Witchy, Dreamy Lookbook – Florence And The Machine Inspired!

First and foremost, I know I keep saying it, but I’m so sorry for not being as engaged as I’d like to be. As I’m sure you guys can all guess, I’m insanely busy saying goodbye to all my friends and working extra days and trying to sort my life out before moving over to Australia for a while and creating content so this space isn’t ignored and . . .

It’s a lot. I’m not complaining, it’s all good stuff, but I’m just very tired all the time. Even the people who make some of my favourite content and whose posts I religiously check in on (hello, Priya, Chloe, Fiona, Abby, Hunida, Karen, Alys – there are more, but these are just some of the toolbar bookmark blogs that I check in on pretty much daily), I feel like I haven’t even been commenting properly because I’m just drained. I’m still reading though, promise!

Anyways, let’s get to the post.

Hello, my friends, let’s please take a moment of silence to bow our heads and thank the Lord God for the gift that is Florence Welsch. My ethereal, artistic, raw queen. The red-headed goddess who can scream her lungs out in such a beautiful way I get goosebumps. And it’s currently summer in these British Isles, goosebumps are currently (thankfully) scarce.

(Uh . . . if you’re not a Florence And The Machine fan, now would probably be a good place to stop reading. Unless you want to be indoctrinated into the cult, in which case read on.)

Florence and the Machine is one of, if not my, all time favourite vocalists. (I dither between Amy Lee from Evanescence and Florence. Florence is raw power and emotion, Amy is haunting and sleek. Both voices are stunning.) However, while I love her voice, my love is for the whole package; her music altogether. Also, she did this:




Watch – and listen – to this piece of art and weep.

Her music makes me think of witches, of ceremonies and sacrifices, of running through forests and casting spells in moonlight. Her whole aesthetic is just so beautiful and dreamy that it inspired me to create a lil lookbook around it!


This video wasn’t sponsored, by the way, I just found a seller on ebay who sold a load of Hope & Ivy dresses for a fraction of the price and, as I was already an existing fan of their designs and quality, I ended up buying a load and needing to justify my spending! So here we are.

Honestly, Hope and Ivy is a really high-quality and well made brand that I massively recommend. Although their prices are kind of painful – but I managed to score most of these for £7-20 on Ebay, brand new with tags! Unfortunately, these two dresses are sold out on online – but definitely keep your eyes peeled for the brand! Now, of course, I would not deny you beautiful people some (affordable) alternatives – links are all attached to the photos.



Okay, so I hate myself because, in finding affordable alternatives for you to buy, I have found loads of non-affordable (and also, let’s face it, not really all that wearable on a regular basis) dresses that I love and want and will now share so that we can cry over. I hope you’re all happy.

ASOS Petite | ASOS DESIGN Petite Bridesmaid floral embroidered dobby mesh flutter sleeve maxi dress

If you guys remember my Jewellery Haul + Wishlist, you may remember that I mentioned purchasing these beautiful tarot card necklaces. Well, I did and here they are.

Freedom Tarot Card Necklace – Necklace – £8.50

Now, most people I know have dipped their toes in Florence + The Machine’s music when it’s graced the charts – so I thought I’d share a playlist with you of all of my favourite tracks. That way, if you guys want to get into her more, you’ve got some good places to start.

The chart toppers:

I’m not one of those people who’s all like “well, it was in the charts and so it is immediately trash” – so here are my favourite songs of hers that you’ve probably heard. And the reason you’ve probably heard them is because they’re amazing because literally anything this woman touches is literal art.

  • Shake It Out
  • Never Let Me Go
  • Dog Days
  • You’ve Got The Love
  • What The Water Gave Me
  • Lover To Lover
  • Big God
  • Hunger

The lesser knowns:

  • Which Witch – I think this one was released as a demo track, but holy hell it gives me shivers.
  • Between Two Lungs
  • Breath Of Life
  • Too Much Is Never Enough
  • Girl With One Eye (Bayou Version)
  • Third Eye (I prefer the demo version)
  • Seven Devils
  • My Boy Builds Coffins

If we’re being honest, there isn’t a single song of her’s that I don’t love. (I mean, aside from Spectrum because that was . . . let’s not talk about it. But I blame Calvin Harris.) Before we wrap this post up, I just want to say a big ole’ thank you to the beautiful Alix for helping me take the videos and photos for this lookbook. Alix is a small Youtuber and her channel is the shit, so make sure you give it a look!

