5 Best Online Stores For Vintage Sweaters (From Brands Like Adidas & Nike)

Are you looking for the best places to buy vintage sweatshirts online? Let me help! Here are 5 must see online stores for trendy, affordable and branded vintage gear. Thank me later!


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Hello, lovers, and welcome to me desperately trying to keep warm and cute at the same time. Winter has hit us here in Melbourne and . . . all I can say is send help. Your girl moved to Australia to chase the sun, yet managed to land in the place that hardly gets any. But I digress.

If any of you remember my go-to cold weather outfit, you will know how much I love to shop vintage. Comfy? Cute? Good for the planet? Get in my cart. That said, it can sometimes be hard to find vintage sweaters and sweatshirts without having to dig through piles of junk. (And, if you like trendy brands like Adidas and Nike, thrift stores are always stripped bare by the time you get there.)

So let’s take the hard work out of it. Today, I’m going to share my top 5 online stores for vintage sweaters – that are cute and affordable. Let’s go!


1. Ebay – Mad Jams – Great For Vintage Tommy Hilfiger!

Image 01 - A1 Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Navy Blue Green Stripe Pullover Sweatshirt XL Image 1 - A1 Vintage Classic Original Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt USA Made Disney XL Green

Image 01 - Vintage Tommy Hilfiger Velour Polo long sleeve Shirt Men’s Medium Flag Logo Image 1 - A1 Vintage Russell Athletic Purple Sweatshirt Size Large USA Made Embroidered

Our first store is a great pick for quirky and unique sweaters – from big brands like Tommy Hilfiger too! Their Ebay has tons of raving reviews from the past few years too – so you know they’re a trustworthy seller. (Also, how divine is that velour jumper? I’m trying to resist temptation!)

For 1% cashback off any Ebay store (and a free $10 sign up bonus) get Rakuten Cashback here!

2. Ebay – Rascal Garms – Vintage Reebok & IZOD

Image 01 - REEBOK Small Logo Sweatshirt Green | 2XL | Grade B Image 1 - IZOD Small Logo Sweatshirt Green | XL | Grade B

Image 1 - PUMA Small Logo Zip Up Windbreaker Blue | XL Image 1 - Vintage OLD NAVY 1/4 Zip Plain Sweatshirt Blue Red White | XXL

Rascal Garms is a brilliant store for cheap vintage clothing- you can snag a Ralph Lauren sweater for under $10! I’ve actually bought from Rascal Garms a few times over the past few years and I’m always impressed with the clothing quality and style. Plus, if you’re an avid bargain hunter, they always have brilliant sales on so you can save your cash.

3. Etsy – Vintage Clothing Mall – Great For Vintage Adidas

Vintage ADIDAS Small Spell Small Logo Sportswear Cream image 0 Vintage CHAMPION Small Logo Sportswear Yellow Pullover Sweater image 0

Vintage ADIDAS Small Spell Small Logo Sportswear Blue Pullover image 0 Vintage MUNSINGWEAR Big Spell Big Logo Outdoor Sportswear Gray image 0

Etsy is my favourite platform for supporting small businesses. Vintage Clothing Mall is a brilliant Etsy store that has an insane selection of fashionable sweatshirts to pick from. (And a ton of 5 star reviews to back them up!)

If you shop vintage for the planet, make sure you have a read of my 8 favourite sustainable loungewear sets. You can look great, feel comfy and be kinder to the planet all in one!

4. Ebay – Throwback Vault – Vintage Champion & Nike

Image 1 - Vintage Champion Sweatshirt Crewneck XL Green Teal 80s Embroidered Spell Out Image 1 - Vintage New York Yankees Starter Sweatshirt Crewneck Size XL MLB Embroidered

Image 1 - Vintage Nike Basketball Windbreaker Jacket 2XL Purple Blue Embroidered Swoosh Image 1 - Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt Hoodie Small Green Full Zip Embroidered

Is anyone else obsessed with that Yankees sweater? I want. (Actually I want pretty much everything off this list… curation posts are dangerous, I always end up adding 300 things to my wishlist!) Throwback vault is one of my favourite stores for vintage sports brands like Nike and Adidas. Plus, all their clothing is timeless in that you could easily buy it new today!

(But think of the planet. Vintage is far more sustainable.)

5. Etsy – dDushy – Vintage Lonsdale

vintage NAF NAF Sweatshirt big logo oversize sweater unisex image 0vintage CHAMPION USA big logo sweatshirt Size M men's image 0vintage LONSDALE London Sweatshirt big logo authentic team image 0
vintage PUMA sweatshirt authentic blue gray Activity Wear Size image 0

And last but certainly not least is another brilliant Etsy store – dDushy. Another great find for big brand lovers, you’ll find tons of vintage Champion and Puma sweaters here.

If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, make sure you’re following my board on Pinterest! There are lots of cute outfit ideas and sustainable brand shout outs.

If you enjoyed this post, here are two more that will be right up your alley! Check out my top 8 online stores for cute graphic tees and 5 sustainable brands that make perfect alternatives to Urban Outfitters.


Alright lovers – as always, we shall end at the end. I hope you enjoyed this post and found some cute new vintage sweaters! Have you shopped at any of these stores before? Are you a fan of vintage shopping? Which of these sweatshirts was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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21 thoughts on “5 Best Online Stores For Vintage Sweaters (From Brands Like Adidas & Nike)”

  1. I love the look of all these shops and the jumpers are amazing. I went to a vintage sale the other day and saw lots of these types of jumpers, I love that they’re coming back xx

  2. Oh no, no sun?? Egads sounds like Seattle though they do get sun there in the summer months. Thanks for the heads up on this my Parisian nephew would love this!

    Allie ofhttp://www.allienyc.com

  3. Gosh this gives me such nostalgia! I didn’t realise you were in Melbourne! My favourite city πŸ™‚ My brother and his family live in Point Cook. But I think they’ve moved closer to Geelong now closer to my brothers work. I love it there.

    Corinne x

  4. I’ve been all about sweatshirts lately! Funny enough last year this time i think I only had one, well COVID has changed my style a lot!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

  5. These look so cosy !You can find some real bargain pieces on ebay, I agree! πŸ™‚

    Hope that your week is going well πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been living in sweaters lately! I’m loving the retro vibe of these, I remember I used to have this Champion sweater that I lived in all through junior high!

    Eileen | yesmissy.com

  7. I love vintage jumpers (especially Adidas), but for some reason I’ve never even considered using Etsy for vintage clothes?! But so excited to go and search there now!! Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  8. Amazing! Here in Europe we have this website called Vinted to buy second-hand clothes, and sometimes you can really find great things in there! Thanks for sharing your great finds! 😊

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