7 Cute Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend For His Birthday!

by Mia M.

Are you hunting for unique gift ideas for your boyfriend’s birthday? Well, look no further! Today, I’m going to be sharing the presents I bought my partner for his birthday . . . and giving you some gift giving inspiration! **Affiliate links in post**

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! Today is yet another D Foz related post! I shared some fun birthday surprise ideas for boyfriends a few weeks ago – now let’s talk about the presents.

He has a decent little stack building up there.

Personally, I love gift giving. It’s such a fun opportunity to show your partner that you appreciate them – and that you know them.

1. Cool Gift Idea For Him – Adult Lego

Don’t immediately roll your eyes – I’m onto something here, I promise! The adult LEGO sets are insanely cool, ranging from beloved TV shows like Friends to house plants.

If you’re a movie buff especially, most of the big franchises have a super cute LEGO set to go with them.

A couple of years ago, I bought my boyfriend a LEGO Architecture set of the Shanghai skyline. One: he loved it and had so much fun setting it up. But two: it was a really cute home decor piece as well!

This year, I’ve bought him a Bird Of Paradise LEGO Set. I was torn between this and the bonsai tree (he loves plants just as much as I do!) but I’m pretty happy with my choice. Besides, there’s always Christmas, right?

2. Practical Gift Idea For Him – A Skincare Set

Would you believe that my boyfriend asked me to get him skincare for his birthday? I was shocked too!

However, simple and effective skincare is such a great practical gift idea. Plus – let’s face it – if we don’t buy it for them, they’ll end up washing their face with a bar of soap!

I chose the Charles + Lee Mr High Maintenance set for Daryl. It has great reviews – and I love that it’s a complete set, rather than just a face wash and moisturiser. The packaging is also quite minimal and masculine, which is very much to my partner’s taste.

3. Thoughtful Gift Box / Hamper Idea – Self Care Hamper!

I know this is kind of cheating as we literally just mentioned a skincare set. However, a fun way to elevate a skincare set is to incorporate it into a self care hamper.

Gift hampers are so thoughtful. Not to mention – a great way to group together small gifts in a way that’s cohesive!

Some ideas for a fabulous self care hamper:

  • Face masks
  • Pyjamas
  • Sleeping masks
  • Bath bombs
  • Snacks!

Alternatively, you could by any of these other premade gift hampers online. They’re a lovely way to spoil your special someone!

4. Cheap Gift Ideas For Boyfriends – Puzzles & Board Games

My boyfriend is very much someone who likes to be doing something. He loves to cook, do puzzles, make music – it’s one of my favourite things about him!

A great cheap gift idea for men is to stock up on puzzles and board games! You can often find these for under $10 a pop too.

Personally, I bought D two puzzles – one for Rick and Morty (because duh) and one that I DIY’ed with a treasure map of our apartment.

I also got him a little Jenga drinking game from Cotton On!

5. An Easy Romantic DIY Gift For Him – Date Night Vending Machine

If you guys are a fan of homemade gifts – well, first go check out my top DIY gift ideas for him post. You’ll love it.

But after that let’s chat about the easiest DIY gift ever. It’s a modern take on the DIY date night jar idea. All you need is one of these ridiculously cute mini vending machines from Cotton On . . . and some paper!

My partner and I always find ourselves lost for inspiration when it comes to date nights. This takes all the guesswork out of it!

6. FUN Gift Idea For Him – Alcohol Making Kits

Guys, when I tell you that I am excited for Daryl to unwrap this . . . I am excited. For Christmas last year, I bought him a bar cart and the boy has put it to good use!

(Seriously – he makes a fantastic Amaretto Sour. Maybe I’ll get him to write up a recipe one day!)

When we first started dating, Daryl and I used to love making Limoncello cocktails. So when I saw this DIY Limoncello kit I couldn’t let it pass me by!

And as for the beer . . . well, I don’t think I need to tell anyone why buying beer for men is usually a pretty solid gift idea.

7. Loungewear

And last on my list of gift ideas for today has to be loungewear. COVID had us all staying home a lot more (hell, we’re still in lockdown here in Melbourne) and comfy ’round the house clothes are a must.

I actually DIY’ed that jumper in the photo – and, yes, your girl does have a homemade gift guide coming up soon.

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Got a boyfriend’s birthday coming up? Why don’t you try DIY-ing some of the gifts! Check out my handy post full of easy, practical DIY gift ideas he’ll actually want.

Alright, my loves, we shall end at the end! I hope you enjoyed this mini gift guide. Which of these gift ideas was your favourite? I’m so excited for Daryl’s birthday – I can’t wait to see which of these he gets most excited about! Let me know your thoughts down below,


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