Brand Spotlight: Dollskill (The Bohemian/Romantic Aesthetic Fashion)

Why, hello there internet friends! Anyone else got an Italy Diaries hangover? I know, I know – you guys are only here for the content where I share pretty places with you. It’s fine; I’m just going to have to go on some more holidays.

Today, we’re going to adding another installation into my Brand Spotlight series. The series that has . . . literally one post in it. (Albeit a very – confusingly – well received post, so if you haven’t had a read of my Brand Spotlight: Forever New yet, get to reading it.)

I have been wanting to share this brand with you for ages. Dollskill is probably my favourite online fashion store. It’s quirky, it’s badass, it’s quality and it’s cute as fuck. However, therein lies my issue . . .

Dollskill is an alternative fashion store . . . that caters to a lot of “alternative” categories. Bohemian, goth, hippy, coked-up-raver-chic, grunge – it has it all.

(Like this dress I’m wearing – it’s from Dollskill)

Now, the variety is amazing, absolutely, but it also makes it really hard to write about. Enter Dom – on one of my recent OOTD posts, Dom left me a comment that stuck. She called my style “romantic aesthetic”. Which I mean I fucking love, call me that all the time please, but more than that . . . I would actually pretty much agree with it. Plus, that “romantic aesthetic” is definitely what most of my purchases from Dollskill fall under.

And so we reach today’s post! Instead of tackling the beast that is Dollskill . . . I’m just going to be tackling the romantic aesthetic side of it. Let’s do this.

Budget: Varies

I like to think of Dollskill as an alternative ASOS; there are loads of different brands on there and some of them range from the super affordable, £15 dresses, to the beautiful £200 dresses from our much-loved For Love and Lemons.

Location: Worldwide

Dollskill is actually based in America, but there’s free worldwide shipping on usually (or it’s $6.95) and it’s always free after $75.

For Love & Lemons Lemonade Mini Dress | Dolls Kill

For Love And Lemons Lemonade Dress – £140

Remember my post about what is probably my all time favourite dress brand, For Love and Lemons? Well, Dollskill is actually where I found them! Every damn year they bring out new dresses and every damn year I have to check myself before spending my entire paycheque.

However, you don’t need to sell your kidney to afford their pretty dresses (thank you, God.) – take a look at this baby. I mean, has there ever been a better dress to picnic in? The answer is no, no there hasn’t.

Stripe Short Sleeve Dress | Dolls Kill

Striped Tie Front Dress – £25

At the moment, I’ve been obsessed with the whole tie-front look. Why? I don’t know, excessive mass marketing? The Pinterest algorithm? A bunch of OOTD ideas? Maybe everything, my friends, maybe everything.

Polka Dot Long Sleeve Romper | Dolls Kill

Light green tie front romper – £28

Ruffle Crop Skirt Set | Dolls Kill

Liliac Tie Up Co-Ord Set – £34.42

The range of clothing from Dollskill is simply fabulous; from Doc Martens to co-ord sets, you can find a wide range of . . . well, literally anything a girl could possibly ever want. Currently, all their spring/summer gear is starting to make it’s way onto the site and I . . . am . . . ready.

Summa Time Fine Set

Spring Co-Ord – £32.27

Now, while their clothing is all cute as fuck . . . I feel like we need a moment of appreciation for the shoes. I have never seen so many out-there, statement shoes in one shop. Am I brave enough to rock even half of them? Nope. But do I love them just the same? Can I have a hell yes?

Sugar Thrillz Picked First Platform Sandals | Dolls Kill

Strawberry and Daisy Platforms – £55

Demonia I'ma Cool Gal Combat Boots

Floral Platform Boots – £58

Dr. Martens Wanderlust Sinclair Boots

Floral Doc Martens – £121

Sorry I haven’t as active as usual over the past few days – your girl had a busy (but really fun) weekend. I’m slowly but surely catching up with all your blogs and my post comments. Thank you scheduled posts, am I right?

