only to earn so little! I’ve heard there are pinterest strategies that can drive plenty of traffic to your site so hope to try that. Might even take a course in it.

        Such a pretty spread as usual mia! I love your journal x

        1. That’s totally fair! Have you tried affiliate links? They’re a really organic way to monetise your content without interrupting it – for example, your Felicitous review post. Ugh, I love Pinterest so much! If you’re trying to boost views through Pinterest, I highly recommend Tailwind.

          Thank you for reading Maryam!xx

      4. LOVED this post! I am also such a goal setter, so this resonated with me. I have been doing a Pinterest course to drive more views, I had no idea that Pinterest was a tool literally built to help grow brands/blogs! I love this so much, so glad to see someone also tracking progress and turning passion into a career. (also, OBSESSED with your notebook) xo

        1. Thank you so much Xandria! I always worry these posts will be super boring to other people so I’m glad it resonated with you 🙂 Oooo how is the Pinterest course going? Pinterest is one of my biggest traffic drivers (also Pinterest traffic is SUPER good for affiliate link conversions) so would love to do a course to improve it xx

      5. Love your BuJo as always! And the post was super helpful! I love setting goals but aside from posting consistently, I haven’t fixed any goals for my blog! Mainly because I just want to keep it as a hobby for now… I think… or maybe because I don’t want to face the reality of me not reaching them… 🤔
        Anyway, great post! xxx

      6. Rhi // The Violet Journal

        This spread is beautiful – you’re making me want to start bullet journaling again 😩 I love these goals – good luck with them!

      7. Girl I can relate to this SO much! The blogging struggle (especially right now it seems) is real! But I am loving all your posts and just seeing you on here again! It has been MY highlight! <3

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