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Hello, my beautiful babies! Not literally by any means; you are neither infants (I hope) or entities I pushed out of me (although, if you are, thank God I managed to suppress those memories). As we’re reaching the end of 2017, we are also reaching party season! Now, if you know me, you know that I love clothes.

Love; obsess . . . what’s the difference?

However, while I may have an abundance of dresses and heels and beautiful items just waiting to be released on the world in my wardrobe, I must admit that not every occasion warrants six inch stilettos. I mean, I don’t have to like it, but I need to accept it. Plus, I’m not great at walking in stilettos so occassions that warrant a good boot (or, even better, trainers) are actually in many ways preferable. But that’s our secret; don’t tell my shoes that.

Anyways, as part 1 of a three-part-series (Casual Festive Looks, A Holiday Party Lookbook and Things To Do For New Year’s) today’s post is just a nice and casual outfit that you can rock to a party, a meal with friends . . . or any other event that you want to look nice for, but not too nice.

Colour Co-Ord With Knits And Boots

This first look is casual as hell. You’re so casual you could be going for coffee, or food shopping . . . but those boots are party worthy!

Outfit details: Boots – Missguided – £18 // Jeans – Topshop – £42 // Jumper – River Island – £40 (In store)

I actually wore this outfit for a really lovely evening with the beautiful and talented bloggers Maria and Isabel; our mini Christmas outing. (Both of their blogs are linked) Or, as is always the case when Isabel and I get together, our mini hunt for food.


What do you mean the road is a weird place for an impromptu photoshoot? You’re a weird place for an impromptu photo shoot.

As my wordcount is horrifically low and I have very rapidly run out of things to say about this outfit (in three words: glitter, comfy and orange.), I’ll take the opportunity to shoutout these two girls and give the universe a big old thank you. I met these two really recently through all of our blogs and they’re such awesome and talented and inspiring girls that it really was a total privilege to get to know them! I’m super excited for 2018 and all the fun and cool shit we’ll all be doing together – and hopefully meeting more likeminded people! Imagine how cool it would be to have a whole set of blogger friends around the world.

Okay, that really is this post done! Again, I need to add in a little apology to the end of this post – I was in Paris with my best friend this week, so again I’ve been really behind on blogging . . . but I’m catching up! (Or trying at least…) Did you guys like the outfit? Would you rock it, or are your festive looks more fancy? And can we please talk about the boots? Glitter? I think yes. Let me know your thoughts down below!


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64 thoughts on “Casual Festive OOTD

  1. Anna Aurora – Latvia – Hello, My name is Anna.I'm from Riga, Latvia.I'm a 20 something part-time lifestyle blogger at Annaslittlething and an Art Director at Ukrainas centrs Jauniešiem un berniem Latvijā.
    auroraanna says:

    Great post and your Instagram captions are the best thing ever

    1. Thank you lovely! And oh god, my instagrams such a mess tbh xD <3

  2. Those boots are stunning can’t believe they’re only £18! I love the jumper too xxx

    1. Thanks lovely! And me too – such a steal! 😀 xxx

  3. Very difficult to see any picture of you as depicting anything bitchy after following and reading your blog, not to mention chatting with you. Unless of course you do put that Hannibal Lecter mask on and get your mates to charge people £10 for a consultation with you where you could basically do the “next time I see you, you’d better be a veterinarian, Raymond K Hassle”

    1. Aww thank you that’s so lovely! And yes I mean that would be a pretty dick move of me, best to keep away from charging people to talk to me xD

      1. I might have been trying to be clever about saying something I forget now. I am certain that you don’t look bitchy or nasty though. Maybe something you can work on
        I guess at some point in each day we all get paid for someone to talk with us
        Saturn is shifting into Capricorn now. Next 2 and a half years he is transiting his ruling sign.
        Hope you’re well anyway and that you and your family have a great Christmas.
        Winter there so enjoy the Yule.

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous girl! And YES knits are just a lifesaver tbh <3

  4. hoiyinli – Fashion Design Graduate of UCA Rochester now working in Communications. I love to create and make art, bring ideas to life, write and read.
    hoiyinli says:

    I love the knit jumper so much!!! I have actually never shipped from Miss Guided. Is the quality generally really good? What would you compare the quality to?

