The Simple Way I Sky-Rocketed My Pinterest Traffic

First and foremost (because I already wrote an intro for this post and, as my intros are known to do, it went slightly off topic), let me really quickly give you a breakdown of today’s post, so you know why to stick around. I’ve discovered a new Pinterest trick (no, it’s not paid; no, it’s not something you’ve read 1,000 times before) that skyrocketed my Pinterest traffic this month and I’m sharing it with you. Cool? Cool.

Look at these results – you know you want them.

Hey, beauties – you know what I’ve quickly come to realise in the past week? Having a social life and an online one is bloody difficult. Back home, all of my friends go to work, they have university – and they go home at the end of the night. In the past week at the hostel, we’ve formed a little friendship group and it’s great . . . but it also means there have been no opportunities for whipping out my laptop for a few hours of work.

I’m not complaining; it’s been a hell of a lot of fun and I’m actually travelling to the next place with one of the girls here. (Shoutout to Lottie, she’s fucking awesome.) But still – in terms of blog work, your girl has not been as up to date as I would have liked.

Anyways, that is not at all the point of today’s post. It was actually an entirely pointless side note that had not a single shred of relevancy. I don’t know why I included it. The point of today’s post is Pinterest – and the way that I managed to skyrocket my Pinterest views this month. Let’s do this.

Okay, so this is the thing that I generally hate about these kind of posts: they’re unhelpful as fuck. Vague, regurgitated bullshit. “Make sure you’re posting consistently; use keywords in your board titles, make sure your board covers are consistent” – yes, Susan, I bloody know. I’m not new to this game; tell me something the thousands of other practically identical blog posts haven’t.

Well, far be it from me to be a hypocrite so soon into this post. We aren’t doing those generic Pinterest tips, no, today I’m going to share something tangible, easy, quick to do and that actually works:

My Top Tip For Increasing Pinterest Traffic To Your Website:

Use Snapchat or Instagram Stories to write information about your article on your image, encouraging people to click through to it.

You have no idea what I mean do you? Take a look at an example.

This is a little image it took me literally a minute to make on Snapchat, but it’s way more informative than just the picture of the pretty water bottle, right?

So I had this idea when I started to take a deeper look at my pinning habits; for skincare products especially, I tend to Pin (and actually engage/click through on) images where the person has shared a little snippet about the product, how they use it and why they recommend it. Just a photo of a product with the word “review” on it doesn’t massively appeal to me – but a photo of a product with “this is great for x, y, z and I use it like this” grabs my attention more.

Here’s a prime example of the type of pin I tend to engage with.

In fact, not only do I tend to engage with them more – I’m way more likely to buy the product. A lot of my recent skincare purchases were from recommendations off of Pinterest because I could instantly see why people loved them and how they helped their skin.

Now, as someone who earns from their affiliate earnings (when someone purchases items through my links), you can imagine how this is an attractive prospect. In fact, as a blogger in general, it’s a great way to potentially boost your earnings.

The best way to earn via affiliate marketing is to position the products people already want in front of them at the right time.

So I decided to give it a go myself and see the results!

How Did This Trick Affect My Pinterest Stats?

First of all, let me show you the images I created! (All respective posts are linked to the images.)


Honestly, I was massively impressed with the results! Literally a day later, I returned to Pinterest to find my notifications blowing up and a shit-ton of traffic headed my way! While I could attribute one of these images doing well to a fluke, it was actually quite consistent (at least for the beauty related Pins).


It’s a little bit difficult to track the results exactly because each time you add a different repin (so in the past month, I’ve pinned each of these 4 or 5 times) it treats it as an entirely new pin and doesn’t track them together.

Pretty much all of these got a repin or two, but what I found really interesting was how well the beauty images in particular performed! Here are some of the top performing pin results . . .

As you can see, this one little trick massively boosted my Pinterest traffic this month – and, as it’s so easy, I can’t imagine any reason that you wouldn’t give it a go! I hope you guys enjoyed this post and were maybe inspired to try this out yourselves. Have you ever created or pinned these kinds of images? Will you give it a go? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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26 thoughts on “The Simple Way I Sky-Rocketed My Pinterest Traffic”

    1. Giiiiirl! Thank you so much for this tip! I’ve been trying to increase my pinterest traffic really hard and the only way I found so far was PINNING, PINNING and PINNING. I wasn’t really happy with the click throughs I got but your tip just sounds so helpful. I need to try this really soon. Thank you for sharing xx

    2. I completely forgot about pinterest, but I know that a lot of bloggers use it. I really need to get my profile organized and finally start using it. Will definitely remember these tips, I’ll need them. Great post dear. xx

    3. I have never used Pinterest to boost my blog posts but it seems like a really good way of doing so! I agree that I am more likely to click on an image that has an explanation on it of why I should click on the image. You truly are the queen of blogging tips. xx

    4. This is so awesome! Ive seen those kind of screen shot posts with tons of saves but they’re not from bloggers they’re usually just from an ig baddie or whatever, …so i thought it wouldn’t gain anything as a blogger. Good to know that i won’t need to make a fancy lil canva graphic for every single thing lol
      Thanks for sharing!! πŸ’Œ
      – Kiki

    5. Would you say this would work on non lifestyle/beauty blogs? This is an excellent idea and fits perfectly for lifestyle and beauty bloggers, but do you think this would work on pinterest for my travel blog? Any tips?

    6. I have heard you can get a lot of traffic from Pinterest, but when I’ve read blog posts like you said it has been vague & unhelpful.
      I’ll definitely have to try out your method & if I can actually get some traffic πŸ˜„

    7. I felt like Pinterest would be too complicated to keep up with but I might give this a go. Love this tip and I personally feel more drawn with little descriptions in stories too!

    8. It is so hard juggling a social life and blogging. Girl the struggle is REAL! I admit Pinterest is the most underutilized of social media platforms for me. But if I ever start using it I might ave to give it a try. Thanks for sharing beauty! <3

    9. This is actually a genuinely useful tip, I don’t know if I’ll be able to implement this with the sort of content I write but it sounds amazing (and also so simple!) Thanks for sharing this, I’ll give it a go at some point (when I’m not incredibly busy…) xxx

    10. This is great information. I had actually struggled to grasp the concept of Pinterest at all! Now that I understand it a little better, I’ll be able to follow your tips with confidence. Thank you 😊

    11. I tried liking this post but it would not let me πŸ™ (probs because it’s 111 like and it be like that sometimes…along with the magic of your blog) anyways, this so great! Thank you! Blessings!

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