Creative DIY Trellis For Potted Plants (How To Convert A Photo Frame!)

An easy tutorial for creating a unique DIY trellis for potted plants. (And get excited because this trellis is cute enough to work as a home décor piece too!) Affiliate links in post.

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to my corner of the web! I’m sharing another DIY with you all today . . . Although, I confess, it is slightly cheating. You did get a glimpse of this bad boy in my 8 Cottagecore DIYs compilation – but it’s just so practical and cute that I had to write it a post of its own!

(My grip on grammar is getting ever weaker. That last sentence was painful even to me.)

If you’re curious about the type of plant used, it’s a Senecio Variegated

Anyways: making a DIY trellis for indoor plants. If you’re a plant lover, you’ll know how important providing support is for certain plants. Climbing plants absolutely love a good pot trellis. It can help them mature faster – not to mention just keeping them upright!

Do you know what climbing supports usually are though? Ugly. You’re never going to convince me that a moss pole is cute, I’m sorry. Functional? Sure. But cute? Not even a little.

I’ve been scouring the internet high and low, searching for trellis ideas that don’t fill me with sadness. And look – people are building all kinds of practical solutions for their DIY gardens. Lots of resilient wire frames that have beautiful vines inching all over them.

But we aren’t looking for a trellis for the vegetable garden, or out on the porch. No, we want an easy DIY trellis that we can use inside! Something we can display; that is actually part of your decor’s design.

Enter your resident DIY queen! I’ve been trying to think of crafty ways to make a DIY trellis for potted plants for . . . well, a while! My first iteration of this was on a way larger scale using a garden trellis and doubled up as a memo board.

However, I think this thrift flip takes the cake! I have finally achieved what I would consider to be an acceptably cute DIY climbing support. It’s got all the stylish vintage vibes – and we all know about my ongoing love with photoframes!


thrift flips

They’re a total staple in my crafting toolkit. However, the thing I absolutely adore about this DIY trellis is that it’s such a practical decor piece too. You have a gallery wall that needs spicing up?

Well, I think I’ve got just the thing.



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  1. Remove the glass and backing from your photo frame.
  2. Measure the plastic gutter guard to fit the backing of the photo frame and cut it to size.
  3. Spray paint the gutter guard gold.
  4. Once dry, either hot glue or staple the gutter guard into place.
  5. Twine your climbing plants around your mesh or use plant clips to hold the stems in place.

And that’s it! This is so easy to make, but the finished product is beautiful. Honestly, I’m still a little bit in shock at how well this turned out. I would love to recreate this with flowers – can anyone think of any flower pot options that would work well here? Maybe jasmine?

If you’re a fellow plant lover, make sure you don’t miss my other plant related DIY projects . . .


Alright, lovers, we shall end at the end! I hope you guys enjoyed this project as much as I have . . . I honestly can’t get over how cute it turned out! Would you give this a go yourself? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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23 thoughts on “Creative DIY Trellis For Potted Plants (How To Convert A Photo Frame!)”

  1. This is such a beautiful decor piece that’s functional too! You’ve done so many creative things with old photo frames!

    Eileen |

  2. I would never in a million years have thought that such a pretty and practical plant support could be made from a photo frame and some gutter guard – this is genius, thank you so much for sharing!

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