OOTD: The Perfect Romantic Dress ft. My Favourite Dress Brand! (Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!)

Say what you want about my reckless spending habits and the fact that I borderline have a legitimate shopping addiction – I own some pretty shit. Seriously, some things in my wardrobe I have major shopping envy over. And I own them!

Hello, my beautiful and brilliant people – today you are giving validation to two of the most expensive items I currently own. So . . . thanks!

No, literally, this entire post is dedicated to a dress I really shouldn’t have bought to convince myself that it was a wise decision. I mean, I love the dress and I regret nothing, but external validation always helps. Plus, it’s totally perfect for date night!

As it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, I have been struggling with the decision of whether to make V-Day related content or not. (Also V-Day sounds like a day where virgins would be rounded up and sacrificed . . . I feel the premise of basically every horror movie ever coming on.) On one hand, I’m single so I don’t have the excuse of being “loved up” and therefore oblivious to the cold, capitalist soul of Valentine’s Day. And I can’t honestly say that I care much about the holiday either.

On the other hand, I have a cold, capitalist soul and seasonal content performs pretty well. So it’s a couple of chances to possibly make money (Valentine’s Day gift guides, anybody? I joke, they take way too long to write.) and it stops me from having to come up with my own content for the few couple of weeks of February.

See? Conundrum.

 Of course, you’re currently on an OOTD post about “romantic dresses” and the words “just in time for Valentine’s Day!” are in the title. So clearly capitalism won. But I just wanted you to know that I really thought about it before I decided to sell out.

One of – if not my – favourite stores is called Dollskill. I’ll actually write you a little feature on it. (Yes, I’ve just been waiting for the excuse. Kind of like this post. I’ve wanted to show you these dresses for ages, but I thought writing a post called “THE MOST EXPENSIVE DRESSES I OWN” would be a total let down when you realised they weren’t obscenely expensive. But at the same time I couldn’t just dump them in with a high-street haul, you feel me?)

This is the other dress I own by For Love And Lemons, by the way!





Dollskill is this awesome online store for more alternative fashion that hosts a whole bunch of amazing, unique brands. But what I love the most is that by “alternative”, they aren’t just saying goth. There’s bohemian, fairy-esque, goth, grunge, 90’s, cyber-punk, edgy street style . . . You can find lacy maxi dresses your girly-girl flower-loving self will adore and platform boots that Wednesday Addams would find too extreme. It’s amazing.

While I love a few more grungy items, my main style (in summer, when it’s warm enough, anyway) is pretty bohemian. I love satin and silk; velvet and lace. Maxi dresses, floral patterns, girly detailing. Oh, my poor heart can’t take it! So as I was scrolling Dollskill, clutching my poor abused debit card to my chest, I stumbled across the brand that would change my life forever.

(No, seriously – if I wind up homeless in a cardboard box on the streets, it’s because my addiction to them has run rampant and I have bankrupt myself.)

What brand would this be?

For Love And Lemons

Oh, be still my beating heart! I cannot tell you how simply perfect this brand is. Delicate, feminine, bohemian, fashionable, slightly vintage, slightly fae, slightly fucking everything I could ever want in fabric.

And . . . ah, yes. Slighty expensive too.

For me, I allow myself one yearly For Love And Lemons purchase, when Dollskill do their annual Black Friday sales or New Year ones. I currently have two . . . and twenty on my wishlist. Naturally, I am going to taunt you with show you some of my favourite dresses of theirs that would be perfect for Valentine’s Day. And one day I will be a large enough blogger that For Love And Lemons will sponsor me. And then, when I die, I will die a satisfied (and yet crippled by old age, because I’m not going until my body literally forces me out the gig) woman.

If you’re crushin’ on this dress . . . well, apologies; I bought it over a year ago now, so it’s out of stock (on Dollskill, at least) but there are similar ones I’ll share with you.

For Love And Lemons Wishlist

*Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, which mean that I get a comission for any sales earned through my referral. This doesn’t change the price you pay, but gets me a ‘lil cup of coffee.*

For Love & Lemons La Christy Mini Dress will make ‘em feel your luv. This sheer white lace mini dress is part of the Jamie King collab and has a structured bust, adjustable skinny straps, and red sequin hearts all over.

