How To Write Better Blog Posts: 10 Rules For Writing Engaging Blog Posts People Will Actually Read

Hello, internet buddies – today I’m going to be back spilling the tea about blogging. Namely, the part of it we all seem to sometimes kind of hate – the actual blog-post-creating part. I get it, I do. Writing a good blog post is hard. It’s time consuming, it’s elusive and sometimes it feels like it’s damn near impossible. Well, have no fear my friends – welcome to today’s post: How To Write Better Blog Posts; 10 Rules For Writing Engaging Blog Posts People Will Actually Read.

Well, that title was a mouthful.

If you want to make yourself a nice mug of tea and drink along with me while I hit you with this info-dump, today we’re drinking Twining’s Strawberry and Raspberry Tea and – let me tell you – it’s bloody great. (Yes, yes, can I get any more British?)

Twinings Strawberry and Raspberry Tea (Pack Of 4) – Amazon UK – £5

The cup? Well, this beautiful thang happens to be from Anthropologie and was a steal at £14. It’s gorgeous and I drink so much tea that I figured that buying myself a few cute mugs was justified. It’s for the blogging tips posts, right?

Anthropologie Gold and Blue Mug – £14

Now our drinks are set up . . . onto the tips!

Here’s the thing about blogging: just doing it is not good enough. Just bashing up a post and hitting publish isn’t going to get you anywhere. For your blog to be successful, people need to be reading it – and for people to be reading it, your writing needs to be good. It needs to be engaging, interesting, entertaining. You need people to like your content. You need them to want more!

All of this is easier said than done, right?

I’d like to think that I’m good at writing blog content. Admittedly, my writing is hardly pretty or flowery – and I’m pretty sure I regularly break like the first 20 rules of grammar – but you guys seem to like it. Most of the compliments my blog gets center around my writing (and, on occasion, my hair).

As I was wracking my over-exhausted and underfed brain* for post ideas, one said comment popped up. And, like a lightning bolt, inspiration** hit me . . . as did capitalist exploitation. Which posts always perform well? Blogging related posts. What post content makes me look like I actually listen to my followers? One they asked for! See, kids? This post is a total sweet-spot.

*seriously, husband who loves cooking, where art thou?
** an idea stolen from someone who literally asked me for this post, but sure I’m taking credit

So without further ado, I’m going to share some of my top tips for writing engaging blog posts. Let’s go.

1. Short paragraphs

The first tip is to shorten your paragraphs. If people see a big old block of text, people tune out and you’ve already lost them. Split your text up into smaller paragraphs.

2. Variety of sentence lengths & structures (hello, GCSE English)

Remember back to when you were taking your GCSEs and your teachers would tell you to use different sentence lengths? Well, they were right. Why? Because humans don’t like monotone – we don’t like it when people speak and we don’t like it when people write. Different sentence lengths can add emphasis to certain points, but they also keep your reader engaged.

Vary your sentence length! Add in some punch; keep it snappy and entertaining.

This also applies to sentence structure – and let’s not forget your sentence openers. Use different sentence openers; starting every sentence with “This” is a quick way to be boring as fuck. And it’s just bad literacy.

(Although call me out on that hypocrisy because starting a sentence with “and” is also bad literacy. My A* English GCSEs and Creative Writing A Level are rolling in their graves.)

3. Read. It. Back.

Best way to make sure that your writing actually makes sense? Read it back. Then read it again.

(This goes for things like making sure your points are easy to follow as well, by the way. If you’re explaining something and even you can’t follow your logic, nobody else can.)

4. Hell, say it back

This one I actually highly recommend – mainly because saying it out loud helps to determine if it’s interesting.

You can easily end up reading over your posts and inadvertently switch to textbook mode – you’re checking that they make sense and that the information is correct . . . but not necessarily if they’re entertaining. Reading your words aloud will help you get a feel of their flow.

If even you’re bored, you know you have an issue.

5. Insert images to break up text

Humans don’t like big blocks of text, our attention spans have been destroyed by our mobiles. Break up your text with images and people might actually stick around to the end of your post.

