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by Mia M.

Something I find so strange about humans is that it something we just are – something we just have – is actually something we’re constantly striving to find, to understand, to define. Our identity. Our sense of self.

Hello, you beautiful bundles of trouble!

Who are you? What makes you . . . you? What facets add up to form your personality? Do you even know? Can you define yourself – explain yourself?

Do you know what makes you tick?

Look . . . humans are weird. If you really think about it, what even are we? (And I don’t mean that in the existential crises attracting “are we real? Are we meaningful? Were we put here for a reason?” way – I mean just at a base level. It’s like 9am, can we not send me into a tailspin of dark thoughts and crippling pointlessness, please?) We’re just these weird, over-developed animals with a bunch of strange quirks and traits. These strange entities who each experience, think and process life differently.

Isn’t it both weird and slightly trippy to think about? If you picked anyone else in the world to live your life, nobody would experience it the same way. Not one single person would have the same thoughts, ideas, inspiration or kind-of-random and slightly worrying accompanying thought processes. What you enjoy, they might hate. What you grit your teeth and bear, they might revel in! We occupy the same space yet live in completely different worlds.

Anyways, none of this is the point. It’s actually a big waste of time that’s needlessly padded out the word-count, wasted precious moments of your life and made me longingly dream about watching some Adventure Time.

The point is personality. The thing that shapes our lives is who we are and how we interact with the world. So today’s post is going to be a two-fold thing. I’m going to be sharing with you who am (because, when I eventually snap, won’t it be nice to have a psyche profile readily available?) and exploring how you can discover more about who you are. Let’s fucking do this.

What Is Personality?

Personality is what makes you you. Your personality is an accumulation of all the traits that form your distinct and personal character.

Why Is Personality So Important?

A lot of reasons. Here are my personal main ones:

  • Understanding yourself.
  • Deciding whether you like someone or want to invest time in a relationship with them.Your personality is what makes you up as a person, therefore it affects how you interact with people around you. If you’re inherently cruel, I won’t want to be your friend.This is also a really good indicator of how people handle things; you don’t want a friend who’s massively insecure and a drama queen because even the tiniest argument could spiral into a breakdown of massive Mean-Girl-esque proportions.
  • Understanding how to deal with people.

    To be blunt, I’m a bit of a robot. People at first think I’m really nice (and a majority of the time I try to be) and sweet, but in all honesty I’m just good at making surface-level friends. I’m a great “good time” buddy; we can go out once and be cackling away like best friends.I’m that friend that you can see once every few months and it can feel like no time has passed, but if you want me 24/7 every day of the week . . . I struggle with that a lot more.The issue, for me, is things that are a bit deeper. It’s not intentional at all, but my brain is pretty logical and straightforward. I’m not so much an emotional thinker – and that can make me come across as kind of harsh, or cold, sometimes. So knowing people’s personalities and what they need is very useful for me in knowing what I can and can’t say, how I should deliver my advice, etc.
  • Compatibility.For example, I know that I have a personality that can come off as aloof and I need a lot of space. So if I’m talking to a guy who is sensitive or really intense in relationships, I kind of instantly know that we might not be compatible.
  • Self-improvement.

    On the previous note, though, personality tests are brilliant for letting you know where your shortcomings are and what you need to be aware of. The Briggs-Meyer test (don’t worry – I’m sharing it below in all of its glory!) is brilliant for this – using your personality type, it identifies key traits you possess and how they effect you in different areas of your life. Not only that, it lets you know how to be more mindful of these drawbacks and how to overcome them.

The Most Accurate, In-Depth, Scientific Personality Test

So what personality test do recommend to understand what’s going on in that weird and squishy brain of yours?

The Briggs Myer Sixteen Personalities Test. (linked!)

This personality quiz is longer and more in-depth than your average (it should take you around ten minutes to complete) and it gives you a really in-depth analysis of your personality type.

What personality type am I?

Fine, you nosy bastards – I shall tell you.

I actually flip-flop between two; ENTP and INTP. This makes a lot of sense if you know me (the E and I represent extroversion and introversion) because I go through periods of time when I’m very introverted and all I want to do is read and create shit and people are just an annoying barrier to me doing what I want to do . . . And then sometimes I’m a total social butterfly who wants to go to parties, go on holidays and do loads of fun things with loads of fun people. In both of these times, though, the rest of my personality is the exact same. (Hence, the NTP not changing.)

I am an analyst personality type.

ENTP Personality Type
ENTP Personality Type

So like basically I’m a bit of an asshole. Sounds about right.

INTP Personality Type
INTP Personality Type

These are, almost uncannily, spot on.

How To Use Your Personality Type To Improve Yourself

The real useful thing about knowing what your personality type is is that you can identify your strengths . . . and your flaws. I’m going to walk you through some of the findings available for my personality type; you really don’t have to waste your time reading them, but it’s just an example of the type of advice you get.

Improving your social skills and relationships

There’s an entire section for friendships and romantic relationships full of advice – and things about your personality type that you could probably improve on when dealing with others. Like a cheat code to make people like you more. Sounds good to me.

Identifying your personality weaknesses

We all have our shortcomings – but it’s a hell of a lot easier to overcome them when someone points them all out for us, right?

ENTP Weaknesses

INTP Weaknesses

I mean, literally yes to all of these. I is a flawed human, I have no shame.

Understanding your strengths

However, just as important as finding the things that aren’t great about you, understanding what is fucking fantastic about yourself is key. You can build on these traits!

So, to conclude, I really highly recommend taking the Briggs Meyer personality test! It’s completely free, super interesting and a really good starting point to understanding yourself a little bit better. (And, if you read through all those screenshots, me.)

What did you think of this post guys? What’s your personality type? Have you tried this test before? Give it a go and tell me your results! Do you think the findings would be helpful to you? Did you learn anything about my personality type? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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