My Dream Holiday

At the moment, I’m trying to kind of reconnect with myself.

I’ve always thought of myself as a pretty authentic person; I try quite hard to understand everything that makes me Mia – my motivations, my fears, my dreams – and stay true to who I am, both the ego/dream me and the real/current me. Honestly, I’d say that I have a really good grip of who I am. My identity. My flaws, my strengths, my dreams and my passions.

Some fresh van styling took place last week in mnt. Shasta. #vanlife

But sometimes, in the humdrum of everyday life and just existing, it’s easy to lose track of that. It’s easy to stop thinking and analysing and dreaming and improving and just . . . exist. This can be good – this can even be great! When I’m on holiday, basking in the sun, I don’t want to be worrying or overthinking. I want to be present.

While I’m dragging myself to work everyday? Living on autopilot, silently counting down the days until I’ve saved up this amount of money, or I can go here or do this . . .  Well, those are the times when it’s easiest to lose yourself. It’s easier to mentally check out than it is to be present. And I get it!

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My dream self, my core self, the me that is in my soul, does not want to be here. Which is unhelpful because I need to be here; life is not all about what we want, sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get what we need. So it becomes easier to tune her out; to ignore her. To lose myself in mindless things, like binge-watching Youtube. Or to sleep for far longer than I need to, enjoying the warm cocoon of my bed as refuge from the outside world.

I get it. I just also need to get the fuck over it.

Because losing that connection, that tether to your authenticity, to your soul, leaves you aimless; hollow. All those people who feel lost, who don’t know their path, where they want to go and what they really want to do . . . We’ve all been there. And, if you made it to the other side, you’ll know that it’s absolutely not somewhere you want to go back to.

So I’ve been reconnecting. Reading. Meditating. Thinking. Dreaming.

Finally – we get to the point of this post! Is there an award somewhere for the longest post introductions? I think I’d win it.

Hello, beautiful people! Today I’m going to be sharing with you one of my absolute dream holidays!

road trip'n, nature. early morning stillness.

In case you didn’t guess from the various van photos, my dream holiday is a roadtrip. I’d love to go adventuring with a group of like-minded people and just enjoy nature. You know?

Like how amazing would it be to have a massive roadtrip playlist, a really cosy van and just . . . no limits?


Now, I confess, I also have a couple of dream van-attendees. Mainly because when I interact with these girls I just imagine how inspiring and creative and beautiful (that was so meta) our conversations would be.

So I would have to have:

in this van. There are loads of other bloggers I would love to roadtrip with too (I know I’ve forgotten some of the people that inspired this too – but I read Chloe’s post and was so inspired to write this that I just word-vomited), but honestly reading these girls’ blogs is what actually gave me the idea of a dreamy adventure roadtrip. (They’re all linked and if you read any of their posts you’ll completely understand why they inspired this.)

tailgate camping

Photo by @thebusandus #projectvanlife More

Personally, the thing I love about roadtrips is the freedom to one day be in quaint little down, the next is a beautiful forest and the next doing handstands on the beach at 3am.

Around every corner adventure awaits #Adventure #sights #newplaces

✨ @taia_hara from @evelynnnv

I can just imagine the kind of creative inspiration you would get from all the different sights. Ugh; I’m making myself all sad now.

I actually planned to do a roadtrip last year; my friend and I looked into renting one of those retro caravans (it’s surprisingly cheap; I was surprised!), but it never happened. (Sad face!) However, I retain hope – one day I will get my dream road trip.

So that’s this post done! I hope you enjoyed it; would you be in the van? What’s your dream holiday? Is there anywhere you’ve always wanted to go? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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81 thoughts on “My Dream Holiday”

  1. Girl, I wish I could show you the smile on my face when I read this!!! This sounds so fantastic and you very much put into words what I feel so often, and the absolute want to get on the road with a bunch of girlfriends, omg this is the cutest post ever you’re such a gem xxx Priya

    1. I have been dying to go on a road trip for so long now! There’s something about the fresh air, loud music on blast and a crammed car full of friends that is so regenerating and freeing.
      This post honestly gave me such a huge grin my jaw really hurts now. Mia, you’re such a sweet, kind and loving person and your content is beyond inspirational and insightful. In all honesty, reading this brightened up my day! -Fiona xxx

      1. YES YES YES! That’s exactly it, like roadtrips are the ultimate freedom! YOU control where you go, what you do, what you see . . . ugh, i want to go!
        Aww I’m so glad you liked it! You just put the biggest smile on MY face! <3

      2. I’ve been feeling lost recently too and I don’t know how to break out of the pattern. A road trip sounds like so much fun – I hope you and your friends manage to do one this summer! x

        1. Ummmm could I LOVE you anymore, literally reading this feeling so giddy and inspired and THEN I see my name on your list of attendees – honoured. We need to do this !! Also thank you for mentioning my post, again – HONOURED. So glad I could give you some inspo, just like you do for me !! I’ve never been on a roadtrip but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do , just driving through beautiful scenery blasting music, no phones, no wifi, just music, nature and good company. I would be SO inspired – also, messy hair, no makeup, just freedom. Ugh. I wouldn’t even care if it was raining. We’d take pillows and blankets and write in our journals and take photos & UGHHH. I’d also love to have a go at driving a camper van, I think that’d make my little life complete!! xxx