6. Rule of three, baby

And you people said we were never going to use what we learnt at school in our everyday lives! The rule of three, for those of you who don’t remember, is exactly what it sounds like:

Write things in groups of three.

For some reason, this really appeals to humans (and exam boards). Three sounds good to the mental ear (this, this and that) and, even when giving examples or explaining things, three tends to be the perfect number. 1, 2 & 3. A, B & C.

7. Use headings (for both SEO and aesthetics)

When you’re writing a blog post, one of the largest factors you need to consider is readability. How easily can your users consume your content? Does it look blocky and off-putting? Is the information set out somewhat simply?

Headings are a brilliant way to seperate the different segments of your blog post for your readers – but they also have the benefit of boosting your SEO.

SEO Essential Tips For Bloggers: HEADINGS. Headings are so important for organising your post content and helping Google to sort through and rank your content.

Want to learn more about on page SEO? Read my post, baby.

8. This isn’t GCSE English, feel free to bend the rules for style points, baby

You’ll notice that I haven’t included too many writing techniques in here – and there’s reason for this. Blog content doesn’t need to be written in the same tone as print writing.

One of the first things you learn when doing Creative Writing or English is how to adopt a tone to fit whatever medium you’re using. If I’m writing stories, my tone and pacing is completely different to if I’m writing an article for a magazine.

There’s no exam board marking your blog posts. You don’t need to include fancy words, or make sure you’re using certain writing techniques – all you need to do is be somewhat entertaining. So fuck it; break the rules.

You aren’t technically meant to use a “…” for that purpose? Who cares? My friend and I is grammatically correct? Yeah, but sometimes being informal sounds better. You definitely shouldn’t be using so many semi-colons? Probably not – but I write how I talk and that’s with a lot of disjointed thoughts stuck together.

9. Write how you talk

I cannot tell you how much I value this tip. If I could give you one piece of advice only, it would be to write the same way you speak.

Blogging is informal; you’re trying to build a relationship with your readers – and how do you build relationships with people? By talking. By allowing your personality to shine through. By allowing them to feel comfortable and entertained when you open your mouth.

Your writing needs to be your metaphorical mouth. This got real weird, real quick.

10. Rhetorical questions!

Rhetorical questions are a great writing technique to implement in your blog posts. Why? I don’t really know, but they just do it for me.

Okay, you brilliant humans, we have finally reached the end of this post! I hope you took something useful from it; I guess if you don’t particularly enjoy my style of writing, you probably wouldn’t – but then why would be here in the first place?

If you want more blogging tips, I have an entire category dedicated to blogging advice, so make sure you take a browse! Even better (because, let’s face it, I’m hardly the best source of advice) I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to blogging tips. Give it a follow!

By the way, sorry if I’ve been a little inactive and slow to reply; I’ve been bulk writing and scheduling posts because my next couple of months are super busy. As of this post going live, I’m currently all written and photographed up until the 10th July – so I’m getting a lot of work done! So back to business as usual soon!

Alright, kids – that’s this post finished! Did you enjoy these tips? What’s your top tip for writing blog posts? And we can please discuss how beautiful that Anthropologie mug is? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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88 thoughts on “How To Write Better Blog Posts: 10 Rules For Writing Engaging Blog Posts People Will Actually Read”

  1. Still doesn’t matter what you do most people won’t read, they’ll just leave comments that have no meaning, well at least some. I feel like only people who really go through a post are the ones who come from google search, or any search engines. It’s getting harder to get people from wordpress to read posts, most people leave like without even opening blog post. I completely agree with tips, I think that writing easy to understand sentences is the most important though. xx

      1. I disagree with that! I think it depends on your audience, but I find that most of my audience pick up on really little things or tiny details I’ve added into posts so I think most of em (well the ones that comment anyway) do read – however, I think you’re dead on about SEO! And yes, that’s a great tip girly xx

        1. Coyote from Orion

          I guess not 🤡
          I have a need to share that I was about to take my guitar in for a new input jack because I couldn’t get the right hex nut and was about to spend $100 (about £2.99 and a Morris clown in your currency)… anyway I fixed it myself for free and now the neighbors get their nightly lessons in musicology and good taste back. I have to make up for the 5 days they missed.

