May Bullet Journal Set-Up: Back To Reality (Thank God!)

Hello, my beautiful internet friends – how’s the world treating you all today? Thankfully, the universe seems to be giving me and my travel family a break, so I hope the good luck is extending to you too. (See, world? That’s me being nice, throw some good karma my way.)

At this point, I really feel like my life’s current status can be mainly tracked in one way: whether I’m consistently posting monthly journal spreads. If I am, your girl has her shit together. If I’m not, run for the hills because shit’s going down. I admit, this post is more of a band aid – an “I am trying to get my shit together” white flag, as opposed to me proudly announcing that my life is in order. But it’s better than nothing.

Well, I’m telling myself that at least.

Pin that image for me, my lovelies!

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As we are now in the month of May (an absolutely terrifying prospect, I agree), today I’m sharing with you my May bullet journal set up. As you guys may be aware from my last mini catch up post, our little trip has been . . . hitting some roadbumps over the past few months. We’ve been broke, homeless and jobless – but this month that has all turned around! Raven and I moved into a cute little place and are back in full time work, not to mention actually having internet access – so your girl is back to business!

Since we have been roughing it for a while, the focus of May is self care. Mainly because my hair has been feeling so bad that I had a mini-breakdown and cut a few inches off of it in a desperate – and yet successful – attempt to revive it. Your girl wants face masks and deep conditioning treatments and healthy breakfast smoothies . . . honestly, I just want some comfort. I want to be pampered.

Now, you guys are already familiar with my travel journal/bullet journal set up, but I am currently using the Papaya Art 2019 planner, which comes with all of these simply gorgeous inserts.

Like I said, the whole goal of this month is just to take a breather, luxuriate around a little bit and save before we hit the road for our roadtrip in June! I have a very much simple “to do” list, which is mainly take care of myself.

Mostly, I just want to start covering the basics again – eating a healthy breakfast, drinking a good amount of water, getting some daily exercise in and doing the 1 hour 40 minute walk home from work a few times a week. Nothing too fancy, just attempting to feel like a real human being again.

The other half of this page is just dedicated to remembering all the ways that May is a good month – we have a stable, well-paid job; we’ve moved into a nice house; I’m going back to Melbourne for a long weekend! Good things are happening, my friends, and your girl is grateful!

On my second spread, I have put my priority for the month: a budgeting plan. As we are planning to do a big East Coast roadtrip in June, we do need all the funds we can scramble together, so my usual erratic spending patterns are not allowed for June. If any of you guys would like a post on how to budget properly, let me know and I’ll redirect you to somebody else who actually knows.

Alright my lovely humans, that’s post pretty much all wrapped up! Do any of you guys have any themes for May, or are we all just trying to keep on keeping on? Are you all sick of seeing pink in my bullet journal yet? (I kind of am too, but all my pens have mysteriously disappeared. It’s the magic trick I never asked for.) Let me know your thoughts down below!


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24 thoughts on “May Bullet Journal Set-Up: Back To Reality (Thank God!)”

  1. Huckleberry is lazily watching the sky overhead… should a flare be shot upward.
    Then again I might mistake it for one them dragonfly flashbacks and get ramble on stuck… well rambling on

      1. Hope you’re ok anyway. You killed the boy Patsy. You killed the boy.
        No, you did Billy. You rode him straight into his grave… right after you took him to your old girlfriend’s place with sawdust on the floor.
        Thank goodness he never became a lawyer.
        Or that’s what I think she said 🤠🤠🤠

    1. Yes to the self care month. It’s so important to do things for us and make sure our mental health is in check. I love you bullet journal, it’s so creative. xx

    2. I have been wanting to start a bullet journal, but I never took the leap. I do love yours & the theme of self-care for May! You definitely deserve som self-care with everything you’ve gone through, but I’m glad you have a job & a house now.

    3. Your bullet journal is sooo beautiful! 😍 I love it. The stickers and washi tape are so pretty. Yes to self care as it’s so important. I’m glad you are going to take care of yourself. You deserve it. I’m going to do the same this month.

      1. Awww thank you as always lovely lady! I desperately need new stickers though LOL I feel like I’m always using the same ones (which I love…but I like variety too!) I’m glad you’re taking care of yourself too girl, I hope May’s a great month for ya! <3

    4. Still yet to start my bullet journal…I have too many other journals on the go at the minute! Love the aesthetic of this though (as always) – everything is so cute! X

    5. Your bullet journal always has so much character & pizazz, Mia. I love it!! I am so happy to hear that you guys have made it through such a rough patch & are living somewhere comfortably now. ♡ I had a giggle about the post on how to budget properly– I’ve no idea either. 😂

    6. I find having a routine is my way of self-care – I feel lost without my morning and evening daily routines – which is something I fear I will have to give up if I ever want to go travelling. I am such a homebody! It sounds like things have really turned around for you and I am excited for your road trip next month and all the pretty pictures you will (hopefully) grace us with. xx

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