For Love And Lemons Heart Lace Dress – Dollskill (International) – $300 – £210

For Love & Lemons La Karla Mini Dress got ya feelin’ cute N’ flirty. This adorable light blue mini dress is part of the Jamie King collab, and has a faint dotted pattern N’ a wrap-style front with a button closure on the side.

For Love And Lemons LA Karla Mini Dress – Dollskill (International) – $238 – £166

 For Love & Lemons Cleo Floral Maxi Dress

Dollskill For Love And Lemons – $428 – £309

For Love & Lemons La Tez Mini Dress got ya feelin’ the romance. This gorgeous red printed dress is part of the Jamie King collab and has a ruffled hem, a deep v neckline with buttons on the chest, and a back zipper closure.

For Love And Lemons Red Tea Dress – $205 – £151

For Love & Lemons Dotty Strapless Dress will make ya feel romantic n’ dreamy af. This super cute polka dot mesh mini dress has an off the shoulder design and a bodice that has underwire detailing with a back zipper closure.

Red Dotty Mini Dress – $184 – £132

Now, for our last wishlist addition I’m actually going to show you my second dress from Dollskill because its:

a. Beautiful.

b. Still available

c. On sale. Massively. For less than I bought it for. Yes, I resent that.


This dress is available in two colours, but I thought that gettng both would be excessive and, for the price, I wanted one I’d get the most wear from . . . so red it was!

For Love & Lemons Flora Maxi Dress will have ya lookin’ gorgeous af! This floral maxi dress has a cutout deep v neckline, ruffle trim details, and a back zipper closure.

Blue For Love and Lemons Maxi Dress – $178 – £128

For Love & Lemons Berry Flora Maxi Dress will have ya feelin’ like a garden nymph dream babe. This gorgeous floor length dress has soft ruffled trim, a sexi cut-out front detail with a lace-up corset waistline.

Red For Love and Lemons Maxi Dress – $176 – £127

And with that I think we can conclude this post! (Finally. I hope your debit card survived the journey.)

Did you guys like my outfit? Are you a fan of For Love And Lemons? And please tell me you have witnessed the amazingness that is Dollskill. Which of the dresses on my wishlist was your favourite? Let me know your thoughts below!


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66 thoughts on “OOTD: The Perfect Romantic Dress ft. My Favourite Dress Brand! (Just In Time For Valentine’s Day!)”

  1. Such a fabulous dress! (and totally worth the price if I may say so myself) Investing in a piece of clothing you really love every once in a while is always worth it because you appreciate it so much more because of it. I personally really like the look of the Karla Mini Dress – it just feels like… me.
    By the way, from my single self to yours, happy Galentine’s Day! (yes, that’s apparently a thing. Only heard about it yesterday – it’s like a V-Day for friends)

    1. Thank you lovely – I am in love with it, to be honest! And that’s the EXACT mindset I have; if they’re of a high quality and they’ll get the wear, the price tag is worth it 😀 And ooooh that’s a lovely choice (and I agree; I can definitely see you in that dress!)

      And thank you lovely! Happy Galentine’s Day to you too 😀 xx

  2. First of all, you look GORGEOUS as always and secondly, for love and lemons is one of my favourite stores!! Whenever I’m going to treat myself to something it’s always from there since everything is expensive but SO unbelievably gorgeous -I use them as little rewards to myself! xx

  3. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I cannot see myself wearing them but I can think of a few people who might. I think it’s always important to spash out on a dress or outfit that makes you feel good. xx

    1. Oh my gosh I freaking love you! I died at the V-Day comment! Girllll I have felt the same for years….Like I love cute nick names, but who the hell decided to shorten Valentine’s Day? It conjures images, that are not entirely NSFW. I also agree about not being a huge fan of the day.
      BUT girl that dress is divine! Seriously I am obsessed! I love it! And you look gorgeous in it! Totally worth following for the Valentines consumership trap ;p <3

    2. I’ve never bought anything from Love & Lemons before, and I think that dress definitely suits you!! Although, it’s not something I would ever pick out for myself. Plus these photos are prettyy!!!

      Kyia Belle // http://kyia-belle.blogspot.ca

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