This post was just a short one as I have some pretty obscenely long blogging tips posts in the works . . . sorry about that. I hope you enjoyed this update to the Brand Spotlight series; have you ever shopped at Dollskill before? Did you like my choices? What was your favourite item out of the ones I shared? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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47 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: Dollskill (The Bohemian/Romantic Aesthetic Fashion)”

          1. Haha, I’m with you girl..! I’ve just bought a few pieces so that I can wear it for the summer fiesta’s coming up.. at least that’s what I’m telling myself. I must stop really or else I’ll have no money left 🤨 xx

        1. Oooo I love these, I’ve seen a lot of Youtubers wear Dollskill and they have the most insane clothes! I love them. Also, I’m a sucker for For Love and Lemons – they’re my DREAM brand .xx

          1. Thank you girly! And RIGHT? Some of their stuff (the gothic stuff especially) is CRAZY (but crazy awesome) – definitely not a brand for the faint of heart! And YES YES YES – For Love and Lemons is actually a dangerous brand xx

        2. This looks like a really nic shop! I’ll check it out. I’m in love with For Love And Lemons as well but can’t afford their lingerie 😔 maybe one day. It’s pretty much the same as spending my money on gooseberryintimates (which I do all the time unfortunately haha). Thanks for sharing!

          1. Girl go for it! And omg tell me about it…I allow myself to indulge in their dresses sometimes because at least I can wear dresses, but I’ve never let myself invest in lingerie x

          2. An Italy hangover is NOT possible, though I am a bit salty, that you don’t have anymore posts (and you didn’t take me with you, but I am TRYING not to be bitter! ;p) Lol.
            Girl I am obsessed! What a cool brand! That lemon dress us adorbs for Summer! <3

            1. Girl, I’M salty I don’t have more posts (although I am thinking to possibly write about my time in New York and Toronto because I never ACTUALLY wrote about that LOL) And yes, it’s such a freaking cool brand <3

            2. OOh of course my favorite is that expensive ass dress with the lemons haha. All of those shoes are super cool but I don’t think I’d be brave enough to wear them either!! It’s so good to hear you had a good weekend! <3

            3. Wow! Love the collection.. and honestly I am hearing about this brand for the first time. I am not sure if it has outlets in India or not. But its something Im really looking forward to check out! Thanks for sharing Mia😊 Have a lovely day ahead!

              1. Yaaaas, Mia! Come through with the curated romantic aesthetic wishlist! I love all of these pieces! The dresses are all absolutely marvelous. There used to be an online shoe store called Solestruck that used to sell all sorts of funky shoes like Dollskill! Glad to see that since Solestruck has gone under, there’s someone else filling in that niche. I feel like your next blog post will be featuring that For Love and Lemons dress and some way, some how, you’ll have only paid 13 quid for it! 😂 Shoutout to scoring fancy things at not so fancy prices!

                Dom |

                1. Thank you girly – you gave me all the inspiration! And I love how well you know me LOL (because that is basically what I did with another brand, hope and ivy, and yes I do have a blog post planned about them) Definite shout-out to scoring fancy things at not so fancy prices! xx

                1. I loved when For Love and Lemons went literal with their lemon print! Dollskill reminds me of the site karmaloop which use to be amazingggg and have great sales now’s it’s kinda meh. Thanks for giving me another place to shop Mia 🙂

                  Keri Elaine
                  Keri Elaine

                2. Wow, cool dresses and outfits! :)) Thank you for sharing this! It is reeally inspiering to me :)Summer is coming here, so today turned off my Infrarote Heizung :))) now it is perfect here and so I need a new summer dress! 😉 …So I have to go shopping 😀 … Enjoy your wekkend! :9 and best wishes 😉 Pia <3

                3. Those are some lovely dresses and boots, girl. I have a pair of trousers from Forever 21 which have the same lemon print as the first dress. Now the only annoying bit is that it is white and bloody transparent and I am a bit stuck about how to wear it! :-/ Hope you are living it up, busy as you might be. xx

                4. I love the floral platform boots! I’ve heard of this brand before but never really looked at what they sell – the dresses are so cute! Not really my style but you will absolutely rock them all. xx

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