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Hello, beautiful people and welcome back to my corner of the web! Today, we’re countering the Monday blues by skipping work and crafting – so chuck on some comfy loungewear and join me! (Kidding, kidding – I renegotiated my weekly day off to be on a Monday because . . . well, okay, kind of because I wanted to craft. So sue me.)

I’m so excited for today’s post. It’s a perfect combination of my two loves, bullet journalling and crafting, and hopefully you guys are going to love it too. Now, I just want to preface this post with an apology – I got the idea for this off another blogger’s Art Bucketlist post, but didn’t save the link and can’t properly credit. If it’s your post, please let me know and I’ll link the original!

That said, the purpose of today’s post is two things:

  1. Share my journal spread (it’s cute)
  2. Share the upcoming crafts I’ve got goin’ on! (also cute)

My crafting bucketlist is exactly what it sounds like – all the crafts I want to attempt (ideally in the next month or two!) and the inspiration behind them.

Firstly, let’s chat about today’s spread!


Vintage Type Stamp Set – Amazon UK – £9.99

Vintage Type Stamp Set – Amazon US – $12.99

Plant Stickers Bujo Stickers Planner Stickers Aesthetic image 0

Floral Stickers – Etsy – $3.50

(Yes, I bought the stickers from the stationery wishlist I posted. They’re fabulous, I adore them and I fully intend to post a haul about it.)

Cheap washi tape, Buy Quality masking tape directly from China decorative stickers tape Suppliers: 10 Styles Gold Foil Gild Washi Tape Hot Stamping Flower Bonsai House DIY Bullet Jornal Stickers Decorative Sticker Masking Tapes

Gold Foil Floral Washi Tape – £0.96 each

Sticker Sheet  Cottage Artist  Nature Stickers  Planner image 0

Floral Stickers – Etsy – $3.50

If you’re interested in bullet journalling, or if you just enjoy videos, please check out my Bullet Journal Set-Up Video! I basically just go over everything in this post but audibly. (If you watch it, I’d love some feedback! I’m always looking for ways to improve my video editing and creation.)

Now, what you’re all here for . . . the upcoming crafts!

1. Macrame Room Divider

I stole this inspiration from an old Urban Outfitters room divider and I am excited. Have I ever attempted macrame? Nope. Have I already got the IKEA IVAR units I need to recreate it? Absolutely.

2. IKEA Moppe Drawer Vintage Finish

ikea mini drawers moppe hack


Are you all as obsessed with these vintage apothecary drawers as I am? I am getting all the witchy vibes and I’m all the way here for it. Personally, I’m going to make a couple of tweaks to this DIY – crsytal handles and a darker wood finish to name a few! – but I really love it as a starting point.

3. Command Centre/Household Management… Thing

Admittedly, this is far less glamourous than the other DIYs – but it would be really damn useful. I live with my boyfriend and as *legitimate adults* we have things like receipts and cleaning rosters that we need to keep track of.

I want to create something super cute and ideally with a climbing plant . . . but I need our foster dog to get adopted first because the wire mesh I bought for this is currently being used as a doggie gate.

4. Tile Planters

Next up on the list is possibly the easiest DIY planter of all time (behind my mannequin planter, of course). All you need are five tiles, some hot glue and that’s it! I love this because, while you could go for the whole Moroccan theme, you could easily pick tiles that suit your own colour scheme too!

These ceramic tile Moroccan planters only take five minutes to make.  Use sample tiles or tiles leftover from any DIY.  #ceramicplanters #planters


5. Upcycled Drawer Plant Stand

DIY Upcycled Drawer Projects | The Cottage Market


love a good upcycle. It’s challenging (in a fun way) to repurpose an old item and give it new life – but it’s good for the planet and your pockets. Again, this is a craft that you could so easily customise with different handles, a lick of paint or even some wallpaper!

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you’re following my Bullet Journalling and DIY Pinterest boards for more like it!

Alright loves – that’s about it from me today! Which of these projects are you most excited for? Would you try any yourself? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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33 thoughts on “My DIY/Crafting Bucketlist”

  1. Omg your bullet journey looks absolutely amazing! I need to start one myself… I might invest in the vintage type stamp set as I like the style it’s created on the page and saves you drawing everything

    1. I love this! I love how you visualize what’s on your Crafting Bucketlist, it’s such an amazing idea! I just love your posts, they’re always stunnin’ <33 xx

    2. OMG I feel like this post came into my life at the right time haha! I was honestly thinking and I actually made a list of “things I want to craft/make” and then you post this?! I cannot stop thinking about how weird that is. This is perfect I will definitely check out your video for some needed inspiration! I love this idea though, THANK YOU for this post xxx

    3. So many crafts, so hard to pick a favourite!! I think I will have to go with the household organiser because I personally want one too for all my Polaroids followed by the drawer planter because it is so cute. xx

    4. I love this bucket list and I’m so excited to see everything come to life! And I don’t think I can ever not be utterly fascinated by and in awe of your bullet journal. Instagram has been sending me a lot of bujo videos and I have a newfound respect for people who do it hahaha it is beautiful

    5. STOP IT! That room divider is perfect omg – I have no use for a room divider at all, so I’m just gonna live through you and wait till you get around to it! I think I mentioned on another one of your posts, but macrame is currently making my heart sing so very keen to see how you go girl! x

    6. I love your bullet journal and all the crafts look amazing! I have been to scared to start a bullet journal because I hate my handwriting and I can’t draw at all but I think I might give it a shot now!

    7. Rhi // The Violet Journal

      Your journal spreads are always so inspiring 😍 I love the look of all of these craft projects – especially the household management thing, even though you think it’s less glamorous than the others. It’d look so good in any room.

    8. Just stumbled across your blog and I’m super obsessed! Don’t mind me if your views start going up as I binge some of your content. Can’t wait to read more! ☺️

    9. Oh my gosh! The aesthetics of your journal is on point! I wish I can make mine look that pretty! 😅 Oh, I also love your handwriting! It fits perfectly for the spread.

      Also, I’m so excited about that room divider! I can’t take my eyes off it!!! 😍

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