The End Of The F***ing World Review

What the fuck just happened?

I have just lost hours of my life to this weird, obscure little indie (is it indie? I don’t know, it feels indie) TV show and I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused in my life. Not even in my “am-i-gay-or-am-i-just-not-into-any-guys-i-know” stage.

How have I come to ship these two humans? Why don’t I hate them anymore? And how do I somehow hate Alyssa more than a psycho-wannabe-serial killer? What even is this show?

I’m currently on episode 4 of “The End Of The F***ing World” and . . . it’s official. This TV show needs a review. (And I need an excuse to finish bingeing it. So there we have it.)

Hello, internet friends – today, I’m going to be talking about Channel 4 (and it shows) series “The End Of The F***ing World”.

Let me just- before we enter this review, there is something that has been bugging me.

While this has been marketed as a “Netflix Original”, The End Of The F***ing World was actually made by Channel 4 (British, baby) and Netflix later bought the distribution rights.

I know it’s a tiny point, but the tone of the whole show is so British – and, more specifically, so Channel 4 that I really think they deserve credit. Plus, it kind of gives you an idea the kind of humour you’re looking at.

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Now, I don’t think it spoils the premise too much to explain what the show is about . . . mainly because the main character tells you himself about 5 seconds into said show.

17 year old James is a self-diagnosed psychopath and, as psychopaths do, he wants to kill someone. 17 year old Alyssa is your typical Teen Angst heroine . . . with an extra dash of British. (I’m sorry, but I got such strong “Skins” vibes from her and I loved it.) And fucked up. Mummy and daddy and step-daddy issues. I fucking hated her, she was entitled, kind-of-pretentious and the epitome of every kid we know with “issues at home” that acts out to make themselves look cool.

And it was so well done that I almost loved her.

I think a real highlight was “it’s not shoplifting if it’s from a chain; it only counts if it’s from an independant store”. No, darling, shop-lifting is shop-lifting.

Naturally, the two become . . . well, nobody really knows what the fuck they are (but I ship it). Basically, James wants to kill her, so he kind of just goes with whatever she says. And Alyssa is in her confusing-sex-for-love stage, wants to be loved and so wants James, but also just kind of craves chaos and wants to skip town. This leads to the roadtrip of a lifetime – and what happens on said roadtrip is the storyline of the series.

It’s also completely fucking bizarre. This is a comic book adaptation and they had to take out the satanic cult (oh, how I have wished to write those words before) because it was just too much.

I don’t want this review to be full of spoilers, because I would genuinely like for those that haven’t seen it to watch it, so I’m just going to share some thoughts. Oh – and watch the trailer.

It’s super weird; this black comedy, kind-of-a-massive-shit-show, bleak series that’s really just rolling around in all the kind of shitty things humanity has to offer . . . is pretty endearing. It’s kind of, dare I say, heart warming. It’s definitely got that almost suspended reality feel Riverdale did that screams “comic book” – and I love it.

Somehow this story about a wannabe-serial killer and his intended victim becomes a weird kind of “coming-of-age” story. You watch these incredibly fucking weird characters evolve and reveal really sweet undercurrents . . . Just while the world around them is kind of going to hell in a hand-basket.

It’s rather weird; these two characters you immediately hate soon become the best thing in thing in this world they’re thrust into.

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I will say this; the first episode is much darker than the overall show is. The show is actually quite funny in parts. It’s by no means a laugh out loud comedy, but it really does earn the title of “black comedy”. There are some absolutely gold moments between the two main characters’ inner dialogues.

It’s a really good blend of dark and light-hearted – again, I feel like there’s a real sense of suspended reality. When dark things happen, it doesn’t quite feel as dark as it would in another show. When completely unbelievable turns of bad luck happen, it’s completely believeable. The detectives aren’t quite realistic enough to feel like a serious show, for example, but they’re not quite comical.

I know I’ve compared the two before, but I really can only compare it to Riverdale in this sense. If you’ve watched that, I’m sure you’ll understand the kind of weird disconnect from reality I’m trying to explain.

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A large bonus, in my opinion, is that each episode is only 20 minutes long – and within that twenty minutes is split into 2 parts. There’s only one series, 8 episodes, so the pacing is fantastic. The storyline moves really quickly and bingeing it is . . . well, I mean does it even count as a binge?

Plus, as it is a Channel 4 show, you can watch the entire thing for free – and legally – at All4. Well, if you’re in the UK. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at Netflix.

Personally, while the ending was a little too open-ended for my taste, I kind of hope they don’t renew it for Season 2. The comic book material has all been used, so they’d be developing their own story and I think it’s such a strong series as a standalone that there’s no need to undermine that.

For me, this is a solid 8/10. It’s definitely one of the most unique things I’ve seen in a while and I genuinely really enjoyed it – which is pretty rare for TV as I tend to lose interest pretty quickly. If you haven’t seen it, I would wholeheartedly recommend it. If you have seen it . . . can we talk about it in the comments? Please?

Does this show sound like your cup of tea? Would you watch it? Have you seen it – what did you think? Let me know your thoughts down below.


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64 thoughts on “The End Of The F***ing World Review”

  1. I watched it all in one sitting, and LOVED it! I agree with you, the storyline is quite unique, and I think that’s why it’s such a good series!
    I really hope Season 2 comes out soon, haha, I’m kind of obsessed! ๐Ÿ˜€

          1. I’m so glad – imagine sharing a glowing eview and everyone just being like “uh, dude i hated it” x_x And I definitely agree; I might have to start watching short series more often!xo

          2. Aww. I loved Alyssa from the get-go! She gave me a Skins-y vibe too, for sure. That’s interesting to know that this show was a comic book and not an actual Netflix Original, too! And a satanic cult?! Where would that have come in?! Lol.
            Yess!! I think the ending was an ending. Not a cliffhanger. If the ending was different I’d hope for more epis but since the ending was how it was…it would be kind of dumb to do any more episodes.

