My Autumn/Winter Wardobe Inspo + Wishlist

Well, kids, if there was any doubt left . . . let this post dispel it. If I, me, Mia – the girl who clings onto summer with desperate fingertips – can admit defeat and trade in the dresses for sweaters, it’s Autumn.

Hi, my favourite humans! How are we all this fine day?

Today, I have another inspiration post for you. So I know I haven’t shared my December plans on the blog as of yet (hint: lots of travel) but I’m going to be going to some damn cold places. Exciting . . . but cold. And one’s on a mountain.

In typical me fashion, this has amounted in an excessive amount of planning things that may be considered to matter less than the actual substance of the holidays. Like planning out my wardrobe instead of planning out my itneraries. Oh well – more posts for you, huh?

So a big part of Autumn/Winter . . . is the fashion. The chunky knits, the tights, the burgundies and the oranges. The scarves, the beanies that I can’t wear, the coats. It’s exciting.

That said . . . it’s kind of cold. My summer wardrobe can’t cut it. For me, the main difference between Autumn and Winter is just the number of layers – I don’t buy a seperate wardrobe for each, so it made sense to kind of lump these two together. Remember – you can layer up or a strip a layer off depending on the weather!

Without further ado . . . let’s get into the inspiration!

#1 – Borg, Teddy & Faux Fur

So. Soft. I am all for this trend – anything to keep me cosy and warm is a big yes! I quite like the textures of faux fur and borg/teddy fur – and, while they’re really comfy, they’re also really trendy and go with pretty much anything. Big yes from me!

Borg also seems to be having a moment – I’ve seen it on hoodies, coats, even as a feature on T-Shirts (which is too far for me, personally) – so there are a lot of ways to wear the trend.

Pink Fur Coat – Missguided – £45

Denim and Borg Jacket – Missguided – £45

Borg Cocoon Coat – Topshop – £79

ASOS Oversized Hoodie In Borg

Borg Hoodie – ASOS – £30

My all time favourite wishlist worthy item of this trend though? It has to be the Story of Lola faux fur oversized hoodie. These are so gorgeous – and so well loved that they’re impossible to find. Everywhere but Topshop is completely sold out!

Story of Lola Oversized Hoodie – Topshop – £95

#2 – Knitwear. Obvs.

Need I even say anything? Who doesn’t love knitwear in the colder months? Let me know so I can cut them off – I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life.

Brown Knitted Tie Jumper – Missguided – £40

Topshop Dip Dye Jumper – £34

JDY Knitted Jumper

Khaki Jumper – ASOS – £20

#3 – Rust/Mustard

 So. Goddamn. Pretty. Most of my wardrobe consists of cream to brown and the shades in between there (with some real random pieces, because I like unique items, sue me) so I have a few mustard items (and one is a vintage Adidas jumper which I’m in love with!) and I am ready for those colour co-ordinated Autumn images!

This was just a quick little fashion post to share with you some of the Autumn/Winter styles that I’m loving. In case you couldn’t tell, most of my “style” centers around being comfortable. Sure, it’s fun to look great in summer when the weather’s all fun and games – but come those single digit celcius readings and call me Pingu because I’m dressing like I’m hitting Antartica.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and got a bit of inspiration – what trends are you loving this Autumn? Would you wear anything I picked out? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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54 thoughts on “My Autumn/Winter Wardobe Inspo + Wishlist”

  1. Actually wanting to cry as I read this ’cause I love everything SO much. Autumn / Winter is the best for these gorgeous clothes, I’m absolutely obsessed with coat and already have so many Teddy & (faux) fur ones, I actually ordered another Teddy jacket recently from Urban Outfitters (it’s actually the one in the bottom left picture of your Teddy collage) and I’m going to pick it up later, so excited !! I never knew it was possible to become so excited & obsessed with coats and knitwear yet, here I am .xxx

    1. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU! And omg im so jealous – the snuggliness!! I (somehow) managed to restrain myself last year, but that just means im playing catch up this season ;-; (aka my excuse for reckless spending…) Ooooooh haul/shopping post!! Thank you for your lovely comment!xxx

    1. Amazing post Mia!!! OMG. YOU’LL MAKE ME FAINT!! Those fur coats are to die for! I mostly loved the knitted coats, they’re super-cute.
      I don’t know what my style is for autumn this year, I guess its just some brown, yellowish collection of tops with skinny jeans! I know it’s not pretty much, but I’ll improve!!! Btw, keep doing more of these!!!!

        1. All your fault for tempting me. I looked it up too. We are on two sides of the Atlantic anyway 😉 and if I end up buying it, I shall think of you whenever I wear it. xx

      1. I really want a borg or faux fur coat, I have so many on my wishlist on lots of shopping websites, but I really cannot choose! Love this whole post though, Autumn fashion is something I love to read about! xx

          1. I am SO jealous! It’s so expensive, I don’t know if I can spend so much $ on on thing. It is amazing though. 😭 I wish I never knew this existed!!

            1. i KNOW – it’s so expensive, part of me died inside. I reasoned it out with “it’s basically a coat, a duvet, a hoodie AND the perfect airport outfit in one so…”. And ugh me too! I was looking at winter lookbooks for holiday shopping and someone was wearing it in an outfit and I was like….I can already feel my bank account crying WHY WOULD YOU SHOW ME THIS ;-;

          2. I love this post so much, definitely makes me want to have a browse online and around the shop for warm things for the rest of the year! Especially when it comes to knitwear!

                1. Girl, I’m obsessed with EVERYTHING. I don’t even know where to begin. I need to bookmark this post for my winter shopping inspiration! I cannot wait to hear your plans for December! XO

                2. I struggle so much with transitioning from summer to autumn in terms of fashion just because I find it harder to style items for the cold weather, but all of these ideas are fantastic. That oversized hoodie and everything mustard coloured is absolute goals – will be investing in the latter for sure as mustard is one of those things I always love when I see it on other people but doubt whether I can pull it off myself. But, I guess I’ve got to try! Thanks for sharing this wonderful post with us and have an incredible weekend xox

                3. I love knits and cozy fluffy sweaters, I unfortunately only have one of each lol. This is good inspo though. I wish I had the money to afford all the pretty clothes lol.

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