Your Girl’s 20 – Wait, WHAT?

by Mia M.

Dare I say it feels somewhat awkward to be looking at this blank post draft? A little . . . stiff. I’m out of practice.

Hello, beautiful people – you really might have forgotten me by this point; allow me to re-introduce myself. My name’s Mia, I run this mess of a blog and you love me.  Basically all the information you need to know at this point, let’s resume our relationship as if I haven’t been absent for the past few months.

This time last year, I posted “18. You Went By Too Soon“, which is essentially a love letter to the best year of my life. Well, what with how time works and everything, we seem to have reached yet another birthday and so we are writing a conclusion to yet another year.

So, 19: let’s go.

 19 has been a big one – if you’re a follower of this blog, you’ll be more than familiar with some of the plot twists life has taken this year. Namely, I kind of impulse-moved to Australia, which has been amazing, so no complaints on that.

Honestly, I was not expecting much from being 19. My best friend, Leila, and I have a theory about these kind of things: generally, you have one “down” year, where you’re saving and working and planning for next year . . . and then the next year you have an amazing one and rinse and repeat. Now, you could definitely argue the fact that we have not been alive long enough to know this definitively – but I’m a pretty cynical person and the fact I had such a good year at 18 meant I was patiently awaiting for the scales to balance themselves back out again.

Well, let me just say – regardless of if the zombie apocalpyse were to have broken out, 2018 would still be okay in my books purely by the fact Florence And The Machine blessed the world with more of her music.

Trying to summarise last year is slightly tricky – it was a weird one. If I’m being brutal, it wasn’t as good as 18 – it was by no means bad, a lot of cool stuff happened (I finally got to see Hamilton, we did a little travelling around Italy and . . . well, again, Florence and the Machine dropped new music) but it just didn’t hold the excitement that being 18 did.

Towards the end of it, that all started to change what with moving myself over to Australia – and I think I’ve finally realised what the difference is.

The thing that changed about being 18 was that my entire life was fun – it was balanced. It wasn’t necessarily that I did more during that year, but more that it felt like the actual day-to-day of my life was improved. When I was 19, that wasn’t so much the case. A lot of my friends were saving, so all the fun weekend trips and festivals were a no go, my new job was more stressful and everyone working with me was way older . . . it was by no means bad at all, but just wasn’t the year of having a fucking awesome time.

Hence the whole moving to Australia thing.

As I approached the end of being 19, the same sense of “okay, so this is what life should be!” hit me. I started to get into more of a life over here – and one that pretty closely resembles all the best parts of being 18 again. It’s been good fun – and it’s put me in a great spot for being 20.

So, yeah. I’m excited for this next year, dare I say we have a new contender for best year of my existence? Not to mention, your girl is no longer a teenager. When the hell did that happen?

Alright kids, I guess that’s this post done. It wasn’t particularly useful, but then you are on my website so that’s par for course. I can’t promise I’m going to be 100% active on here again – life is pretty busy at the moment – but I’m going to try! Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know your thoughts down below!


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