            1. She just reminded me of so many ANNOYING people that I was like…. urgh I know you’ve got all these reasons why you’re actually gonna become a likeable character but at first im not seeing em. And I know right! When I watched it, I picked up on the comic book aspect (because of the “Part One” “Part Two” bit mainly) but when I did a little bit more research I was kind of disappointed that there was no satanic cult in the the show LOL! Although I do think it would have been too much, but like you I’m super curious as to where it actually slotted in.

              And thank you!! I totally agree like don’t ruin a good thing x

              1. It would have been interesting to see how a satanic cult would have fit into the storyline. I’m surprised that the it’s based on a comic book and that you compared it to Riverdale because I didn’t quite enjoy that show when I tried watching it. Lol.

            2. Iโ€™m almost done with this programme, found the first couple episodes REALLY odd but after that Iโ€™ve enjoyed it no end. Also, the whole Netflix original annoyed me so much too – as an avid, slightly obsessive skins lover (aka that one annoying person who preaches about how the first generation was the best and nobody can ever replace them) I could see so much skins in Alyssa and the show is so so so so SO channel 4. I was just a bit annoyed they didnโ€™t include that, so pretty glad you brought it up. Iโ€™m looking forward to finishing – Iโ€™m on episode three!

              1. GIRL SAME! I’ve been recommending it to people with a really heavy caveat of “OKAY BUT MAKE IT PAST THE FIRST EPISODES BEFORE YOU JUDGE”. And thank you so much! I feel like it’s definitely something only us C4 lovers will get, but it really is SO Channel 4 that it kind of pissed me off that Netflix tried to claim it. (also, I am a fellow annoying “first generation > anything else” when it comes to Skins, we can annoy people together. Side note have you seen Misfits? Another amazing C4 show and the first lineup were pure GOLD.) Girl it’s so good, I’m excited for you to finish! ๐Ÿ˜€ x

                1. Misfits is on my list, defo going to be watching soon! Iโ€™m planning on finishing it tonight, although I have a tonne of revision (v annoyed about my GCSEs to be honest just canโ€™t wait to get rid of them). My friend told me about it on the premise that Iโ€™d love it because I loved skins, and throughout the whole of the first and second episodes all I could say was โ€˜this is so weird WHY are you watching Itโ€™ but now itโ€™s SO GOOD!

              2. I am obsessed with this show! I couldn’t put my finger on how to describe it but I definitely get that comic book, indie, tumblr feed kind of vibe from it. I hope it continues on cause it’s great. And alyssa had to be my fav like she is just hilarious. Great review x

              3. Love your review basically similar thoughts to what I had when we finished watching it . My boyfriend and I basically binge watched it in a night! I felt so unsure what was going to happen each episode.

              4. I’ve seen this everywhere and I can’t count how many times I’ve watched the trailer! Dark comedy is somehow up there with some of my favourite comedy, so I’m hoping to binge this during some of my breaks at university because it seems so good, and your review makes it sound like its definitely worth my time! Great post lovely x

              5. I loved it. I like that weird, dark and humorous tone to stories because they have this originality to them and most of the time pretty unique characters. And I mean, the character development in this show was pretty much perfectly paced. So for me, this was a stand-out series that deserves the amount of attention it is getting. Great review Mia xx

                1. Same here! Also, I have a pretty dark sense of humour, so I find them oddly satisfying to watch. And that I DEFINITELY agree with. I think the character development was fantastic; somehow I ended up rooting for these two kids I fucking hated at first! And thank you lovely, I don’t usually write reviews of TV shows so I’m glad this wasn’t TOO MUCH of a mess xx

              6. Welp, the lead male was in Black Mirror and he played a super sketchy, timid, child porn watching, bank robber so Iโ€™m sure he nails the creepy almost-murderer. This literally keeps getting recommended to me by Netflix and I keep overlooking it because the synopsis just seemed weird. But now, I have to watch it; your review really intrigued me!!!


                1. I know!! I love Black Mirror too actually, although I find it way creepier than this series. And yeah I completely get that to be honest; I literally put it on in the background when I was working in my living room and was like….what the actual fuck IS this and why have they recommended it to me at first – but it got SO GOOD! Hope you love it ๐Ÿ˜€ x

                  1. This has been on my to watch list on Netflix for MONTHS now because literally if I could create a TV series (can we even call it a series though?) this would be it. I fucking love Skins so much, it’s my favourite. I also love Riverdale, but I’m refusing to watch TEOTFW right now because I know I’m gonna fall in love with james (yes, I love the whole fucked up psychopath aesthetic) and then I’m gonna get myself into a deep dark pit of despair and mentally, I just can’t handle that rn. So on my to watch list it shall stay for now!! Channel 4 do the BEST shows .xx

                  2. I ended the series so confused as well haha. It makes sense that Channel 4 made it because it reminds me of Skins as well as some of their other shows. I didn’t know whether I loved it or hated it to be honest! xx

                  3. I have watched it already. When I first started I was just like what am I doing with my life? Haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ but the show does slowly grow on you as you follow their journey.. you do start loving the characters.

                    1. awesome review!! finished it a while back and fell in love. the series was stunning in its setting/aesthetic – felt as though i was watching it through a vsco filter. x

                    2. I thought the same thing when me and my wife watched the show. What the hell are we watching? Needless to say, we were hook line and sunk right into the weirdest and yet, best shows that Netflix has made.

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