What’s On My Wishlist: Dresses I’d Buy If I Wasn’t Broke (+ A Tiny Catch Up)

Hello, beautiful humans – how’s life been treating you? If you’re anything like me, you might be thinking of investing in a “fragile, handle with care” sticker. It’s fine, we can all sink in and sit down for some retail therapy together.

By this point, you guys know me. When the going gets rough, the going get shopping. Unfortunately, life’s past months of blows have left your girl too broke to go shopping (although I do now have 1/4 of a car that’s due to blow up in my face, a month’s experience living alongside poisonous insects and up-to-date knowledge of the Australian reality television scene. So there’s that). Today, instead of what’s in your girl’s basket, I’m going to be sharing what’s on my wishlist.

Naturally, seeing as it is me, what’s on my wishlist is dresses. Because they’re pretty, they’re comfy and they’re basically a whole outfit in one, so think of how much money you’re saving on not having to buy seperate clothing types! (Yeah, yeah, we’re all surprised it’s not my clothing addiction that has caused me to be broke.) And, as per usual apparently, I will give you guys an ever-so-quick catch up while we are looking at said pretty clothes.

(And, as always, these are international sites, so wherever you are in the world . . . if you see something you like, do grab. These links are also affiliate links – y’all know the drill by now.)

ASOS DESIGN v neck button through mini smock dress | ASOS

Smock Dress ASOS – £30

Okay, I am currently obsessed with oversized, comfy dresses. You guys remember my “I’m moving to Australia OOTD dress“, right? (Probably not, but let’s go with it.) Well, that OOTD was a sign of things to come – since being here, I have been living for that kind of comfy chic.

Now, for the catch up side of things; let’s see how strained of a link I can make between clothes shopping and my life. So this dress would be perfect for work, right? Well, let’s take a look at my current working situation!

ASOS DESIGN smock wrap mini dress with tie sleeves | ASOS

Pink Smock Dress – ASOS – £28

You guys probably already know that I left Melbourne to go do my farmwork back in March with my 3 Canadian pals, but that completely blew up in our faces. We were promised accommodation, food and help to find a job for 2 full days of work a week . . .

What we actually got was unreliable accommodation, a little bit of food and made to work 5 days a week (completely unpaid) with no help or chance to get a real job.

Anyways, clearly that sitch wasn’t working for us – so we bought a (very, very shitty) car and got the hell out of dodge. Enter Brisbane.

ASOS DESIGN Petite exclusive pinafore mini skirt in mixed floral print | ASOS

Multi-Floral Print Pinafore – ASOS – £25

Also – just going to throw this in here because it also something I would wear to work that I want.

Since getting to Brisbane, Raven and I actually have got a job as phone fundraisers (which is what we met doing in Melbourne) . . . however, due to our old boss not being the quickest with references, we missed our first start date and then public holidays caused us to miss the next two freaking weeks of start dates. So we haven’t been able to start work yet, but that all changes come Tuesday!

Slide View 1: Wildflower Midi Dress

Silk Midi Dress – Free People – £188

Am I ever going to buy this dress? Obviously not. Can a girl dream (and hope for 75% off sales)? Of course.

Anyways, this is where our luck has (hopefully) changed. Raven and I have found a really cute and, even better, cheap room to share in a house in Brisbane. The house itself is lovely – and conveniently located in terms of work, which is always a plus. We’re going to do a thrift shop/Target run to make the room a bit more “ours” and I’m going to film it to share with you all . . . so there’s that to look forward to!

Honestly, I’m just excited to get back to having a space to work in, an address to get things posted to (hello new stationery) and some storage space to get cracking with some DIYs. We’re planning to stay in Brisbane until mid-June to potentially July, so it’ll just be nice to get into a routine again.

Slide View: 1: UO Sabrina Sunflower Print Mesh Mini Dress

Mesh Sunflower Dress – Urban Outfitters – £39

And with that, I think you guys are pretty much caught up! I do have some posts coming up explaining a few things in more detail and, now that we’re living somewhere with a workspace and Wi-Fi, I’ll be posting and reading again, so I’m looking forward to catching up with you all.

Alright, my loves – which of these dresses was your favourite? Have any of you ever been to Brisbane? Let me know your thoughts down below! (Unless they’re homicidal, in which case feel free to keep me out of it.)


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31 thoughts on “What’s On My Wishlist: Dresses I’d Buy If I Wasn’t Broke (+ A Tiny Catch Up)”

    1. So excited to see this post from you! I absolutely love everything on this wishlist- I’m on the hunt for a good sundress, so I’m going to have to check these out! Thank you soo much for sharing, Mia!

    2. That stinks about the farmwork, but goodluck with the new job! omg my mom used to have a long sunflower dress like that in the 90s haha.

    3. That midi dress is everything! I have been loving midi-everything right now, skirts, dresses…. It just feels more sophisticated but still fresh and chic. Great post, my list of things I would buy if I weren’t broke is a LONG one right now haha x

      1. Thank you Fiona! Honestly so have I – Midi is sexy but still super classy! Ahahaha pls dont I almost bought a coat today and my roommate literally had to smack my phone out of my hand x

    4. The free people one is so you plssssss take out a loan to buy it!!!!!!! I honestly wasn’t the hugest fan on Brisbane but I was staying in rubbish location and it was insanely hot and just v sweaty n exhausting, how are you finding it compared to Melbs??!

          1. Aww all of these dresses are so cute. I am loving the oversized ones but my gosh, that Freepeople one has got to be my ultimate fave. 😍

            My car is close to blowing up in my face, too! Haha. 😭 I’m sorry your trip to Melbourne was a bust but, I’m so happy to hear you’ve guys found a nice room now. ♡

          2. I think my personal favourite was the first dress in terms of design but the pattern on the last dress is my favourite. I am sorry to hear that the new job was not all it was hyped up to be but it sounds like you managed to escape fairly unharmed and hopefully everything will be better from this point onwards. I cannot believe that you are coming up to a year in Australia! It seems like only yesterday that you left. xx

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