DIY: Vintage Vision Board

Hello, gorgeous people and welcome back to another addition of “Mia trying to get her shit together”. It’s a slow process . . . but we seem to be getting somewhere.

If you’ve been following me and this website for a hot minute, you will be familiar with my love of manifestations. (And by a hot minute . . . I really mean for over a year. If you’ve only been following post-Australia Mia, I’m sorry – that girl is fun, but she does not have her shit together.)

Manifestations are essentially when you will things into your life. Now, I’m not saying it’s like UberEats; you don’t just ring up and pop in your order for dream job, dream house and ooh a couple of extra inches of height. For me, I like to think of it as a bit of clarity; it’s a way for me to sit down, really think about what I want and set some goals. Then, whatever I do moving forwards, I have those aims in mind.

One of my favourite ways to use manifestations is to visualise all my various goals through vision boards.

What We’re Making:

Like this one!

Generally, I make absolutely massive and extensively detailed boards (like I buy a large canvas and absolutely cram that shit), but I only have a few main goals at the moment – and I really wanted to create something that would also work as a cute decoration for my room too. I’d had this idea of repurposing old picture frames into new things for a while, so one weekend I headed down to the secondhand store and got down to it!

The thing I really like about this craft is that it could absolutely be tweaked and turned into any number of other useful things – a memo board, a gift; hell, if you found a small enough frame, I reckon it would be a pretty cute birthday card. (My mum’s birthday is coming up in a few weeks . . . I’m probably going to make a card version and share with you all.)

But whatever – let’s get down to how to actually make the thing.

You Will Need:

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1. A photo frame. Personally, I found a really nice one at a secondhand store – you could buy one new, but . . . reduce, re-use, recycle!

2. Spray paint. You can just use normal white paint if you want – but, if you’re a serial crafter, I recommend picking up spray paint because I find it gets used way more than you’d think. (Plus, it’s cheaper and quicker to apply.)

White Spray Paint – Amazon US – $4.99

White Spray Paint – Amazon UK – £6

3. String/Twine. (Another thing that comes in useful way more often than you’d think.)

4. Tape & Super-Glue.

5. Wooden Pegs

There’s actually a really good value deal on twine and pegs together on Amazon!

Anpro 812cm Jute Twine String and 50 psc Mini Wooden Pegs, Brown Hessian Twine String for Photos - Christmas Card Holder, Arts Crafts Gift Twine and Clips - Gardening Twine String

Twine and 50pc Peg Set – Amazon US – $9

Twine And 50pc Peg Set – Amazon UK – £5.59

What You Need To Do:

If you were particularly interested in what’s on my vision board and what it all means, I did include a ‘lil explanation at the end of that video so feel free to watch it. (Or don’t – it’s a free country. I think.)

To sum it up . . . I want the main things every little girl wants. A cute room to live in for the next year, enough money to afford to live (through a reliable job where I can earn said money) and a couple of cool tattoos. I’m easily pleased. (Not to mention, pretty happy with my current lot… I don’t want anything more than what I need to keep being able to live here next year.)

Want to know something really funny? A couple of days after I set all of this up, my mum text me about a potential remote opportunity at her workplace! See, they bloody work!


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If I’ve got you well and truly in the DIY mood . . . well, then, my job here is done! I just exist to randomly drop in and inspire you to whip out the glitter.

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Did you guys enjoy this craft? Would you give it a go yourselves? Are you big believers in vision boards and manifestations? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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32 thoughts on “DIY: Vintage Vision Board”

  1. That’s a neat idea. I made a vision board once but it was just posterboard with a gluestick and some magazine photos. I didn’t do it right, though. I think for it to work for me, I’d have to put an orange or some other offering in front of it each day until it comes true.

    1. What a stylish idea. Motivating and great decor. I love it but definitely need to think about what I want to manifest and how to make it look all aesthetic 😁

    2. I love this so much! 💗 I always love how creative you are! This looks so cute. I wish you luck in making your dreams come true ✨ I love how the universe always give us what we want at the moment we need it like your mum sending you that text. I hope it all works out. I’m definitely a big believer of manifesting our dreams.

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    4. I might just recreate this for a friend’s birthday. I always find that presents that have a self-made element to them are much more personal (and people tend to appreciate and love them way more). Great post as always Mia, I have been loving these DIYs lately! xx

    5. This looks fantastic and is a great visual reminder of your aspirations. I do a vision board to but generally create it in my bullet journal in January. I did a mid year check in with myself about how things were going too so the goals don’t get lost like new year’s resolutions seem to. Good luck on achieving everything you want xx

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