15 Stunning Gallery Wall Print Sets (Art From Etsy!)

If you want to decorate your home and support small businesses, check out these 15 stunning gallery wall art print sets from Etsy! All of these print packs include cohesive artwork you can proudly display . . . Without the trouble of curating them yourself! Affiliate links in the post.

Hello, lovers, and welcome to what is purely me decorating my office. (Well, planning the decorations anyway.) Since moving into our new house, my home office has by far been my largest project. I’ve been working on it for months and – eventually – it’s going to be amazing. So far, I’ve shared a few projects with you all like my DIY jewellery organiser and flower drying board . . .

But we haven’t finished yet! As it stands, my walls are looking depressingly bare . . . enter today’s post!

Gallery walls have been kicking around for the past few years and my maximalist heart loves it. Visual clutter? Yes please. Super cute artwork? Sign me up. And the chance to support a small artist while I’m at it? Oh, Etsy, take my money!

1. Warm Bohemian Art Prints by MaliPrint

Set of 5 Boho Wall Art Celestial modern print Animal print image 0

Our first choice has to be this stylish bohemian wall art set. I love the muted colour scheme – it’s so trendy, I can imagine it in any Pinterest worthy home.

2. Funky Floral Art Prints by LetsTalkAboutDecor

Set of 5 French Style Vintage Gallery Wall Art Set Ready Made image 0

Um . . . get in my cart much? I love how classic, yet modern, these prints are. There are tons of Matisse art print sets on Etsy, but this has to be my personal favourite. I’m tempted to buy it myself!

3. Bohemian Art Print Collections by LunettebyParul

Set of 3 Plant lovers Art Print any 3 A5 A4 and A3 image 0
Set of 3 Plant lovers Art Print any 3 A5 A4 and A3 image 0

How stunning are all of these prints? I love the bright colours and just the overall happy vibe of them. If you’re looking for a gallery wall you can show off on the ‘gram, this is the one!

4. Minimal Floral Art by The Print Republic

Minimalist Flowers Gallery WallDownloadable Botanical Line image 0

Far be it from me to be a minimalist . . . but I think I may have been converted! This art print set is so classy; I think it could suit pretty much any décor scheme.

5. Vintage Art Print Gallery Wall by aesthetePrintshop

Vintage Gallery Wall Set Art Paintings Antique Printable image 0

I’ve always loved the idea of thrifting a somehow perfect collection of art from second hand stores . . . but the reality is way different! If you want the cute vintage vibe – minus the thrift store crap – the art print set is the one.

I actually went thrifting for art the other day, so make sure you check out my latest Youtube video to see what I found.

6. Moody Art Prints From ByCarrmen

4x6 Mini Giclee Print Set image 0

4x6 Mini Giclee Print Set image 3

Oh, be still my moody heart! These modern art prints are such a freaking vibe. I love that they’re kind of gothic, without fully committing.

Will magical, witchy art always have my heart? Yes. But unless you’re going for the full vibe, it can be pretty hard to match with other décor pieces. These wall art sets are a perfect mix between the two!

7. Fruity Prints By

boho kitchen wall decor kitchen gallery wall art set of 10 image 0

Not to be super obvious, but this art print collection screams “hang me on your kitchen walls!”. It’s such a fun burst of colour for any room.

8. Pastel Matisse Prints by Lets Talk About Decor

Matisse Gallery Wall art set 5 Prints Ready Made Gallery Set of 5

I’ve mentioned it already in this post, but Etsy loves a Matisse print. That said, who can blame them? I’m obsessed with this fun, but neutral, colour palette. And the abstract designs are eye-catching enough to look good, but versatile enough to be matched with pretty much anything!

9. Black Excellence Art Prints by PM Watercolour

Black art Black Woman Art Set of 5 Prints Gallery Wall Art image 0

Is this the cutest gallery wall you’ve ever seen? I think so! Personally, I’m not in love with how the stock photo is styled – but with some earthy tones in the décor, I think this collection would be such a staple!

10. Modern Monochrome Art Print Collection by Prints2Paper

Modern Gallery Wall Set Set of 10 Prints Gallery Wall image 0

If this is minimalism, sign me all the way up. These monochrome art pieces are the perfect level of eye-catching, without being overpowering.

11. New Yorker Magazine Prints by SofeStore

New Yorker Magazine Vintage Prints Set of 3 A3 A4 Poster image 0

The New Yorker magazine always has the most stylish covers – and you could make an awesome gallery wall out of them!

12. Pastel California Art Prints by SofeStore

California Themed Prints Gallery Wall Set of 6 A3 A4 Poster image 0

Up next is one of my favourite collections on this list! It’s very easy to fall into only finding one style of art on Etsy . . . so I was very happy to discover this store! SofeStore sells lots of fun, psychedelic style art prints.

13. William Morris Fabric Prints by NottingHillStudioCo

William Morris fabric designs Set of 6 botanical fabric prints image 0

If you love that classic, almost vintage, aesthetic these are the prints for you! William Morris designed the most beautiful floral fabric – why not adorn your walls with it?

14. Pastel Pink Museum Gallery Print Set by The Cosmopolis

Physical Set of 5 Prints Gallery Wall Random Sizes Henri image 0

If you love pink, this collection is a must. It’s like Tumblr threw up and I am here for it.

15. Witchy Art Print Collection by CasaGiallaArtPrints

Mystical gallery wall set of 5 prints printable witchy wall image 0

Our last gallery wall art print collection has to be this super witchy set. First of all, the colour? So cute. And the witchy designs? Even cuter!

Alright lovers, we shall end at the end! I hope you guys enjoyed window shopping with me. I can’t wait to unveil my gallery wall . . . once I decide on the art prints anyway. (Send help. Please.) Which of these collections was your favourite? Are you a fan of the gallery wall trend? Let me know your thoughts below!


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12 thoughts on “15 Stunning Gallery Wall Print Sets (Art From Etsy!)”

  1. Oh wow this is such a good idea! I genuinely find it really difficult to put art work together because I’m afraid it won’t look good. This completely solves that problem. I especially like set number 9,12 and 13! They all look SO stunning. Thank you so much for introducing this xxx

    1. Thanks for reading, Karen! I have the exact same issue so I get what you mean – I don’t want to invest in a bunch of art and have it end up looking awful after all! xx

  2. Oh I love wall prints and there are so many pretty ones on Etsy, isn’t there? I think my favourites have to be the vintage style covers and the witchy ones!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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