Cute, Fashionable and Affordable Bikinis + Swimming Costumes (2018)

by Mia M.

My friends, we have reached that time – bikini season. Are you ready to slay all summer? Fantastic. Also: sorry I’ve been so late on replies and catching up on everyone’s blogs, I was out partying with the girls I’m going to Australia with all weekend.

Hello, guys! Now that it’s July, most of you poor slaves to school are free and summer is in full swing – and we all know what that means. Bikini season. It’s the time of year to flood to other countries and lounge on their beaches . . . and it’s, shockingly, even warm enough to utilise our beaches. However, unless you’re a nudist, you’re probably going to to need something to wear on said beaches.

Enter me.

(If you didn’t immediately think “wow, that sounds like a line from a porno”, I am disappointed in you. But then I’m in good company, what with your parents and all. I’m sorry; it’s like 3 in the morning, I’m being arsey.)

Now, be prepared to hate me: I am not a massive fan of bikinis. Ow, I literally felt your collective inhale. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just find them so boring sometimes. You know? Where are the different fabrics, the embroidery, the fanciness? (And, yes, I am aware that they are swimming costumes and so can’t really have all of these things, but I damn want them.)

However, what with me moving to Australia and all, I need to prepare myself to be in bikinis a lot more. (You’d think I meant dieting or exercise, but no. I’m far too lazy for that.) So today I’m taking you bikini shopping with me! Whip out those credit cards, baby – I’m about to make you drop cash.

My Favourite Swimming Costumes (One-Piece)

**Literally all of these links are affiliate links because mama needs cash. This doesn’t change the price for you.**

First off, I’m going to share some of my favourite one-piece swimsuits with you. Because I love one-pieces and nobody seems to agree with me.

Blue Floral Scallop Cut Out Swimsuit
Blue Floral Scallop Cut Out Swimsuit

River Island Floral One-Piece Swimming Costume – £42

This swimming costume is my favourite one of the season, so far. It’s sitting in my basket, just waiting for me to bite the bullet and invest in it. I genuinely love River Island for one-piece swimming costumes; they’re high-quality, flattering and cute as hell.


Mermaid Sequin Swimsuit – ASOS – £20

Okay, so I probably wouldn’t wear this one (I feel like whole mermaid thing really just went over my head) but this swimsuit is super fucking cute and I fully expect to be seeing it all over my Insta.


Floral Tie Front Swimsuit – Pull and Bear – £19.99

A trend I’ve been seeing and loving this year is the tied front top – and it seems to be making its way into swimwear too! Look how cute (and, even better, how affordable) this swimsuit is and tell me you aren’t a little bit in love; I dare you.


Halterneck Swimming Costume – £20

Welp, I’m obsessed. I absolutely love this swimming costume ( s e n d   h e l p ), it’s something a little bit different, but still so flattering and cute. I just can’t, I require assistance.


Peach Mix Print Swimsuit – ASOS – £32

I feel like if Pinterest threw up and spawned a swimsuit . . . this swimsuit would be it. And I love it. Everything from the tie at the fron, the cut out and the patterns to the colour is just so aesthetically pleasing.

After seeing these beauties, are you guys now suitable convinced? One-piece swimming costumes are cute as hell and not just reserved for 8 year olds and middle-aged women? Thank you, I’m glad for the support – now, onto the bikinis.

My Favourite Bikinis


Pretty Little Thing Tassle Yellow Bikini – £30

I am not brave enough to wear a bikini this small (seriously, my clumsiness cannot be underestimated, I have accidentally flashed many people), but I absolutely love the colour and tassle detailing!


River Island Floral Bikini – £40

River Island and I . . . we have real issues. Their bikinis are beautiful, but so damn expensive. I usually treat myself to one or two of their swimwear items a year and just keep them to wear summer on summer. So they’re an investment. (That’s my story and I’m damn well sticking to it.)


Striped Tie Front Bikini – £18

Did I buy this bikini? I mean, not to say yes, but I personally think these colours were made for my skintone and it’s just so affordable compared to these £40 bikini sets.


Blue Floral Bikini – £25

I admit, I’m not a massive fan of the top – but that print is to die for.

Okay, my friends, and with that I think we can conclude my round 1 of swimwear shopping! I actually have a swimwear edit/lookbook planned for you all . . . it’s just that for me to film that I:

a. Should probably diet, or workout, or something like that

and b. Need to buy my swimwear. It’s slow progress so far.

Did you like these swimwear choices? Which was your favourite? Do you prefer bikinis or swimming costumes? Would you wear any of my choices? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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