Getting Spontaneous Tattoos With Priya (& Their Meanings!)

by Mia M.

Hello, my lovely humans whom I adore, you all good? Fabulous. In a weird turn of events, Melbourne is dipping into cold (no, not just colder – actively cold) weather . . . which means through no fault of my own I’ve been making weird choices. It’s not me, it’s mother nature.

So the other day the lovely Priya and I had what was meant to be a blogging day, which soon devolved into something entirely other. Our initial plan was to do a cafe hop wherein we would change our outfits each stop and film a lookbook. It was going to be productive as fuck, fun and we’d get some great content out of it. Did that happen?

Of course not, is the title of this post anything to do with a lookbook?

We woke up, it was freezing and we both agreed that . . . changing clothes in this weather was just too much effort. So we decided to meet up, go to a pretty cafe for breakfast and have a general blog planning day. Edit some things together, brainstorm some ideas, take some outfit photos and just have a chill one. Did we do that?

No, is the title of this post “A Casual Melbourne OOTD”?

So what did we do, you ask? Well, take a look at the title, kids – we went and got us some (somewhat) spontaneous tattoos! Because we promote thought out, responsible actions on this blog! If you want more deets on what we got up to, as well as an incredibly cute and well-edited video and a little playlist to inspire you to get up to some spontaneous fun, make sure you head over to Priya’s blog post!

In our defense, both of us have already got our fair share of tattoos, as well as more than our fair share of “to-get” tattoo ideas. So while getting the actual tattoos was a spontaneous decision, the images we got weren’t. Story behind our latest brilliant decision done, let’s get into what they mean!

First up, we’ll tackle Priya’s – she got a super cute little hourglass to represent her grandma. I’m going to let her explain it herself . . .

Priya’s Tattoo & Meaning

So when I was little my nan used to look after my cousin and i heaps and we used to watch tv with her in her living room. One of the shows I remember even more clearly is Days Of Our Lives, because the intro was this huge hourglass and a voiceover going, ‘like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives’ and that quote sticks with me all the time, especially recently with my nan getting a lot older and dealing with dementia and things that naturally come with age so I wanted to get something for her and that was the first thing I thought about!
And let’s have a little look at my latest addition to the sketchbook that is my body!

My Tattoo & Meaning

The main meaning behind this is isolation, as weird as that sounds. A lot of the time, especially when I was younger, I felt very disconnected. Like I was interacting with the world from behind a plane of glass. I could see it, it could see me, but we weren’t quite occupying the same space. I couldn’t quite understand it the way everyone else seemed to.

It felt like I was always sitting from behind a window.

I’ve been wanting this tattoo for a few years now, but I could never decide on the exact way I wanted it to be portrayed. Essentially, I wanted a window, but I couldn’t decide if I wanted it to be really ornate, or something representative, or with a girl leaning out of it . . . Over the past few months, I’d kind of settled on this idea mainly because it ties in really well to my other tattoos and because it also has the look of a tombstone. Be still my gothic heart.

Alright kiddies, I hope you enjoyed this post – I definitely enjoyed the ‘lil day trip that inspired! Make sure you do head over to Priya’s blog to watch the video of the day and grab some tunes to inspire you to do some spontaneous fun yourself! What did you think of our tattoos? Have you ever got a random tattoo yourself? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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