DIY: Resin Agate-Inspired Trinket Holders

by Mia M.

Hello, gorgeous humans and welcome back to my corner of the internet! Today, I’m going to be sharing something somewhat different with you: a big ole’ flopping fail. Now, you may be thinking – “Mia, how is this new? You fail all the time, you’re significantly incompetent“.

And, look, you’re right.

But I don’t normally post about crafts that have failed. Mainly because in sheer frustration I refuse to photograph them, but that’s a different story. Anyhow.

We are going to be looking at the craft that did not want to work for me . . . and how we redeemed it and turned into something less awful. (In fact, I daresay something I like.)

Shameless Pinterest plug – if you also love to save your DIY ideas, here’s a conveniently placed Pinnable image to save this craft for later!

WHAT WE’RE MAKING (& what it was *supposed* to be):

I am all about this trinket dish. It’s cute, it’s orange (I’ve been having a real orange/yellow moment – can you all tell?) and it actually looks like something you want to keep on display rather than a pre-school art project.

I like to keep this bad boy atop my desk for a convenient place to drop my keys.

However, this dish is not what we set out to make. And while I may love it . . . there’s a significantly uglier half of the set I feel I must share.

Originally, we were setting out to make agate-inspired cheeseboards. It’s a DIY I’d seen floating around Pinterest that looked – and you can see my pitiful recreation in the video below. Admittedly, from the first go, there are 100 things that I already know I could do far better for next time.

(Top of that list: add glitter paint. Game changer.)

That being said, it’s not top of my priority list to recreate quite yet. One day I shall tackle it again, but for now I am very happy with just my trinket dish. And if you would like to craft along . . . well, let’s get started!

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What You Need:

**Links are affiliate links, which means if you purchase anything through them I receive a small commission. This doesn’t change the price for you but does go towards my next craft project!** Below, I’ve linked to the supplies I’ve used. You can grab ’em all from Amazon for quick delivery too.

Step-By-Step How To:

1. Cover your backing surface in clingfilm. Try to get it as flat as possible.

2. Draw a rough template of the shape of your dish using a marker.

3. Following that template, use your silicone caulk to make an outline. This works as a mould. Leave silicone to dry for 45 mins. (In case you haven’t used silicone before, you’ll need a silicone gun to get the caulk out too.)

4. Mix your resin using whichever ration your kit specifies. Mine is 2:1.


  1. Use old food jars or disposable items to mix it in.
  2. Wear gloves.
  3. Keep your (tightly closed) bottles of resin in warm water. This is because cold or room temperature resin will bubble as it hardens and you’ll have lots of little bubbles in your projects.
  4. Make sure you have protective backing on your surfaces because resin does not come off. 

5. Split your resin up into smaller pots – these will be for each of your colours. In each pot, put a few drops of acrylic paint and mix them in.

6. Now’s where you have fun! Add in different layers of resin – swirl and mix and blend until your heart’s content.

7. Leave to set for 24-48 hours.

8. Paint the edges gold.

And that’s it, my beautiful humans! This is a fun Sunday craft – but also a really nice addition to any room. Highly recommend. Especially if you’re a fellow blogger; this trinket dish has already featured in some blog photos for upcoming posts!

Before I love you and leave you, I will drop this *very* convenient link to my DIY boards on Pinterest. If you’re a fellow crafter, make sure to check them out – they’re full to the brim with inspiration and ideas!

If you enjoyed this craft (or if you just want to remember it for later) make sure to share on Pinterest!

Alright loves, that’s about it for this post! I hope you all enjoyed. What did you think of the trinket dish? Would you give this one a go yourself? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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