August Blog Goals & June Goal Progress

by Mia M.

**Update from Mia from the future, who is actually Mia of the present because this post was written by Mia of the past. Was that confusing? Good.

So I originally set these blog goals for July, but then my dog destroyed my laptop and took me offline for most of the month. That’s fine, we’re just writing off July and putting these goals in place for August. So if you’re reading July/are confused as to why I’m updating you on June goals . . . that’s why.

Alright, back to past me.**

Hello, gorgeous humans and welcome back to . . . this blog? I don’t really know how that phrase works off of Youtube. Moving on.

Last month, I published my June blog goals – and it was actually really nice to see everyone’s responses and what some of your goals are. If you guys enjoy content like that, I’d love to keep publishing my monthly goals and holding myself accountable to them. (Plus, y’know, cute bullet journal spreads.)

So, let’s get to it! 


  • Average £1 on Adsensecomplete! We’ve actually started moving towards the £2 a day mark. I’m updating this on the 25th of July and we’ve earned £75 this month so far, so we’ve hit £3 a day! Woo!
  • Consistently using Tailwind – half complete. I definitely was consistent with Tailwind, but there were 4 or 5 days I skipped out on.
  • Post more crafty content – complete! I got 2 DIYs out in June and posted some journal spreads, so I guess that’s a win. 


My major focus for July? Pinterest. 


GOAL: Publish a ratio of 8:3 of my content vs other peoples on pinterest (rather than before where I was 80% other people’s content vs 20% my own)

GOAL: Go through my old posts and add new pinnable images

GOAL: Use tailwind every day

My goals for Pinterest have actually changed slightly this month; mainly because my overall blog goals have also changed. If you’ve read my 7 Innovative Ways To Earn More Money As An Affiliate, you’ll remember one of my biggest tips was to sell to people who want to be sold to. 

In practice, what this looked like for me was focusing on getting the right people, rather than lots of people. I focused heavily on SEO and promoting articles designed to sell (things like reviews). I definitely still stand behind this for affiliate conversions, but I’m looking into diversifying my blog income a bit too.

What this means for me is just that I’m going to actively try to increase my views – not just on my affiliate articles, but on my general ones too. One of the main ways I’m doing this is investing more time in a Pinterest strategy (ugh, I hate those words), reworking my old content and creating loads of fresh pins!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

GOAL: Decrease bounce rate

GOAL: Rework some old content for SEO

GOAL: Write/plan some optimised content

First off, decreasing my bounce rate. My time on page is pretty high, which is good for SEO – but I do have a pretty high bounce rate.

Bounce rate is when people land on a page on your site, then leave without viewing any other pages.

A part of this is the natural course of being a blogger; your followers will get a notification you posted, they’ll click, read the post then go about their day. The same also goes for SEO; people will search for something specific, find it on your site and leave. 

The best way I can think of to do this is inbound links. I’m going to try optimising some of my old content to direct it to other posts and encourage people to stay a bit longer!


  • Do 5 DIYs
  • Post once every 2-3 days
  • Increase engagement to average 20 comments a post

Guys, in case you couldn’t tell, crafty content is my favourite content. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll be able to post 5 DIYs this month (I have other content planned), but I’d definitely aim to complete 5.

Ideally, I’d love to move into a space where I could have 1 out of 3 or 4 posts being a DIY – but we definitely have a ways to go for that!

You may be able to tell from my increased presence in your reader/inbox, but I’m also trying to ramp up my blog posting as well.  (Oh, this sentence did not age well.) Honestly, I’m just feeling pretty inspired at the moment – it might sound counter-intuitive, but blogging actually helps me spend a lot more time off screen. It almost gives me an excuse to craft and play with photography. 

Basically, if you’re curious, watch this video. I share all the fun things your girl has coming your way!

Alright loves, the end is always a good place to end! These are all of my July August blog goals – and, if I don’t stick to ’em feel free to kick me this time next month. What goals have you guys got for your blogs? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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