What To Wear To The Airport – My Current Airport OOTD

You know what we haven’t had for a while? An OOTD.

I promise you that I have, in fact, been wearing clothes. I haven’t suddenly decided to throw off the shackles of society and race freely into the loving arms of a nudist community. Although . . . You know, ideas.

Regardless – hey guys! How are you this fine day?

While I love a good OOTD, I must admit my outfit posts always seem to get shuffled to the back of the queue. You know? They’re just never quite as helpful or urgent as other posts. However, I realised that the OOTD section of my blog was looking very malnourished and if I never post about pretty clothes I suppose I start to lose my excuse for buying pretty clothes. (“No, Mum, I’m not a hoarder – I’m a blogger!”)

  So today I decided to bring you the first installment in a series of posts that I predict will become more popular over the coming months. Ideas on what to wear to the airport! Because I seem to find myself there pretty often. It’s got to a point where I’m pretty sure I actively recognise some of the Gatwick staff. Hey – I’m not complaining!

Every time I go to the airport I’m always guilty of taking a cheeky glimpse at what other people are wearing. I used to be a strict trackies and leggings person (come winter I definitely will be) but after my most recent travels I realised how restrictive that travel outfit can be.

Especially if you’re travelling somewhere warm, wearing something suited to British weather means that you’ll need to stop and change before you can leave. As we discovered in my one-day accidental trip to Valencia, sometimes things don’t go to plan – so who wants to be stuck in tracksuit bottoms in 34 degree heat?

For the warmer summer months (and those lovely hot locations) my go-to outfit this summer has been this pretty River Island jumpsuit. I managed to scoop this up in the River Island sale for £20 and it’s quickly become a staple in my wardrobe. Comfy, casual and a nude colour (I love my bold colours, it’s true, but nudes are also a big yes from me) – this has been the perfect “chuck it on and go” for the summer months.

I think being comfortable is probably the most important thing to consider when picking an airport outfit – so something loose fitting like this jumpsuit is perfect. And when you hop off the plane on the other side you don’t immediately need to change, which is always a bonus. So a nice jumpsuit is always a strong recommendation for something to wear on the plane from me.

Admittedly not the best photo of me, but you can see two things: the gorgeous satiny material of the jumpsuit and my tan! I’ve just returned from Cyprus – and I’ve just booked Amsterdam! Like, literally ten minutes ago. I’m insanely excited for that – if anyone has any good recommendations of things to do in Amsterdam, I’d love to hear them.

Right, sorry – back to the point of the post: airport outfit ideas.

1 – River Island Jumpsuit – £32 // 2 – River Island Jumpsuit – £32 // 3 – Topshop Jumpsuit – £59 // 4 – Topshop Koi Fish Tee – £26 // 5 – River Island L’Amour Tee – £22 // 6 – Adidas Leggings – £26 // 7 – Hype Leggings – £25 // 8 – Topshop Dotted Dress – £39 // 9 – Floral Wrap Dress – £39 // 10 – Halter Neck Black Topshop Dress – £49 // 11 – Topshop Grey Leggings – £40 // 12 – White T-Shirt – £10 // 13 – Velvet Jogging Bottoms – £30

Okay, kids – this was just a quick little OOTD for you! What are your go-to airport outfits? Do you go for style or comfort – or a mixture of the two? Did you like the jumpsuit? Let me know your thoughts below!


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  1. While you’re in Amsterdam you (obviously) have to do the national museum, Rijksmuseum, but you also must eat at Maoz, a falafel chain where you pick your size of falafel and add on dollops of garnish. Best eaten next to the canals. Have an amazing time!

    1. Yes – I definitely agree with you on the museum front! Luckily the friend I’m going with is a big culture person, so she’ll be very up for that! And thank you for the recommendation; that sounds delicious 🙂 x

      1. Thank you so much gorgeous! I was very very pleased with it – it was such a steal 🙂 And I definitely agree that being comfortable when travelling is essential. Thanks for reading (: xx

    2. This is so pretty! I always try & switch up my airport outfits but it can be difficult sometimes when it’s raining in England but boiling hot when you’ve landed at your destination! I think you can never go wrong with jumpsuits, they’re so comfy! xx

    3. The jumpsuit looks amazing! For the airport I like to mix style with comfort so I get light floral trousers and pair them with a plain t shirt and comfy shoes and I am good to go.. 🙂

          1. haha well if you end up doing that, let me know how that works out lol – I feel like I never could. Once I was at the airport with booties with a taller heel, and I almost died because I went in the wrong entrance, so I had to walk pretty far for the right entrance lol

            1. Oh God – see, that right there is my fear. It’s easy to do an “oh shit I’m in the wrong place” last-minute dash in leggings and trainers – not so much in smart clothes x_x

            1. You are SO pretty and that jumpsuit is adorable! Being short as fuck, I’ve never even bothered trying on jumpsuits because I feel like I can’t pull them off, but you make them seem so cute and comfy I wanna buy one now!

                  1. Thank you so much for following my blog, crystalsandcurls! Welcome to the “All the places she goes” family. I’m
                    So grateful for your love and support. Thank you!

                    xx, Shreya❤️

                  2. That’s a cute jumpsuit!
                    I’ve not found one that suits me as of yet, but I haven’t ridden on a plane in a couple of years and don’t have impending plans to do so yet either. That said, it seems like everyone is hopping on a plane all of a sudden.
                    Hope your trip goes well!

                    1. Thank you! And before this one neither had I – they’re so hit and miss, sadly. I actually quite like planes… if I don’t think about how high up we are at least xD and thank you; it was actually a really nice trip 🙂 xx

                      1. Then maybe someday I’ll find one cute enough!
                        And plane trips are fun. I enjoyed the window seat and looking down at everything below(until there were just clouds below, so wild).
                        I’m glad it went well! 😄

                    2. Style, always 😉 I’ve come to notice how much more friendly airport staff is if you don’t look like you just jumped off a bush, finished a marathon, or fell of bed haha and my go-to as a girl traveling different weathers all the time is skirts with tights, which I can put on or take off shortly before landing 😊

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