Have You Ever Considered Going Vegan For Your Health? This Might Help! **Sponsored**

Hello, beautiful people – today we’re going to be talking about going vegan and one of the ways that you can decide if it’s really the right thing for you and your health. A lot of people massively benefit from a plant based diet and find themselves feeling far healthier than when they eat meat . . . but are you one of them?

I was kind of hesitant about accepting this sponsored post (I don’t tend to do collaborations because they’re usually wildly unrelated to my audience) because I myself am not vegan. But I know a lot of my followers are very health conscious and interested in veganism – and this product is genuinely really helpful if you are considering going vegan for health reasons.

Plus, if this were a UK based product, I’d be very interested in trying the kit myself to see if I’m allergic to dairy or any animal products because, while I do eat meat, I really can’t eat much without feeling sluggish and vaguely ill. (Also, extra money is great. Let’s not leave out that part.)

So let’s get into what it actually is!

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HealthLabs: Who Are They & What Do They Do?

HealthLabs.com is a US based lab testing service that allows you to get affordable tests on everything from thyroid function to vitamin deficiencies. All you have to do is call up, make an appointment at one of their 4,500 labs, go and get tested – and you have your results within 1-3 days!

There are no hidden fees, you don’t need a doctor’s referral and they’re all CLIA-certified labs – the same ones doctors use!

“Should You Be Vegan?” Lab Tests

For today, I’m focusing on the “Should You Be Vegan?” tests. With the massive rise of veganism, more and more people are interested in going vegan – but a lot of people wonder if it will negatively affect them, if they’ll lose out on important nutrients and vitamins and whether their overall health will suffer.

In all honesty, this is fair – as children, a lot of us are taught that meat gives us our protein and energy (which is true, but meat is not the only source) – so the idea of cutting it out can be daunting. However, one thing that has also become clear in recent years is the negative effects an animal-based diet can have. A lot of people can suffer from allergies to animal-based products.

A prime example of this is dairy: a massive proportion of the population – up to 65% – can’t digest dairy properly after childhood.

If you’re wondering whether you are one of these people whose health could benefit from going vegan, the “Should You Be Vegan?” lab tests are a great way to find out!

Essentially, what these panels do is test you for animal-derived food allergies so you can really see if – healthwise – moving to a completely plant based diet is actually going to be beneficial for you. There are 3 different panels, from Basic to Comprehensive, each one going more in depth and testing you for more allergies.

If you are interested in taking any of these tests, why not save yourself a little money with this conveniently placed gift code? *Wink wink*

HealthLabs.com – Receive 25% off all vegan testing when using the code BICL25.

Okay, my friends, I hope you enjoyed this ‘lil post! Have any of you considered going vegan? And, for those of you that are, have you found it’s improved your health? Would you try these tests? Let me know your thoughts down below!Peace,

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20 thoughts on “Have You Ever Considered Going Vegan For Your Health? This Might Help! **Sponsored**”

  1. Ooooh look at you getting those sponsored posts, go girl!!! Honestly I read the title of the post and immediately went, ‘no I have not’, because I personally LOVE meat too much to try looking for alternatives, but it’s a really interesting topic for me considering all the health concerns that have begun being raised surrounding meat and dairy products! Great post Mia x

    1. *flicks weave* ahah I usually don’t like sponsored posts but this one actually interested me (plus…bitch be saving for aus lol PRIYA IM MOVING ON MONDAY) Thanks for reading bby x

  2. Congratulations on this sponsored post!! I think I’ll go vegan (or vegetarian) in a few years! Right now I can’t afford to have that lifestyle, but maybe one day! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the sponsored post! I have actually see this product three times from different bloggers these past few weeks haha. I have no idea what I am allergic to but I just keep changing my diet until I figure out what does and does not work for me. Seems to be working so far… xx

  4. Woww I never thought if I shouldn’t be vegan at all, but I probably shouldn’t since I suck at eating veggies in the first place lol
    Going vegan has helped me a lot though in terms of weight, bloating and other problems i had. There’s definitely a big difference from when i was young and ate meat, to going vegetarian in my teens and to now eating only plant based stuff.

    Personally I think it’s for those who are ready for it. For instance my mom and brother are lactose intolerant and now my brother can’t eat cheese, and my dad was told to stop eating so much meat, so for them, I think it’s time they should try going vegan because they’re really unhealthy. Those who can handle dairy and a bunch of meat, I say… do you! Doctors will eventually probably tell us what we’re having too much of and what we need more of.

    But this is a really interesting test! I actually have thyroid probs so I wonder what they would say to me…

    1. That’s so interesting! I’ve heard from some people that going vegan massively helped them with certain health things then from others that it hasn’t helped at all … And I definitely agree with you that it’s a good diet for those who are ready for it 🙂

  5. My old doctor (retired) was very common sense oriented and he directed me at a program called VB6 – Vegan Before 6pm. I tried it for several months and my blood work went to fantastic. While it can be a tough change if you are really meat oriented, once you get the hang of it – you start craving fresh foods and you’ll feel better. I haven’t kept it up, but I certainly do eat and enjoy more vegetables than I used to.

  6. This is soooo fantastic! Labs in the US are so damn expensive that I do poor man’s food allergy testing—I just stop eating things and see if I feel better, lol. This would be the best $200 I’ve ever spent because my digestive system is soooo sensitive! I have switched to a Pescatarian Diet as of the beginning of June and so far, my body likes it. I do have to eat more carbs (yay, carbs) to keep up with my energy levels but my body is loving the fresh fruits and veggies!

    Dom | http://www.DivaNamedDom.com

  7. Nice work getting the sponsored post! I don’t think I could personally go vegan, I enjoy meat too much. However… We have done the Whole30 diet a couple of times before and enjoyed that!

  8. What an interesting post, Professor Mia (haha) I actually have considered going vegan many times. However, veganism in Denmark is still very new and the options here are very minimal. But people are definitely getting more and more used to vegetarians, which is really positive. I do think I’ll go vegan one day, but not while I still live at home. Great post Mia! I hope you have a wonderful week <3 xx

  9. I worked with HealthLabs too, and would love to have tried their products if they were in the UK. It’s a bit of a shame really! Lovely write up xx

  10. Interesting post 😊 I don’t eat that much meat. I also think it’s important to eat a lot of vegetables and fruits ❤ Congrats on this sponsored post! I don’t have any allergies but I just can’t eat spicy food haha.

  11. Congrats on the sponsored post Mia!! I’m sure if I’d ever be able to go vegan because it would mean giving up a lot of my favourite foods but I might consider going pescatarian or vegetarian 😊 xx

  12. Interesting, their tests are expensive but i can see why they have them, they probably would be beneficial to some with food allergies. I’m not a vegan. But i have started cutting out certain foods and i definitely do feel better.

  13. Everybody can benefit from a vegan diet! 😀 Even if you’re not doing it for ethical reasons, the health benefits can be absolutely amazing and life changing! Most of the world are lactose intolerant and don’t even realise it, so this kit may open their eyes. A whole-food plant based diet is so nutrient rich, you can’t fail to feel more vibrant, happier and healthier! (:

  14. Well I don’t know if I can be totally vegan but I really have tried to reduce, by more than half actually, the amount meats and fish I eat. But not sure I can go for the 100% option

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