Which dress was your favourite? Do you like Florence and the Machine? Have you ever heard of the brand Hope and Ivy? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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56 thoughts on “Witchy, Dreamy Lookbook – Florence And The Machine Inspired!”

  1. Mia, you’re too sweet!❤ And this look book is EVERYTHING! I would definitely not be considered a FATM fan (but continued on reading anyway because I am actually curious to listen to her now) Love the way you edited this video by the way xxx

  2. Uhhh you’re like the ultimate Tumblr Witch – I’m loving it! Thank you so much for mentioning me, lovely. It truly makes me so happy to hear that you enjoy the content I create, especially when there’s so many other A-mazing bloggers out there. No one blames you for not being as active as the usual Mia, we all respect that you’re in a very exciting an nerve wracking point of your life. I don’t know about ‘the others’ but I’m definitely here to help, if it’s needed <3 Don't get too shocked, BUT I've actually never heard of Florence and the Machine (but omg it sounds just stunning) nor Hope & Ivy (but gosh their stuff is gorgeous) Also, can we just talk about how GOOD you look in those dresses, like they just suit you SO SO well! Much love from me xxx

    1. Awww thank you so much Karen 🙂 And of course girly, I’ve told you how much I love your content! It’s always really high-quality, interesting and just really engaging to read 🙂 That’s honestly so sweet, thank you so much <3 <3 OMG I hope you take a listen to her music, it really is stunning! And RIGHT? Hope and Ivy are honestly the prettiest brand, I love all their stuff (although not the prices). Sending love your way bbyg xxx

      1. You’re more than welcome, Mia! And thank you so much for the ever so kind words – they’re very much appreciated! YES, I’ve already added a few of her songs to my playlist! And yes, everything about it just makes perfect sense xxx

    2. I have never heard of the brand but the dresses look gorgeous. I think Florence and the Machine is really talented – I personally listen to metal and rock but I can definitely appreciate her incredible voice! Lovely post and good luck with the move! x

    3. Coyote from Orion

      Sounds like the sort of thing I listen to. Probably a few bands here in Melbourne you should check out. You will find the scuttlebutt once you hit St. Kilda, Fitzroy, Sydney Rd, and the CBD.

        1. Coyote from Orion

          I should get you booking gigs for me…. and finding me a drummer…. and smoothing over all the noses I put out of joint. Not sure if I do it because I need some sort of fun…. or they really are soft cock dickheads.
          Don’t analyze that last bit too much.
          I love it when Raza’l Ghul’s daughter decided that she actually did love her father because it gave her the opportunity to go after the person who murdered him. Lol

          1. Coyote from Orion

            Sober up a horse thief….. and you get a damn good and efficient horse thief. 🦊

        2. AHHHH I love you heaps, hope you feel a bit better soon, I cannot wait to take photos and videos and frolic with you when you’re down here – I would 100% down! Firstly, you in that green dress is everything. You a there ultimate wordpress witch and I’m so here for it, and Dog Days and Breath Of Life are probably my favourite FATM songs ever, she kills both of them, though You’ve Got The Love will always make me feel so nostalgic. That video was so beautiful to watch too, the editing was stunning gal xx

          1. Thank you so much Priya my lovely! You actually inspired me to make a “week in my life” post and I’m excited for you guys to see it, but it’s made me realise just HOW busy I actually am at the moment LOL. And OH MY GOD YES YES YES! We have to do festivals, concerts, clubbing, frolickiing… everything girl! I can’t wait to arrive 😀 Aww thank you so much lovely <3 YES YES YES she absolutely slays them both! You've got the love is such a dance track too, me love. THANK YOU! I had so much fun editing it loool xx

            1. OMG I CANT WAIT FOR IT!!! Right?? When you have to keep track of taking photos and writing at the end of every day you realize what you’ve got going on 😂 I’ve never been so keen for summer to roll around!

