Brand Spotlight: ShopCrone (The Witchy/Bohemian BEST Necklaces. Ever.)

Hello, friends, let’s be frank for a moment: today’s blog post is what I would like to refer to as withdrawal. Your girl has had to curb her spending addiction and . . . it’s not fun. It’s not a good time. I am craving the feeling of something new and shiny turning up in the post; the hope and possibilities of a new item. Where is my joy? Where is my light?

However, you know, fucking Australia – so that’s really helping me to not spend all my money. If I were saving for something like a car, I don’t think it would be going so well.

(I mean, I live in London. What would literally be the point of a car?)

Today, as I am not spending, I decided to somewhat indulge myself with a quick browse. A little wishlist. Something to tempt you to shop instead of myself. Another Brand Spotlight. Don’t you guys love those?

In this edition, we are looking at ShopCrone, an unbelievably beautiful and witchy Etsy store full of bohemian treasures. Also known as: a real bloody issue for Mia’s wallet. But I’m sticking it out for you guys.

**Links are affiliate links because your girl needs funds.**

(Also, before we even get into the wishlist, I just want to point out: these are all handmade. Just . . . let that sink in.)

Botanical Vial Necklaces – £41

Etsy Botanical Vial Necklace – £42

This first necklace is the exact thing that sparked this damn post; look how freaking beautiful they are. We already know that I love dried flowers and vials and the two together in a beautiful piece of jewellery? I literally can’t be expected to not fall in love.

It’s like putting Armie Hammer in front of me and saying “nope, Mia, not allowed to look”. Your girl is no saint.

Image result for armie hammer

(Moment of appreciation for the fact apparently people that look like this actually exist. Universe take note, please, I want one.)

Rose Petals, Moon Stone, Quartz AND Dandelion Vial – £45

Rose Petals, Moon Stone, Quartz AND Dandelion Vial – £45

This beautiful little vial necklace is what I like to refer to as a spell in a jar. Why? Because there are so many beautiful components and different aspects to it. (You really need to see all the listing photos to appreciate it.) Dried rose petals, clear quartz stones, dandelion wishes and a moonstone?

It’s a genuine spell in a bottle. (And I’m feeling very inspired for a DIY, but it would be nowhere near as beautiful and I’m supposed to be saving money.)

Rose Resin Crystal Pendant – £41

Rose Resin Crystal Pendant – £41

I cannot describe how much I love these and I just don’t even know if I want to try.

Clear Quartz Pendant – £40

Clear Quartz Pendant – £42

I know, I know – you hate me for sharing all of these beautiful necklaces that you really shouldn’t buy with you. I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not and I need you people to suffer my pain alongside me. You guys know how much I love crystals; these babies belong on me.

Vintage Key Pendant – £53

Vintage Key Pendant – £53

My friends, I must confess: I have a wee bit of a love for keys. I actually want a really tiny key tattooed – something I will explain another day. So I literally can’t even talk about this necklace, in fear that I might give in and buy it.

Okay, kids, this seems like a somewhat logical place to end this wishlist . . . at the end of me listing the things I want? Yeah, I don’t know either. Moral of the story is: stay away from Etsy if you value your wallets. (And wishlists are easy posts to prewrite. Scheduling posts a month ahead of time for the win.)

Did you guys like this ‘lil brand spotlight? Do you like bohemian jewellery – would you wear any of these? Which necklace was your favourite? Let me know down below!


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51 thoughts on “Brand Spotlight: ShopCrone (The Witchy/Bohemian BEST Necklaces. Ever.)”

      1. ARMIE!!! Omg relate though, imagine a world without him or without spending – I get major de ja vu to your DIY resin crystals, so those necklaces look right up your alley girl, could totally imagine you rocking them. I love brand spotlights like this, I rarely venture onto Etsy as much as I should but you’re always giving me reasons to have a suss!! xx

        1. Omg I really need to stay away from Etsy hahah 😂 I buy so much jewelry from Etsy. I love crystals and dried flowers so much. I couldn’t pick one because they are all so beautiful omggg 😍 Thank you for sharing this and I now wanna buy everything hahah. I have already a crystal necklace. I love your style 😘

        2. Mia, you know I love me some nature, so I’m just like oh, oh, oh. I’ve got a collection of dried flowers at home that I just love to look at and it makes me so happy to see people going a step further and creating beautiful pieces with it.

        3. Ahhhh these necklaces are so one of a kind! Love them 😀 My favorite is the clear quartz pendant. I am also currently on sort of a non shopping mode, which sucks :p

        4. Eye-catching stuff, girl. Btw count me in on this struggle of dealing with online shopping addiction. It sucks. Are you off to Australia soon? I must have missed out on a few posts of yours. xx

        5. ‘I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not and I need you people to suffer my pain alongside me.’ hahahah love that! If its any help, you can diy these and it’ll be relatively cheaper, i think. Resin’s the main thing you’d need and the flowers and everything is pretty easy coming. You could even put tiny toys in them, charms, all the works!

        6. Your blog has such a great aesthetic! You’re an amazing writer, happy I stumbled across your blog. Low key though, I need every single thing you listed. Ugh. Lol

        7. These are all so gorgeous!! I’m so proud of you for resisting the temptation to buy any of these items because if I was you, I’d probably have already bought one!! 😂 xx

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