How To Take Care of Your Skin Post Drug Recovery

by Mia M.

The basic knowledge known around the world about drugs is that they can cause numerous health complications of vital organs like the liver, kidney, etc. But what’s neglected is usually the fact that skin, being the largest organ of the body, also gets affected.

Recovering from drug abuse has a tremendous impact on skin health and shouldn’t be overlooked ever; rather, it should be focused on and be a part of the whole post-drug recovery process. Abuse can leave very shocking marks. Since consuming the drugs drains the body of nutrient supply, the skin of the person who is abusing appears older compared to the people of the same age. 

Here we have some information regarding the skin condition that arises due to drug consumption. The article also discusses possible ways to deal with, treat and improve skin health.

Skin Condition Resulting Due To Abuse 

Hyperpigmentation is a common condition that is determined to be the effect of drugs. The skin of the lips becomes dry and cracked. Skin conditions like wrinkles, acne, breakouts, inflammation and itching also occur. 

Other conditions such as permanent scarring on the injected area, dryness, and itchiness on the whole body are also observed. Some of the effects of drugs are pigmentation issues, uneven textures, sores, scabs, and scars caused by meth; which is notorious for destroying the skin. Skin abscesses resulting from heroin abuse can turn deadly if not treated. Broken capillaries are also experienced by those who abuse alcohol.

Restoring Skin Post Drug Recovery 

The conditions that result from abuse won’t go away on their own. Some of them are not even entirely curable but can still be managed in some ways. Proper nutrition along with the right skincare regimen helps with skin healing. The skin requires discrete attention and extensive care to heal even after someone has undergone post-drug recovery treatment. 

Here are some ways to improve skin health. These tips build up confidence which then successively helps with emotional and mental health. 

Healing From Within

Healing firstly needs to start from within the body. All good and expensive products will go in vain if the person in recovery gives no attention to what’s inside. Since the body has been nutritionally depleted, the first step should be supplementing it with vitamins and minerals and essential fatty acids via whole foods and even oral capsules and tablets. 

  • Hydration – the first and foremost step to healing is to stay hydrated. Staying hydrated is essential for natural luster, smooth appearance of the skin, to normalize moisture level of the skin and in the meantime also flush out all those toxins out of the body which ensures proper healing and no more acne which arises due to toxins.
  • Dry/flaky, eczema ridden skin and premature aged or wrinkled skin require essential fatty acids Vitamin E, C, and B apart from water. Those recovering from drug abuse should also consume Omega 3, 6, and 9 through oils and food like flaxseed oil, oily fish, coconut oil, etc., as well as through oral vitamin supplements to get that elasticity, moisture, and shine of skin and hair back.
  • Using herbs like milk thistle, calendula, dandelion, etc. helps with filtering out toxins, soothes skin, and clear breakouts; however, someone recovering from drug abuse should not do these practices unless approved by a healthcare professional.
  • A point to remember is that excessive use of caffeine and nicotine, although legal, should be avoided as these products dehydrate the skin. They also halt the recovery process and even sometimes make the conditions worse.

Start Babying That Damaged Skin With Topical Solutions

The best possible way to heal the damaged skin is with topical solutions. Below are some of the most widely considered solutions that help with post-drug recovery.

  • Visit dermatologist– the first step when going for topical solutions should be visiting dermatologists because they specialize in skin health and can help with what skin needs by recommending creams and lotions.
  • Invest in skincare– the second step is to invest in essential but basic skincare requirements like Cleansers, which should be non-drying and gentle but offers deep cleaning; 
  • Moisturizers – which hydrates and moisturizes the skin and prevents scarring but doesn’t cause breakouts or clogs skin pores; Lip oil or butter, which hydrates, softens the lips, and keeps them supple which in turn will prevent them from getting dry and chapped. Using petroleum-free, good quality, shea butter or cocoa butter containing emollient helps a ton with a lip treatment. If you’re looking for somewhere to start with skincare, including moisturizers, you may wish to take a look at Beverly Hills MD, who have a wide range of products for you to choose from to target various skin issues you may wish to get some help with. 
  • Topical use of aloe Vera gel also benefits the skin and hair. And some topical vitamin derivatives like retinol, biotin, panthenol, containing serums or toners encourage the process of skin renewal, cellular turnover, combats acne, etc. Another important step is wearing SPF which protects skin from sun damage. Lifestyle habits like regular exercising, changing pillowcase also helps with skin renewal. 

Skin recovery is a long process that wouldn’t happen overnight but surely could be done with the right treatment plans, dedication, and stress-free lifestyle along with a good company that can provide emotional support. Spending time in a relaxed and pampering environment is known to harm no one and will only provide a sense of relief, a new sense of self that will work positively towards healing inside and out.

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