May Bullet Journal Set Up & May Goals!

Hello, my beautiful souls – it has been a while since we’ve done one of these, right? My life got really hectic from January – March and then, just as it began to calm down, for some reason I thought “yeah, now is definitely the time to undertake a super complicated and time-consuming blog challenge”. Look, I never claimed to be a role-model.

Now it’s pretty easy to guess, but I actually fell out of bullet journalling in April (the horror!). Thankfully, I am back getting my shit together. Which is great, actually, because I’ve really missed it. I like having tangible memories to read back over – and I love the mindfulness that goes into drawing out spreads and layouts and goals and shit.

**By the way, if you’re interested in setting up a bullet journal of your own, but aren’t sure what they are or where to start take a read of my Setting Up A Bullet Journal Guide**


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Normally, you guys know that I’m quite goal oriented. I’m pretty big on giving myself challenges, tasks, things to accomplish – and usually that works amazingly for me, I’d definitely consider myself a really productive person. However, what I have to be careful of is burnout. Towards the tail-end of my collab challenge, I could really feel myself starting to burn out. (Truth be told, for the last few months I have felt very cliff’s-edge to burnout.)

The holiday to Italy came at the perfect time because it gave me a chance to take a break from work, it was inspiring (because seriously how fucking beautiful is Italy?) and . . . well, I just love me a bit of travel. However, it was the first Saturday of May that really helped me decide what my focus for May should be.

My Dad was suffering through gardening and he told me to come and bring all my stuff outside, so I could work and chat to him. It was super chilled, really relaxing and we were listening to music . . . and I just thought “you know what, I’ve already done a fuck-ton this year and we’re only 5 months in – I want more of this relaxation.”. So that’s what May is for; I want to get back to feeling generally content and relaxed.

Because I’ve felt busy; I’ve felt productive; I’ve felt like I’m putting a lot of hard work in . . . but I haven’t felt content and I definitely haven’t felt relaxed since last December.

One thing I love about Spring and the sun finally starting to show itself again is that it makes me want to be healthy. In winter, I don’t want to drink 2 litres of water a day; it’s fucking freezing, I want to chug hot chocolate and hibernate. In summer, give me all the water you got – hell, I’m happy to get up an hour earlier to make myself a fruit salad for breakfast. And it’s this big cycle; when I’m eating healthier, I feel better and then I’m more motivated to work and then I’m just overall a lot happier.

That’s mainly why my “featured image” for May is this nice fruit infused water. I want to start making those little changes and get back to eating nice and healthily – but I’m not trying to put myself under any pressure, or be too strict with it. I more want to get back to being the person who spends the extra time making herself a nice healthy snack and sitting out in the sun and enjoying it, instead of the one who grabs the nearest chocolate bar for extra energy so she can work a couple of extra hours.

I like me when I’m on top form; I just need to get myself back up there.

In terms of goals, I’m not giving myself too much to do this month – it’s a reset, recharge and have some fun kinda month. A vacation from myself, if you will. (Give me a week, I’ll find some new workaholic idea. Sometimes I think my best traits are absolutely my worst ones.) I want to start focusing on eating healthily again and my best friend and I are going to start walking. That’s enough for me!

I’ve taped these flowers into my spread too, so they should (hopefully) press. If not . . . well, they made nice blog photo props. And I got sick satisfaction from stealing flowers from my dad as he gardened, so at least there’s that.

I hope you guys enjoyed this lil sneak peek at my bullet journal (and inside my brain); what did you think? What are your May goals? Did you like the bu-jo spread? Do you bullet journal? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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45 thoughts on “May Bullet Journal Set Up & May Goals!”

  1. Great post! Nice that you want to get back into journaling after the break. I just started to set up my own first bullet journal and I‘m so happy I did it. You previous posts inspired me and i‘m surprised about my own creativity. It‘s so much fun and kind of meditating. Thank you so much for sharing all this. It‘s a pleasure to read it 😊

  2. THE WASHI TAPE oh the washi tape, I have to stop buying it because I have an unhealthy obsession with buying it and hoarding it, but those ones are SO beautiful….I might have to make a purchase. Who am I kidding, I’m definitely going to go ahead and buy those. I say this every single time you do a bullet journal post but I NEED to start one – I’m so preoccupied with all my other journals that I never do, but I must! Yours is so aesthetically pleasing! xx

  3. I love this May spread!! I honestly wish I had the time and patience that goes into doing spreads like this but weekly spreads are all I need and use and I can never find the time to get funky and pretty and elaborate and all those good things like you do! That said, my challenge this month is definitely along the same lines as you, though I feel like I haven’t achieved that much yet I’m still feeling burnt out and tired all. the. time. xx

    1. Nope, I totally get what you mean – for me, I love doing these because it acts like a reflection, but they do take more time and sometimes (cough cough most of the time) my spreads are super bare and plain, just functionality! And GIRLLL I feel your pain! I hope you get to relax a bit too 🙂 xx

      1. I completely understand how you are feeling. I am a goal oriented person as well who also happens to be an extremist; burn out is a very real thing. I’m glad you’re aligned with yourself and allowing yourself to just go with it. Infused water is everything—my current fave recipe is a few mint leaves, a slice or two of lemon and a few English cukes. Always excited to see your beautiful bullet journal! I really, really hope those flowers press—how special is that to go back to this memory with your father? Cheers to a Meyhem-free May…

        Dom |

        1. I’m glad you can relate! I think it’s a hazard of being goal-oriented; we tend to push ourselves towards that next goal CONSTANTLY without breaks. And GIRL YES my go to is mint and lemon! That was my thought exactly; it was a really nice afternoon with him. So far, they’re pressing well!xx

      2. This is such a nice post and I want those highlighters!! Definitely getting one when I come back to school! 🙈 And may I just say, your bullet journal is definitely 😍😍❤!

        1. I bought some stuff from Office Depot to start a calendar/agenda (cause I don’t think I’m committed enough for a BuJo yet), and I did a few pages! I want to finish it, but with my new job haven’t found the time. I’m hoping to advance to a BuJo someday cause I love the concept & pretty layouts like yours inspire me! Great job with this month (:

        2. Love the new spread, Mia! Glad you’re taking the time to relax! & how cute that your dad wanted you to bring all your stuff out to keep him company while he gardened!! ♡

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