10 Challenges To Try On Sims 4!

by Mia M.

Hello, beautiful people and welcome back to whatever the hell this mess is! How are you all enjoying isolation – going insane yet? Miss the smell of fresh air? Just want to get sloppy drunk and go raving with your friends? Same, pal, same. One day the whole world will indulge in a post corona-bender and I, for one, cannot wait.

But, alas, that day is not nigh. No, we are still all very much stuck inside – which means one thing: dust off your Playstation or PC because we’re about to play Sims. Ah, good old Sims 4 . . . weird, easy to lose your night in, endlessly entertaining . . . it’s like it was designed to keep us all mindlessly occupied as the government places restrictions on our entire existence.

However, as limitless as the possibilities on Sims are, sometimes they’re a bit too limitless. What are you meant to do? After spending a day playing as your family, getting your favourite Sim to the top of their career, decking out their pad . . . what’s left? What does it all mean?

I’ve got the answers. I’m the Hitchhiker and this is my guide to the galaxy. Actually, my name is Mia and this is my guide to not getting fed up with Sims 4 after 2 days of playing. Isolation might last months apparently, guys, we’ve got to pace ourselves. I’m lucky enough to be stuck with my boyfriend (and to be enough of an addict to have Sims on both my laptop and his PS4), so some of these will be challenges that are fun to play with friends and some will be good on your own.

1.Build Your Own House/Apartment

This one is so weirdly satisfying that you can easily lose yourself for hours. Pouring over tiny details like “does this clutter look most like my clutter or does that one?” and paint colours . . . Daryl and I spent a good two hours perfecting the apartment. (Although the next challenge is the one personally enjoyed more.)

so meta

2. Build Your Dream House/Apartment

This is ridiculously fun for obvious reasons – but (if you’re really bored or inspired) you could also try building a house from a cute reference image. Hell, what with all of us trapped inside, you could even try building somewhere on your bucketlist!

3. Earn $1million dollars without cheating

Look, has anyone ever done this? Please? I have invested two weeks of my life on my current Sims family for them to finally crack $1mil . . . and I cheated them the first $100k to get them going. At some point this quarantine, I want to sire a dynasty.

4. Solve the Strangerville Mystery!

I don’t know if any of you guys are a fan of the expansion packs, but once Daryl and I started . . . we really couldn’t stop. The Strangerville expansion is a little different than the others because it’s storybased, so you progress through a really interesting storyline as you play. The PC games are all on massive discount, so if you’re finding your Simming a little stale, we highly recommend this! Full of fun little features and twists.

5. Create Your Whole Family Tree

I suppose this could be a good way to sire that dynasty, right?

6. Tiny-House!

I actually bought the Tiny-House expansion pack (don’t recommend, in case you’re wondering. One of my favourite Sims was randomly murdered by the expansion pack’s fold up bed. I’m bitter.) because the idea is intriguing. You definitely don’t need the expansion for this, but the challenge is quite fun.

Create a family of four and build a house for them that’s as small as possible.

7. Black Widow Challenge

Sims 4 Challenges - Black Widow
Sims 4 Challenges - Black Widow

There’s not as much of an “end goal” with this one, per se, but it sure is fun.

You start off with one female Sim; she’s not allowed to work and you aren’t allowed to use any money cheats. To acquire funds, she has to seduce other male Sims, marry them for their money . . . and kill them. (Well, actually, you have to kill them once they’re in your household. But same diff.) Progress through the game getting wealthier and wealthier . . . and display all those dead husbands somewhere on your lot.

8. Build Your Childhood Home From Memory

Bring on the nostalgia, baby!

9. Create A Cult

This challenge is somewhat similar to the “black widow” challenge, except less murderous. (Unless you’re trying to recreate Scientology, in which case . . . well, you can always build basements to hide wives in.)

So, you start off with a broke Sim, on a blank lot.

Your Sim, as the esteemed cult leader, cannot work – so you’ll have to use their charm to build friendships and encourage other Sims to move into your lot . . . and bring their hard-earned cash with them. Once new Sims join the household, they can only earn money through recreational activities, like selling their paintings and writing books, but they can’t work anymore.

10. Build The Neighbourhood From Scratch

This challenge is one that will have you clocking in some serious hours . . . but is also weirdly satisfying. Bulldoze your entire world and build it again from scratch. Houses, new families, parks, bars – you have to build it all. Bonus points if you install some custom content and build your neighbourhood under some kind of theme. I’ve seen some real cool fantasy and time-period themed builds.

Alright, lovelies, this was just a quick post! Do any of you guys play Sims? Have you given any of these a whirl? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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