Instax Mini 90 Review – The Best Gift EVER

Hello, my friends – is anyone else confused that it took me so long to write this post? I mean, it confuses the hell out of me. By this point, we all know that I am basically a soulless capitalist robot – and polaroid cameras are most definitely “in” at the moment. This is a potential goldmine.

(Okay, so with 2% Amazon comission, it’s really not a goldmine . . . but I might get some new shoes out of it.)

Today, we are going to be reviewing one of my favourite things ever – my Instax Mini 90 Instant Photo camera!

Brown Leather Instax Mini Case – Amazon UK – £11.99

Brown Leather Instax Mini Case – Amazon US – $10.56

I was lucky enough to get this as a gift for Christmas a few years ago and I can genuinely say, aside from my latop because that was basically a donated organ, I’ve never used a gift so much. (Also, with a case this damn cute, it’s really more of an accessory.)

Instax Mini 90 Review

Let’s get straight to the point: I love this camera. Love it. It’s portable, easy to use, durable and a whole lot of fun. Even better, it’s affordable! Overall, it’s a solid 5/5*s, I recommend it to literally everyone and I think it makes for a fabulous gift.


I suppose the first thing to get out of the way is that this camera delivers exactly what it promises: quick and easy photo fun. It’s quite literally point, shoot and instant photo. (Okay, well, you can also turn the flash on and off – but you get my point. It’s very straightforward.) I’ve never encountered any issues with it.

Honestly, I don’t know much about camera specs – but most people using this camera will just be using it for a laugh and to get some cute Insta-worthy ways to capture memories. I can tell you right now that this camera is perfect for that.

Instax Mini 90 – Amazon UK – £119

Instax Mini 90 – Amazon US – $134

But fine, you want a more detailed review – I can do that.


Let’s talk about the camera design. Personally, I love it – it’s vintage as hell and, if you’re buying a polaroid camera, you’re obviously interested in that retro vibe.

There are a lot of super cute pastel coloured Instax cameras floating around out there, which are a little cheaper than this model, but I personally prefer this design a lot more. It’s far more elegant and mature, which sounds weird because we’re literally talking about a camera, but I said what I said and I stand by it.


I should probably apologise for using literally year old polaroids in all my images – but at least you can see that the images hold up well! The photo quality, in my opinion, is really good. You’re naturally not going to get high-def perfection (thank God. Is there anything more terrifying than your face in 1080px HD quality? No. No, there’s not.) – but the photos come out nicely detailed and focused, while still retaining their retro quality.

(Perfect for Instagram shots, just sayin’.)


In my opinion, this camera is totally worth the price. (However, it must be said, where the cost actually lies is in the film – the film works out to around 50p-£1 per photo, depending on if you buy it in bulk or on special offer.) It’s high quality, the photos turn out really well and I’ve been using it for years now!

That said, there are a few cheaper alternatives that Fujifilm offer – and they’re super cute, so if you are looking for a less expensive option, let me help you out.

Fujifilm Pastel Instax Mini – Amazon UK – £69.99

Fujifilm Pastel Instax Mini – Amazon US – $56

(There are other colours available too, just saying.)


If you’re a follower of this blog, you will already know the answer to this – my polaroid camera is pretty much constantly in use. I use it in almost all of my bullet journalling endeavours, I use the pictures to decorate my bedroom – hell, I stuck polaroids I’d sneakily taken of people and put them on their Christmas presents.

Like in my Summer Bucketlist post; see that image there? It’s a polaroid of my friend’s butt that I took.

Things That Could Be Better:

While I do overall love the camera, sure there are a few things that in a dream world I would add to it.

  • Ability to check photos before printing them (although that does take some of the fun out of it and I’m not sure if any other instant film camera on the marker has this ability anyway.)
  • No photos are saved to the camera, or accessible via USB.

So, to summarise: I fucking love my Instax Mini camera, it’s 3am and I was running out of content ideas. I hope you’re all happy. (And I hope Google picks up this blog post and I earn a shit ton of money off polaroid camera comission. C’mon, world, we can make it happen.)


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do any of you have polaroid cameras? What’s your opinion on them? Would you enjoy getting one as a gift? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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61 thoughts on “Instax Mini 90 Review – The Best Gift EVER”

    1. Why thank you lovely! I actually initially wanted the mini 8 (didn’t know this one existed loool) and just put down “polaroid camera” on my christmas list assuming my parents would go for that one, so I love them too 🙂 xx

  1. I have this exact one too! I’ve stopped using it in the last year or so because of the price of film, but this is really tempting me to get it back out again. It would be great to put the pics in my bujo too, I really love that vibe. Great review lovely! xx

    1. Isn’t it so pretty?! And yeah the price of film is kind of extortionate, but I tend to ask for it as christmas/birthday presents so i have it in stock during the year 😉 Thank you girly xx

    2. I have an instax mini 8 but never use it as I can never get my photo’s to come out properly I’ve tried everything I currently have electrical tape over my flash and it still doesn’t work so I give up haha. lovely post though 🙂 x

        1. My mam said that I’ve had it for a year years I want a new one but don’t see the point incase the photos again don’t turn out and I’ll of wasted my money, it just makes me sad when I see other pics and mine are awful. x

      1. It’s so cuuute! I always wanted one but never got around to actually buy it because the film is quite expensive (and I take to many photos of the same things haha). Other than that, I think it’s such a nice thing to have because you get photos right away.xx

        1. I recently ordered some pictures that are printed in the style of Instax. I thought they were going to be cheaper than the film, but the pictures worked out to be about the same price as the film. I might buy an Instax camera in the future then.

          1. I love Polaroid! I don’t have any instax camera but two of my bestfriends have it and I kinda feel it’s mine too cuz they took lots of my photos with it lol! Oh thanks to your summer bucketlist post now I got an idea on how to keep my polaroids nicely 😁

              1. Thank you girly! It’s honestly just one of my favourite gifts ever, my parents know me so well lol & see I love that because my brain never says “oh you wont use this don’t buy it”, it says “well you’ll never know if you’d use it if you don’t buy it” which is an awful mindset for my bank account <3

            1. I’ve been wanting one for years!! I’m not overly obsessed with the pastel ones, but that black one is such a classic look, I love it! I would use that thing to death…xx

            2. I’ve got the one in a blue pastel colour and I absolutely adore it. I’ve got a polaroid pic from almost all of my favourite days, and they’re just so lovely to have hanging around. Love this post!! Xxx

              1. I have one of the Instax Mini cameras and I love it so much, although I’m not going to lie and say that the cost of film doesn’t hold me back from using it more. I wish film was cheaper! xx

                1. I have a pink instax and I love it! My boyfriend got it for me and although I don’t have a carrying case for it, he got me a yellow photo album to go with it that I absolutely adore (: such a fun camera

                2. I have been eyeing a polaroid camera for a long time now. Ever since I nicked my father’s old huge Nikon polaroid which refuses to work. I cannot bring myself to throw it. That’s how all hoarders begin, I suppose. Anyway, not to get derailed, I love the vintage look of your camera case. I might buy the camera just to lay my hands on the case. 😛 xx

                3. I have a yellow one! I got it for a Christmas gift too. But I love yours and the case! It looks so much more vintage, haha. Great ideas for what you do with the pics!

                4. I also got a polaroid camera as a gift a few years ago 😍 I love yours! I have the green one Instax Mini 8. I also got free films for my birthday. I like that because they are always so expensive. I love to make polaroids so much. It’s great to have memories.

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