          2. Aww you’re too cute with the little shoutout, I religiously check for your posts too but I totally understand that life gets in the way sometimes! Like the real world has to take priority at least a little bit of the time…right? I love how you’ve combined music and fashion in this post, so seamless! Florence is a total queen I agree with that completely haha 🙂 Wonderful post Mia xxx

            1. Ah you babe ❤️ Your blog is one of my inspos that means a lot.
              I love FATM, she’s incredible – the live lounge she did of Drake’s Take Care is incredible and she reminds me so much of Stevie Knicks, who is my ultimate witchy vibe crush.

              1. I have only heard of a few of Florence’s songs and I have enjoyed what I have heard. I love your style – I have never heard of this brand before, like in many of your lookbooks, but love what I see as always. xx

              2. HI GIRL. We understand, life gets busy sometimes right!! This was still an incredible post as always (your fashion sense is out of this world) and these pieces are all SO beautiful. So was the lookbook, you’re basically a fairy princess 💛xxx

                1. Aww you’ve brightened my entire day, Mia!! ♡ We totally understand you’re busy & tired! You’re doing amazing things out there. ♡

                  I’ve never heard of the brand before but the dresses you’re wearing in the video are beautiful. Love the way the first one fits on you! & that you matched the cutest booties with both of them. 😍

                  1. I’m so glad, Hunida, you know how much love I have for you and your blog! (And all the food you share 😉 ) <3 <3

                    And they're honestly really high quality too – although the normal prices are painfully high. Thank you girly!

                2. OMG this is totally drool-worthy! The dresses are gorgeous!! You look absolutely stunning in them Mia! 💕😘 This is so my style, I’d love for you to do more of these posts. Now I must add these to my cart too! Good lord, I’m not like my statement at the end of the month 😭

                  1. HUGE hugs beauty. We all get busy and when you do post it just makes your posts extra special! (are you trying yet?;p) but no seriously. It is also the summer things are cray cray during the summer! And also you are flipping moving! You an drop off the face of the earth as long as you resurface to take us with you to Australia! Also LOVE Florence and the Machine! A PROUD cult member of hers ;p And I LOVE these dresses! SO pretty! <3

                  2. I love that sparkly dress, ughhh. Also I feel you on the guilt. I’ve been lousy at supporting my fellow bloggers lately because I feel pulled all over the place. I think we’ve all been through it and feel you. I can’t wait to start seeing your new adventures documented here. You’ve been busy for a huge reason!

                    1. Thank you girly! And oh god, tell me about it! Like you want to be engaged with everyone, but life gets so damn busy! And ooooooh move date is soon, I can’t wait to tell you all about it! xx

                  3. You look stunning 😍 I love Florence and the Machine so much especially the song shake it out. I also didn’t interact a lot because I was on holidays so I’m catching up. Love your fashion style so much as always xx

                  4. Really cute dresses! I especially love the last one of your alternatives. Wish I had any occasions to wear such a dress. I like Florence + the Machine as well but I wouldn’t call myself a big fan as a don’t listen to it to often. When I do I really enjoy it though 🙂 my favorite song is Heavy In Your Arms.
                    I wish you all the best with planning your time in Australia xx

                    1. Aww thank you so much 🙂 And same, I bought the Hope & Ivy dresses to resell after filming this because – lets face it – I have nowhere to wear them either. And oooooh that’s a good one! Thank you lovely, we’ve got our first 3 months booked so we’ll see where we go from there 🙂 xxx

                      1. Wow, I think it’s very creative of you to buy dresses just for filming. I probably wouldn’t even come up with this idea. Good on ya, girl! I’m excited to read about your experiences in Australia. I hope it will make it easier for me as I will leave this great country in less than three weeks and will miss it so bad xx

                    2. Florence and the Machine’s voice is amazing and ethereal I totally get that vibe from this post! I get what you mean I have two posts in the queue that I need photos for, but I’ve been too busy filming auditions and short films. I applaud you for staying on schedule, catching up with friends, and facilitating a move! Keep kicking ass girlie!

                      Keri Elaine

                    3. I can’t imagine how busy you are with moving to Australia and saying goodbye to everything at home I hope everything is going well for you regarding that 💓 oh my goodness I loved the lookbook so gorgeous 😊 FATM is great I particularly like ‘You’ve got the love’ xx

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