22 Gothic, Witchy Enamel Pins From Aliexpress

Happy Halloween, cupcake!

Oh, my beloved blog friends, I don’t know how many times this phrase has been uttered in this corner of the web but it is good to be back! I’ve been super busy over the past few months trying (and somehow managing) to stay in Australia, working remotely and just generally sorting my shit out.

(Is it still sorted? No? But is it less not sorted? Well, also no. Look . . . I’m trying, okay?) Anyways – to the point of today!

Now, your girl has a lot of fun things coming up. A. Crafty shit. Because it just wouldn’t be this blog without crafts. B. Holiday fun. Daryl and I managed to go on a little trip to Gold Coast and I made sure to get some fun things to share with you all. (Like a video of him dribbling seductively. Because the world didn’t have enough of that.) and C . . . well, ladies and gents, the big C of course stands for Christmas. It is almost the time of year for baking, gifting and decorating and I am ready.

But first, let’s talk about a different holiday. Let’s hit up halloween. The time of year that . . . okay, well, off Twitter and outside of university parties it doesn’t seem like anyone massively cares about. But you guys know me – anything skeleton or magic related and I am all over it.

In the spirit of Halloween (and because I got bored the other day and watched Nightmare Before Christmas – honestly, guys, what a banger. Anyone else weirdly in love with Jack?) today I’m going to be sharing some gothic, witchy and absurdly cheap enamel pins with you.

You ready? Let’s do this thing.

BTDUBS: Aliexpress do free worldwide shipping (no minimum spend) so you can grab these from wherever!


Cat Duo Pin – $0.89

This reminds me of my two kittens – and I’m probably going to get it for my mum at Christmas.


Bad Witch & Black Cat Pins – $0.74 each


See You In Hell Enamel Pin – $0.86

Me, in a pin.


Magic Bottle – $1.17


Black and Gold Pins – $0.68/each


“You’re Never Alone If You Have Demons” Enamel Pin – $0.86

And yet another pin that is going straight in the basket!


Magic Crystal Pin – $0.90


Triangle Pin Set – $1.24

I kind of love how subtle this trio of pins is.


Set of 3 Pastel Punk Pins – $2.35


Witchy Set of 4 Enamel Pins – $1.98


Hocus Pocus – $0.85

Goth Witch Pin – $0.97


Silver Witch Pins – $0.59/ each


Raven Pin – $1.18


Witch’s Brew Pin – $1.25


3-Piece Pin Set – $1.25

Sweet Witch Pin – $0.67

Skeleton Heart Pin – $2.58

Is it ridiculous if I get this tattooed and – more importantly – do I care?

Silver Tarot Pins – $0.92/each


Cauldron Pin – $0.86

Grim Reaper White and Gold Pin – $2.58


Skeleton Pins – $0.97/each

As you can see, there are more than enough options to bring a little bit of Halloween magic into the everyday with these frankly fantastic pins. Oh, how all these skeletons remind me of the days when my logo was a surfing skeleton – I should get that tattooed on me at some point. Pretty poetic too when you think about it now that I’m in Australia.

Well, my friends, as we’ve reached the end of this list I think we can safely conclude this post. I’ve been slaving away at this computer and staring at cute pins for far too long to include any last-minute surprises. What you see is entirely what you get.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick ‘lil post. What’s everyone been up to? Life still treating you well? Is anyone doing anything exciting for Halloween? Which of these pins is your favourite? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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