    1. hoiyinli – Fashion Design Graduate of UCA Rochester now working in Communications. I love to create and make art, bring ideas to life, write and read.
      hoiyinli says:


    2. Thanks lovely! Generally, I’m a really big fan of theirs – but some things can be total misses. In terms of shoes, all the ones I’ve tried have been great. I’d place them above Boohoo, but just under New Look in terms of quality x

  5. I loooove u guys wow you’re all so gorgeous I can’t SHARE THE BEAUTY PLEASE U MAGICAL PEOPLE. I love this so much and those glitter boots are to DIE for !! xxx

    1. COME AND TAKE PICTURES WITH US GORGEOUS GIRL! <3 And thank you so much! xxxx

    You need to find matching pants and top for a full-on Muppet look.

    1. OMG… I both love and am absolutely terrified of that idea ;-;


  7. Bayance – Canada – If you're here, that means I liked/commented on your post which means you're awesome and I love your blogs...or you just clicked on my Gravatar for no reason. Anyways, you know what else is awesome? My blog! -> Lol just kidding it's terrible but check it out anyways. And follow me if you want but it'll only take a second. Plus, you're only going to get a notification that I uploaded thrice - is thrice even a word?- a week. So what are you waiting for? Go now! Okay I sound like a commercial. See you around. Bayyy.
    Bayance says:

    Okay how the heck do you slay so much? Like TEACH ME UR WAYSSS Looove the sweater (jumper) and the boots are actually out of this world (except I’d fall every second in those but you are rocking them!)

    1. THANK YOU BABYY! Always putting a big smile on my face 🙂 And omg i promise you you actually wouldn’t – the heel is really solid (bc I’m clumsy as hell so i need that stability) xx

  8. Omg look it’s me!! It was genuinely amazing meeting you and Isobel, and I cannot wait for what 2018 will bring for sure 🙂 and it doesn’t seem like you are behind on blogging for sure, your recent posts have all been amazing xox

    1. It is you! 😉 And hopefully lots of inspiration and fun coffee meetups 🙂 Thanks lovely girl! Most of them are scheduled semi finished drafts so I’m totally cheating, but I’m mainly behind on my blog reading … although blogmas makes it IMPOSSIBLE to catch up because everyone’s sharing new posts every day ;-; xxx

  9. You guys all have a knee rip in your jeans hahah! That’s so cute!
    Your outfit is absolutely perfect. Those glitter boots are just….wow!

    1. OMG I didn’t even notice that xD ripped jeans gang! And thank you so much lovely – I’m not going to lie, the sparkle is just to dieeeee for x

    1. Thanks baby girllll! And I know, such good value for money – it refuels my faith in humanity xx

    1. Thanks lovely – they were definitely a great buy 😀

  10. Sarah – UK – BLOG: INSTAGRAM: PINTEREST: 25 year old blogger from the UK. Beauty, Lifestyle, Style, Interiors, Book Reviews, Thoughts and more..
    Sarah says:

    You look great! I love that jumper 😉

  11. Andreea Theodora – Sunt in zodia rac. Poate ar fi de ajuns pentru a ma cunoaste. Insa am sa va mai spun cateva lucruri despre mine.Iubesc natura,marea,animalele si zambetele.Sunt pasionata de plimbari,de fotografie dar si de machiaj.Mi-am luat inima in dinti si am decis in sfarsit sa impartasesc si cu alte persoane anumite lucruri care imi plac.
    andreeatheodorablog says:

    1. Thanks you gorgeous! And hey maybe santa will bring them your way 😉 x

  12. Such pretty ladies those boots!!! You have great style.

    Followed you
    If you have a chance give my page a quick visit and follow 🙂

    1. Thanks lovely! I’ll definitely take a look <3

  13. Rossy Galaxy – Pacific Northwest – I'm a full-time SAHM to an energetic 5 year old boy and I'm married to my best friend. / / I love makeup, photography and cars.
    ayrgalaxy says:

    I love this outfit! So cute! And your boots! 😀 <3

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