DIY Bohemian Crystal Rings – Crystal DIY Challenge #2

by Mia M.

Why, welcome home my internet friends. How’s your day going? You ready to be inspired? Oh, no, I wasn’t offering – I need a dose of that inspiration too. (No, seriously. Can someone come and hit me with an inspiration wand or something? I’d pay.)

Today, we’re going to be tackling DIY #2 from my crystal DIY challenge. What have I come up with? Some beautiful bohemian rings.

Are you suitably in love yet? Great.

So, in case you’re unfamiliar, the crystal DIY challenge is a completely self-inflicted challenge (although feel free to give it a go, I’d genuinely love to see what you guys come up with) wherein I bought . . . well, I bought this:

This is exactly what it looks like; a long strand of crystals that I bought on a complete whim at like 1am. Sometimes I do stupid things, sue me. It could’ve been way worse; it’s not like I’m pregnant.

In an effort to make out that this was a sensible purchase, I am doing a somewhat series of DIYs in which I use up all of these crystals. If you haven’t caught installment number 1, check it out below. (Post is linked to the image)

What We’re Making:

Today, as you’ve already seen, we’re tackling rings. Because who doesn’t love to deck their hands out in loads of crystal bling?

While I went for gold bases, you can of course pick silver. (It’s actually a lot easier to find silver, I had to really hunt for the gold ring bases.)

I think these are perfect little rings to finish off an outfit; very boho chic. You guys already know that I am just a bohemian soul trapped in a cynical, sarcastic body.

What You Will Need:

You guys already know I am not about making you break the bank; if you actually tried the hair clip DIY, you’ll already have most of these things!

Heavy-Duty Glue

Well, you didn’t think the crystals were going to stick themselves down, did you? Here’s the glue I used – and I highly recommend it! (Also . . . it’s super cheap.)

Gorilla Glue 60ml
Gorilla Glue 60ml


Here’s the shop I used; it’s international (based in China, but worldwide shipping is £3) and I was so impressed with the crystals, they’re beautiful.

The crystals used in this DIY are:

Pink and Orange Crystal Necklace Strand (Approx 44) – ETSY – £11.37

The good thing is, though, while I picked this colour . . . you don’t have to! Look at all these pretty colour options. These all cost the same, so I’m just attaching links to the photo. Click on the colours you want!

Ring Bases

This is pretty self-explanatory; your ring bases are what your crystal decorations are going to stick to.

Ring Bases 3 Colours – Pack Of 10 – Etsy (Worldwide) – £2.92

What You Need To Do

Again, guys, I am all about my DIYs being easy access for everyone: they’re cheap and literally easy as pie. Same as before, this DIY has one step:

Glue the crystals to the ring base, leave to dry.

It’s literally that simple. You do that and you have completed the DIY. Congratulations, you just made your own jewellery. Now Pin this post for me. Pretty please.

I feel like my fellow bloggers will be proud to learn that this post was completed on the 12th June. I have my posts all written and scheduled out until . . . uh, well whatever date this post goes up. Don’t you worry, my friends, I have a whole post planned about how to get your blogging shit together coming up.

(I just have to, you know, get my blogging shit together first. It’s called research, duh.)

If you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to give my DIY board on Pinterest a follow! I save DIY inspo, tutorials and my own posts on there, so keep updated.

Alright, my friends, let’s wrap it up here! (And that’s a good life motto: wrap it up. The world is already over populated and I don’t want to be reading new-mummy blogs.) I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY! Do you like these rings? Would you wear them? Would you try this? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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