Gold Coast Outfit Diaries: My Go-To Dress For Summer

You guys are really trying to fuck up my affiliate earnings. You are, aren’t you? “It’s Fall!” “Yay, October!” “Fluffy sock season!” Well, great. Just as Australia is gearing up for summer and I’m ready to promote all my cute dresses . . . none of you are going to bloody buy them!

Capitalism is crumbling.

Bah bloody humbug.

(Still a cute dress though.) DRESS – SPORTSGIRL – $109 AUD

Hello, you cruel mistresses. How are we all doing? Yes, I know you’re shocked. “Two posts in a month! Is she dying?” Well, you may not have believed me but I have genuinely been planning a comeback for a while now. There is content in the works, it’s just . . . slow.

As I mentioned in my last post, 22 Gothic Pins From Aliexpress, me and the boyfriend just got back from a mini-trip to Gold Coast. Now, if you’ve been following me since way back in the day, you may remember that I did not like Gold Coast. I don’t think I ever fully went into it on the blog, but I just found it super tacky and . . . long story short, it didn’t leave a great taste in my mouth.

However. There are a few key points about Gold Coast that make it a fab holiday destination for a little getaway:

  1. It’s cheap – and nice (oKAy so this could be summed up in the word value). We got an absolute killer apartment five mins from the beach and it was actually? super? affordable?
  2. There are a lot of beaches. Literally all we wanted.
  3. There’s enough nearby to do tours etc. if you want to. Which we totally pretended we did.

It was super cute and we had a really great time – plus it gave me the opportunity to get a video of Daryl doing whatever the fuck he’s doing in the screencap below.

On that subject . . . if you want to see some trip snippets, feel free to watch that video. Shoddy editing and wobbly beach pans – what’s not to love?

Okay, right, let’s get to the outfit part of this outfit of the day post.

I am obsessed with this dress; it’s comfortable, flattering and the vintage vibes are strong. (Tell me this isn’t a picnic outfit, I dare you.) It’s from the Australian brand Sportsgirl and I actually saw it last summer and fell absolutely in love. I never ended up buying it because it is a little pricy, but I thought about it literally all year . . . so when I saw it in-store, it was a straightaway purchase.

However $100 AUD (around Β£55) may be a bit steep for a dress, so I have included some more affordable alternatives below! (All from ASOS so available worldwide.)

ASOS DESIGN Petite button through twist front maxi tea dress in seersucker | ASOS

Influence Tall button down cami strap sun dress in stripe | ASOS

Boohoo exclusive midi dress with tie sides and button through in washed pastel stripe | ASOS

DRESS 1 – Β£40 // DRESS 2 – Β£24 // DRESS 3 – Β£16.50

Honestly, I’m pretty proud of my human for his photography skills on these. An Instagram husband, indeed!

Well, pals, I reckon here’s a good place for this post to reach its swift end. If you like fashion content and inspo, make sure you’re following me on the ole’ Insta and my Pinterest.

Did you guys enjoy the video? Have you ever been to Gold Coast yourselves? And how cute is that dress, right? Let me know your thoughts down below!


29 thoughts on “Gold Coast Outfit Diaries: My Go-To Dress For Summer”

  1. You look so good in that dress omg, the perfect light and beachy white dress. Wow. What’s its like living near a beach? Do you actually feel like your mind and soul is just more at peace?

  2. Isn’t autumn/winter the best time to buy summer clothing in England anyway because it should be cheaper as it is out of season!? It may be more expensive for (come back to England) but it should be cheaper for us surely?! xx

  3. Socialism will win, Mia! Haha. I love the vintageness of the dress on the beach. I have not been to Gold Coast, but I caption videos and just did one about it. It’s so funny, when I caption at night, all the vids are Australian I guess ‘cos it’s your regular time πŸ˜„

  4. I loved the video! Australia looks so amazing, so beautiful like you! πŸ˜πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί That dress is beautiful. All dresses suits you so well to be honest. I love your style! Enjoy your time there.

  5. I am loving these button-down style dresses! The vintage picnic vibes truly are so strong. & you’re right about these pictures being gorgeous! Your IG husband did great but, you’d look beautiful no matter who took the photo. β™‘

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