DIY: Hanging Glass Frame Memory Box (Great Gift For Her!)

by Mia M.

Hey, beautiful people – today’s post is going to be something creative. Hell yeah, get excited!

So, in case you didn’t know, we’re currently in Cyprus for my mother’s birthday trip. This posed a couple of issues for me – the main being that it is, in fact, my mother’s birthday. Which means gift selecting, shopping, wrapping, etc. etc.

Absolutely Beautiful And Easy Gift Idea For Her (great Idea For A DIY Gift For Mum!) A Little Memory Box.
Absolutely Beautiful And Easy Gift Idea For Her (great Idea For A DIY Gift For Mum!) A Little Memory Box.

Now, I love buying gifts. I love the look on someone’s face when they open a gift I’ve given them to discover “wow . . . this is actually something I like”. It’s like I own a small piece of their happiness; they’re now indebted to me and when I make my move to enslave the human race my army has pre-recruited soldiers.

So today’s DIY post is an incredibly cute room decoration, yes – but it’s also a great gift for a mother!

What are we making? Well, if the title and featured image didn’t give it away . . .

How To Make A Memory Keepsake Gift

I would love it if you watched this tutorial in video format and subscribed to me over on Youtube too!

You will need:

  • Glass frames
  • Flowers – either pressed or live
  • Photos
  • Paper
  • Pens

And that is it!

I picked up these gorgeous, vintage-looking frames from Amazon for under £10 for a pack of two.

What You Need To Do

Step 1: Collect your goodies. You can buy pre-pressed dried flowers from places like Amazon and craft stores, press your own flowers – or you can use live ones! The photo case will press them together anyway. (Here are some if you want to buy: Aliexpress – Pressed Flower Set – £3 / $2.50 – Free Worldwide Shipping)

Step 2: Position the items. You don’t just want to chuck them in there and create something sad, boring and unaesthetic; we aren’t basic bitches.

Step 3: Jazz it up, if you’d like! You can jazz up your little composition with other things too – glitter, polaroids, etc. I wrote my mother a tiny little birthday note and stuck a terrible photo of us in.

Step 4: Close the photo frame and enjoy the product of all that hard work.

This was just a quick and easy DIY – but what a gorgeous gift! You can keep it simple as nice house-hold decoration, or you can personalise it to make it a truly special keepsake. Originally, this was going to just be a pressed flower tutorial . . . but the possibilities just wouldn’t let it happen. I tried to keep it clean and minimal, but there was an insidious voice whispering “but this will be so much more fun” and, well, this happened.

That being said, I think that this makes such a thoughtful DIY gift – every aspect can be thought out and planned.

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In the end, I actually bought my mum two tickets for Book of Mormon (I’ve been and it’s hilarious!), a bullet journal that I set up and left tips etc. in and a tattoo session for her birthday! Here’s hoping she enjoys it!

If you are a fan of cute DIY gifts, make sure to check out my Etsy store!

Speaking of enjoying things, I hope that you enjoyed this ‘lil post. Did you like the DIYs – would you create them or anything like them? Let me know your thoughts below!


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