DIY: 2 Summery Voss Bottle Upcycles!

Hello, gorgeous humans and welcome to one of my favourite discoveries of my two weeks offline. (Well, hardly offline – two weeks off laptop, should I say. Pinterest still had its grips tight.) What are we making today?

These babies! Aren’t they simply darling? (And, yes, apparently I’ve turned into a middle class white woman from the 1950s. Send help.)

The idea behind these crafts is simple: I have steadily racked up a few VOSS water bottles over the last seven months. Most of the time, I remember to bring my reusable bottle to work – but if I forget, I’ll buy a VOSS bottle rather than a normal plastic one. Is it actually any better for the environment, considering that its just made out of thicker plastic? Well, they’re easier to clean and re-use – so I like to think so!

In the spirit of keeping reduce, reuse, recycle going outside of a catchy slogan, I decided to spruce up some of the spare bottles I had . . . And, guys, let me tell you – I love the finished outcomes! Today, I’ve got 2 super easy and incredibly gorgeous DIYs you can make – using things you’ve probably got at home!

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Project 1: Pressed Flower Water Bottle

Our first craft is as easy as it is quick. All you need? Mod podge and dried flowers. If you’ve got a garden that’s currently blooming, you could even press the flowers yourself.

I use this bottle to hold the letters for my memo board – but you could use it for any number of things. (Although you can’t wash it, so maybe don’t use it as a water bottle. The irony.)


  • Modge Podge
  • Dried Flowers


1. Wash your water bottle and leave to dry

2. Gather your pressed flowers and, using modge podge, stick to your water bottle

3. Leave to dry. And that’s it!

I honestly don’t think I can tell you how much I adore how this one turned out! It’s so bright and beautiful – and it’s given me major inspo for some more crafts in the future.

Project 2: A VOSS Herbarium

If you haven’t heard of herbariums yet, prepare to fall in love. Seriously. Kiss your boyfriend goodbye – you don’t need him anymore.

Herbariums are pretty much terrariums in liquid. They’re really popular in Japan, but the Western world hasn’t quite caught on. For the life of me, I cannot fathom how Pinterest hasn’t blown these way the fuck up – but that’s fine, I guess they’ll be our secret.


  • Baby oil (Japan sells special herbarium oil, but it’s not available anywhere else. The internet’s consensus is that mineral oil/baby oil has the same key ingredients and works just as well!)
  • Dried flowers (or artificial flowers if you like)


  1. Position the dried or artificial plants in the bottle.
  2. Pour the baby oil into the bottle.
  3. Seal tightly!

How damn cute did this one turn out? I’m utterly in love. When researching how to make herbariums, the common theme that came up was how well the oil preserves the colour of the flowers. I wanted to put this to the test and chose some red rose buds to put in.

I’d definitely recommend having this one by the window; sunlight really makes this baby pop.

And that’s it! I know, both of these crafts are so affordable and easy. Go buy you a VOSS water bottle, get hydrated and make some cute shit! 

I hope you lovely humans enjoyed this summery DIY! It’s dead winter over here in Australia – so this was a fun way for me to lie to myself. Which was your favourite bottle upcycle? Would you recreate this yourself? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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45 thoughts on “DIY: 2 Summery Voss Bottle Upcycles!”

  1. This is so cute omg 😍 I have never seen these bottles anywhere but I guess I could use any other type of water bottle 😀 Thanks for sharing this super cute DIY!!

    1. Thank you, Juliette 🙂 They’re MASSIVE over here – maybe it’s just an australia thing? But you’re totally right, these would work with any type of bottles. Thanks for reading 🙂 xx

  2. The Herbarium looks amazing! I love how much effort you put into these DIY tutorials. The videos must have taken you so long to create.

    I love dried flowers too, I have so many vases of them at home. My friends say that I live in a forest! I’ve never thought of using baby oil to preserve them in a bottle though. Do update us in the future on how well the colors stay!

    1. Thank you, Ming! They take a little longer, but I find people that find my content via Pitnerest seem to prefer videos so figure it’s worth it 🙂

      Ugh, I’m so jealous! That sounds absolutely lovely – do you do anything with them or are they kept for display purposes? & Will do!

  3. This is such a good way to up-cycle the Voss bottles. I personally do not buy water bottles as I always carry my re-usable one but for people that do, this is such a good way to re-use them rather than throwing them away. It looks pretty and is pretty unique. xx

    1. Thank you, Hannah! 🙂 I wish I was that consistent – I’m definitely better than I was, but as the always in a rush person I am, there have been a few times I’ve forgotten xx

  4. The Herbariums are so pretty and perfect for the adult who never got over kaleidoscopes. I laughed at you “kiss your boyfriend goodbye comment” 🤣. Thanks for starting my Monday with a laugh Mia.

  5. These are so pretty especially the herbarium! I have some dried flowers, so I wonder if I can make something cool… Thanks for the baby oil tip!

  6. These are so beautiful! I had a lot of empty glass bottles lying around (the kind you buy milkshakes or iced teas in), and I had no idea what to do with them so I used to put dried rose petals in them every time my roommate or I bought roses. It looked so soft and pretty and it also smelt like what I would imagine rose tea to smell like! But now, I’m definitely going to try the herbarium!

  7. I love how these have turned out! I always thought they were glass bottles, so have defintely learnt something there! I have also learnt about herbariums now too…they look so pretty! What a great way to recycleyour stuff, with having a pretty bottle at the end!
    Thanks for sharing!

    (Also sending you an email about collabing!)
    Aimsy xoxo

  8. How cute! Such creative ideas, I don’t think I would have ever thought about doing something like this! Such a good way to recycle those bottles as well, if I had more room in my apartment I feel like I would love to have a few herbariums around, thank you for sharing!

    Chloe xx

  9. Such a gorgeous way of repurposing your bottles. They look absolutely beautiful, and it sounds so easy to do. I love the herbarium one. I imagine having a few of these dotted around the room would look incredible x


  10. This is such a cute idea!! I recently started growing a JUST water bottle collection by completely accident and I’m not looking for clever and creative ways to reuse them! Fortunately if I do end up having to recycle them, JUST water cartons are extremely eco-friendly. i have always admired the sleek design of Voss bottles so I may have to go get some now that I have a clever way to upcycle them.
    Love this post girl, super eco-friendly and creative!! A post after my own heart

  11. No words. I need to stop binging your blog (and be like a normal person and read as you post) because literally I am now asking WHAT I am doing with my life and WHY I did not get the crafty gene! Seriously these are gorgeous! I want ten of the herbarium. <3

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