        1. Thank you so much dom! I honestly love your posts though so you don’t really need them 😂 and THANK YOU! I actually haven’t, I’ve just been actually trying to put effort into my pictures recently xx

        2. Love this- everything that you said is so helpful and true! I would love to see a post on building your SEO! It is so so hard and you seem to know a thing or two about it.

          1. Cool tips, girl. I am eyeing the mug as much as I eye everything that at Anthropologie. I do not know about it being a top tip, but I like the build-up of a mood in a post. And just so, I love me an occasional ‘and’ at the beginning of the sentence. Clearly, I am all for breaking the rules. xx

          2. Thanks so much, this is all super helpful. I been trying my best and I think I’m doing better, sometimes I’m just a bit too lazy and I like to tell myself my readers will forgive me ha! I’m gonna have to put some of these to use, like #2 and #6!

            1. Thank you so much girly 🙂 And I definitely don’t have that problem loool I’m always having to be like “fgs mia people dont want to read that much, cut some text out!”

          3. Great post and great tips. It’s actually really impressive that you’ve analysed these habits, because I totally agree with you on what’s readable and what’s not, but I just couldn’t pin point it. Also, I’m getting an Austin Powers vibe from all these babies in the headings – haha and I love it, baby – hahaha xxx Have a wonderful day you lovely girl!

          4. Cool tips and great great content, as always – and super super pretty photos. The cup is an absolute beaut, I love how it stands out against the pinks of the flowers. Now, imma get myself some cereal because I’ve gained a sudden craving for them after reading your post! xx

          5. I’m such a bad British person I actually hate tea! I’ve tried a few of their teas but cannot seem to get into them. Loved this post as always, it’s given me some food for thought. xx

              1. In my defense, my Dad is allergic to tea so I was raised on coffee because no one knew if I was allergic too and now I just don’t like it! xx

            1. Amen! Voice is so important when blogging. Also reading it out loud really helps catch spelling/ wording issues easily overlooked.

              Rachel ||

              1. This is such a useful and amazing post! Thank you so much 😍👏I loved it 👌I also always write the way I talk, use pictures and always read my posts back after I’ve written them. I’m going to use your amazing tips ❤️

              2. In five more days I’ll have been blogging for a year, and I swear on my life, no-one’s blogging tips have helped me out as much as yours have Mia. READING SHIT ALOUD helped me pick up so many blunders that I made while half awake, and after slowly changing my writing style to mirror the way I actually talk, I’ve had a ton more people compliment my writing and my posts! Still have to learn to wrap my head around SEO’s but we’ll get there eventually haha, amazing post as per usual girl xx

                1. These are amazing tips! I’m sort of guilty for number 1 in my Wrappers posts but I’ll work on it. 😂 Aaah YES write the same way you speak! My blog posts literally break every grammar rule so don’t worry. 😂 Gurlll your writing is actually amazing so I’m glad you shared your tea with us today. Literally. 😂 (but seriously, raspberry & strawberry – is it good?!) And omg my primary school teachers used to always say “never use And at the beginning of the sentence” like is that even possible?? And wow, I started both the last sentences with ‘And’, I should really consider taking an English major.

                2. Love love love how you include what tea you’re drinking & that mug is amazing! I’ve told you many times, i know, but I do love your writing style ♡ great tips!

                3. I love the flow of this post and the tips! I’ve just started blogging a few months ago and though I’ve been getting some traffic, I’m definitely always looking for ways I can get more! Definitely, going to keep this in mind all the time!

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                5. I’m new to blogging and while looking up tips came across your post… THANK GOODNESS!!!!! I had spent more than an hour seeking info on the actual writing and format– those headings & SEO really are everywhere! Can’t tell you how relieved I was to find a REAL explanation AND the excellent bonus of that fabulous graphic! —- I can’t speak to the tea– only to say I’d love to send you a free sample to try!! 🙂 Cheers & many Thanks!

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