                1. Girl seriously – we’re meeting up at some point this year (I actually refuse to let it not happen) so why not for a roadtrip? 😀 And of course, it inspried me SO MUCH like the idea just demanded to be written, so I had to give you your credit! <3

                  You've literally described my DREAM roadtrip. Just time to really disconnect and create; be really present and just EXPERIENCE. xxx

                  1. If any of you babes ever come on down to Australia, we could definitely make this happen haha! Everything sounds so magical xxx

                2. I think millions of people keep putting this off until their retirement, and by then they are so worn out by life that all they do when they finally retire is watch the telly. I also think this drive to hold onto our souls started religious disciplines like yoga, Buddhism, and often Christian monasticism (even if finding God was their excuse, I think some of them just became monks because that’s where all the good books were).

                3. I felt that intro in my soul, I felt like it was meant for me to read. “My dream self, my core self, the me that is in my soul, does not want to be here. Which is unhelpful because I need to be here; life is not all about what we want, sometimes we have to make sacrifices to get what we need.” I couldn’t put that into better words. But I would definitely be in the van, I’ve always wanted to take a road trip and sight see! Inspiration overload!✨

                    1. Girl this spoke to me on a spiritual level for real! I have been feeling aimless (thanks January) and trying to get back to myself, while also feeding my wanderlust soul (actually taking a trip in February ale-fucking-luia!). It is difficult when you have bills to pay, and responsibilities, and you do have to be HERE (and I am a nurturer so I feel torn anyway) but sometimes I just want to say screw it and feed my travel addiction. I LOVE that you ant to take a road trip. It is on my travel bucket list to do also! If you ever want a travel buddy, let me know, you would be such a fun partner in travel crime! ;p And huge hugs. I hope February is a lot better!<3

                      1. I’M SO JEALOUS, LET ME STOWAWAY WITH YOU ;-; And I’m glad you’re kicking January’s ass in February girlie! I feel you….adult life is just not fun half the time! Also um YES. We’d have SO MUCH FUN roadtripping, causing havoc 😀 If you’re ever in this part of the world, you just let me know and we’ll make it happen! And thank you love! I hope February is amazing for you! <3

                    2. I loved looking at all these photos! It makes me want to go so badly as well! You’ll definitely get to do it girl! I also have a similar dream when it comes to my future.
                      xx Natalie

                    3. This is such an incredible idea! My boyfriend and I were thinking of attending a convention this summer in California (we live on the east coast), and originally we were going to fly…but I think if we save more money, do more planning, and talk about it more in detail- it would be an amazing cross country trip to drive to CA summer 2019 instead. I don’t mind waiting if it means a better experience for the both of us & I know he’ll agree with that one haha

                    4. It will be amazing & a great fun preferably through RV adventure, where you have no worries about where to cook/eat or where to relax/sleep or how to commute/park or where you want to stay for longer/shorter time period…… It is a sincere & honest ideal dream, only workable under the umbrella of like minded creative individuals. It is possible in a way or other, but not impossible!

                    5. Omg I wish I had friends to take road trips with but mommy duties also hold me back lol. This post is definitely very inspiring, I think I’ll just end up doing road trips and short vacations with my boys lol

                    6. Oh gosh, road trips are my absolutely favourite! ❤️ I was grinning the whole time I was reading this post, it’s been on my list for so long.. you’ve captured the essence beautifully with your selection of pictures.. so magical! 🔮

                        1. Can I come with you?? I love to be in nature, it calms me soul and makes me very happy. And without sounding too strange, I love a good tree 😉

                            1. This is neat! Road tripping can be super fun. I’ve never done it with friends, but I have done it on separate occasions with a significant other and with my family; serious bonding, serious feels!

                              I know your inner turmoil—shuffling through life and feeling like you’re LOSING yourself. That’s also a big part of why I started my blog; it allows me the opportunity to mentally escape and challenge my creativity giving the otherwise dull moments bits of excitement. (Omg I just admitted my blog is a coping mechanism… yikes, reality sets in)

                              My dream holiday is Thailand. I am a sucker for foliage, beautiful architecture, and good food. Plus, I hear that besides the plane ticket price, accommodations are beyond reasonable. Hopefully you’ll see me paddle boating down the waters of Phuket on Instagram later this year! Haha!


                              1. Thank you lovely! And that sounds AWESOME; I’ve done a couple of roadtrips with family and loved them! My grandad is french, so we used to drive to france and roadtrip around the south during my school holidays. (The lucky bastard is now retired and he goes from france to switzerland to the alps and I’M SO JEALOUS).

                                I’m glad you found your outlet (and don’t worry – I won’t tell anyone blogging is a coping mechanism 😉 ) and I’m glad/sad you can relate!

                                Oh my god, YES. Thailand is so damn beautiful I am, I would love for you to go there, upload LOADS and let me live through you! xx

                            2. Road trips are fun. You and your friends having full fun. Road trips are one in which travelling is more beautiful than destination. Loved your post. Thank you for sharing it😇😇

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