20 Stylish Adult Puzzles Worth Framing

Are you looking for a cute new jigsaw puzzle you can proudly frame after completing? Maybe you just need to kill a few hours off screen, but want something to show for it? I’ve got just the thing for you. Here are 20 of the best stylish adult puzzles that you’ll want to display when you’re done.

Hey, friends, I hope the world is being kind to you all today! If you remember my post about the 6 big benefits of jigsaw puzzling, then I’m sure you saw this post coming a mile off. Cute puzzles? Capitalism? How I could I resist?

In my office, I love hanging up framed puzzles. My current favourites are these two by Rifle Paper Co – literally anything Rifle Paper Co put out is amazing and their puzzles are no different. Seriously. Look at these babies. **Affiliate links included**

1. Rifle Paper Co Maps Of The World Puzzle 


Can we travel overseas at the moment? No. But can we longingly stare at maps of exotic places and dream? You bet your bottom dollar we can!

I love this puzzle because it features the whimsical illustrative style Rifle Paper Co. are known for . . . but manages to fulfil a teensy tiny bit of my wanderlust at the same time.

2. Camont Puzzle – Rifle Paper Co


Is this an ad for Rifle Paper Co.? No. But guys, look, feel free to email me. It totally can be.

The Camont puzzle is the second cute puzzle I have on display at the moment and it’s just damn adorable. Side note: the packaging these puzzles come in is absolutely beautiful. I’ve kept both the boxes on display because they’re honestly so pretty.

3. Plant Shelfie Puzzle – Amazon

Do I own this? No. Do I need it? Absolutely. This houseplant themed stylish puzzle is absolutely gorgeous; plus, it would be a natural fit in any millennial household.

Not to mention, do you guys see that 1000 piece sticker? If you love more of a challenge, this is definitely a brain teaser!

4. Patisserie Puzzle – Amazon

Be still my beating heart! Of all the cute puzzles, this is just the most whimsical and adorable thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Tell me it doesn’t look like the scene of your favourite countryside holiday as a kid. I’ll wait.

5. Wine Puzzle Set – Amazon

Okay, if you’re looking for a stylish adult puzzle it doesn’t get anymore adult than this! This box set has two super cute wine themed puzzles inside . . . I know what my mum is getting for Christmas!

6. Moon Shaped Puzzle – Amazon

If you prefer grungy room décor, this quirky moon puzzle is for you! I love shaped puzzles; while a bit tricky to frame, they’re definitely unique and can be a cute accent feature in a room.

7. Greenhouse Puzzle – Amazon

Okay, I definitely tend to lean towards the more illustrative, cutesy puzzle styles. But can you blame me? This greenhouse puzzle is adorable!

8. Bohemian Scene Puzzle – Nordstrom 

SLOWDOWN STUDIO The Red Wall Puzzle, Main, color, BLUE MULTI
Does this puzzle just scream Pinterest or what? This minimal, bohemian art style is all the range at the moment and I love it. Plus, if you’re going to display an image of such a serene scene, why not spend a relaxing few hours creating it?

9. Dog Mum Puzzle – Nordstrom

JIGGY Dog Mom 800-Piece Puzzle, Alternate, color, NONE
Dogs and bold patterns? Need I say more? This is clearly two of my favourite things in one. Sign me up.

10. Iridescent Puzzle

WAVES PUZZLE CO. 49-Piece Iridescent Waves Puzzle, Main, color, IRIDESCENT
Okay, Urban Outfitters is really to blame for this one. Does anyone else just love iridescent and holographic home décor? This quirky puzzle is just beautiful – and would be perfect in any trendy home.

11. Red Woman Puzzle

EEBOO Eating Outside 1000-Piece Puzzle, Main, color, Orange
If you know anything about me, it’s that I love bold colours and feminine prints. This cute puzzle has the best of both! I feel like this would work amazingly in a kitchen positioned above a bright fruit bowl.

12. Well Behaved Women Seldom Make History Puzzle – BetterCo

Who doesn’t love a good feminist puzzle, am I right? This pick is the perfect blend of inspiring and actually worth displaying. If you’re lucky enough to have a library room or corner, this puzzle might slot in there.

13. Better Together Puzzle – Amazon

Feminism and race representation? A beautiful design? Popular terracotta colour scheme that could slot into any 2021 home? If there’s a puzzle deserves framing, I think it’s going to be this bad boy!

14. Round Floral Puzzle – Better Co

Am I the only person that finds round puzzles so interesting? They’re definitely unique! This round botanical beauty is a bit more minimal than some of my other picks . . . but I love it!

15. Dark Flowers – Amazon

Ugh, be still my gothic heart. This gorgeous floral puzzle has the colour scheme of my absolute dreams. It’s moody and atmospheric and . . . I love it. That is all.

16. Marrakech Puzzle

Am I slowly realising that I love puzzles that have images of foreign vistas because we haven’t gone on holiday in over a year? Maybe. Maybe.

17. Village Scenes Puzzle – Amazon

Okay, but here’s another scenic vista puzzle for you all. Isn’t it just beautiful? I want to live inside this puzzle. Forever.

18. Floral Puzzle – Amazon

Who is this artist and can I marry them? The colour, the patterns, the creativity! This puzzle is not only stylish, but super reflective of what I think a lot of us are like. If you have a plant room, can’t you just imagine this bad boy on your wall?

19. Roadtrip Puzzle – Amazon

This is my last travel related puzzle, I promise! (And yes, that is purely because it’s the second to last puzzle on this list. Sue me.) (Please don’t, I have no money.)

20. Botanical Puzzle – Amazon

Lastly, we have a traditional botanical puzzle. This vintage style print is a classic, timeless style I think we can all appreciate.

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And that’s a wrap! Sorry I’ve been so inactive on the online world; your girl has been really busy with the new house, my plant venture and real-world work. I’ve got a lot of fun DIY projects coming up . . . but I want to get back into the blogging groove before sharing those!

I hope you guys have enjoyed my last two puzzling posts. It’s been a weird hobby of mine recently! Which of these puzzles is your favourite? Would you try any of these yourselves? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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    1. I use to love puzzles as a kid, but alas I never framed them. I thought about it, but it was to much fun taking them apart and then redoing them again 🙂 These are beautiful that you shared! Thanks sweets! <3

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