4 Cool DIY Gifts For Him: DIY’ing My Boyfriend’s Birthday Pt. 2

by Mia M.

Are you looking for some cool DIY gifts for him that he’ll actually like? This is the list for you. Try these easy and affordable DIY gift ideas on for size.

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web. I hope you’re all as excited as I am for today’s post . . . we’re going to be crafting!

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I know – you’re all thoroughly unsurprised. “Mia, this is a DIY blog. Of course we’re going to be crafting.

However, today’s post is something special. It’s my boyfriend’s DIY gift compilation! For those of you that don’t follow this blog too closely, I’ve been running somewhat of a mini series this month: how to throw your boyfriend a great birthday.

(I guess. It’s not titled; this is an unofficial series.)


However, today we reach by far my favourite post of the series: 5 modern & cool DIY gifts for him. Get excited – you’re going to love these.

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4 DIY Gifts For Him

1. Vending Machine Date Night Jar

Our first idea is one that you may be familiar with as I’ve shared it on the blog before! It’s a fun and modern take on the DIY date jar idea . . . and it makes a super cute gift for boyfriends!

All you need for this? A mini vending machine and this free printable list of 100 dates!

2. Tie Dye Track Suits

One of my favourite DIY gifts to come out of this year has to be these tie-dye, skater design sweaters. I made this design completely from scratch – and it was both affordable and easy.

I love that you can completely customise this idea to fit your boyfriend’s tastes.

(Although my printer ink was running out and it made the prints a touch less high quality. Tip: make sure your printer has enough ink!)

I will most definitely be uploading a separate tutorial for this craft – maybe with a more feminine design for myself!

3. Men’s Self Care Box

If you haven’t already read my 5 DIY Gift Hampers For Him post . . . well, here’s your reminder! There are some very fun ideas to be stolen.

Care packages are one of the easiest DIY gifts out there – and they’re wonderfully budget friendly. You can really dress them up or down as much as you need. The one I made for my boyfriend was pretty simple and totally focused on self care.

4. Moss Ball Décor

Would you guys believe this ended up being Daryl’s favourite gift? It’s so simple and cheap – plus calling it a “craft” is a bit of a stretch. (You literally just place a moss ball in water!)

However, it is a really quirky gift idea. Plus, a functional home decor piece. My only tip is maybe buy a bigger moss ball – they grow super slowly.

And that’s it! I didn’t make as many homemade gifts as last year because . . . well, lockdown is boring, so I wanted to buy D some activities and puzzles. That said, I’m really pleased with how these gifts turned out!

(I mean, I definitely want to reattempt the tie dye tracksuits with a more subtle finish . . . but for me.)

Need more inspiration? Check out these other homemade gift ideas

I hope you guys enjoyed these DIY gift ideas for him! Would you attempt any yourself? Which was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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