Animal Crossing: New Horizons – REVIEW!

COVID-19? Quaking. Working from home? Over. Quarantine and self-isolation? Popping off. And what superhero has come to save us from the flaming pile of trash that is 2020? Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Hello, beautiful people and welcome to the review I have been waiting years to write. 8 years in fact – at this point, it’s beyond cruel and my Google history is sick of providing me related games.

Let’s get this out the way stat: I am biased. Animal Crossing is a franchise near and dear to my heart – I’ve religiously played every game, on every platform, with never ending enthusiasm. There are very few things outside my beloved cat that evoke the same feelings of warmth and nostalgia in me.

For the sheer fact that they’ve been kind enough to bless us with another game, I already freaking love it. And then I played it. And guess what? I love it even more!

And so we reach today’s post: me trying to cohesively review this wonderful game.

Straight off the bat, I bought a Nintendo Switch Lite in yellow for this. Daryl and I have been reall(and I mean really) getting into games recently, plus the whole isolation thing, so I consider it a good buy. And if you’d like one yourself, you can find it here:

Nintendo Switch Lite – Amazon US – $195

Nintendo Switch Lite – Amazon UK – £199

It’s cute – it’s real cute. And now onto the game!

Things I Like

But mama also likes lists, so let’s list my fave points:


Oh sweet Jesus babies, it is such a beautiful game. Nintendo have lovingly paid attention to every detail and it really shows. Animal Crossing has always been cute, but this game steps it up another level – especially considering my next point.


You can style everything. From your character’s eyes to furniture outdoors to the freaking landscape . . . you can customise it all! Fences, patterns on clothes, the colour of furniture, rivers, cliffs, roads, literally everything. There’s so much potential for your island, it’s really exciting!


Animal Crossing, for those of you who aren’t overly familiar, is a slow game. It’s not Mario – you aren’t going to be breezing through levels. It’s played in real time; the shops (and their activities) close at a set time; there’s a finite amount of resources (and realistically things to do) per session.

While this addition still keeps true to the slow, meditative feel of the franchise, I really enjoyed the pacing. There’s a lot to keep you occupied for the first few hours after you open the game – the larger landscape and the addition of crafting makes sure of that.

Plus there’s the great new addition of Nook Miles. Nook Miles is a reward system that exchanges miles for you completing everyday island tasks – as well as new additions you may not otherwise find. This means you can tackle the games new features if/when you run out of mainline things to do. And, again, it really helps the pacing of the overall game.

Even better, though, is how much more of the game unfolds over the first few weeks of usage.

You go from being stuck on an island to accessing the land across rivers and then the land over cliffs. New shops open, bringing new functions with them. But it’s not just big things – little things like suddenly being able to build fences and relocate your house keep the game really engaging too! One day a character appears to charmingly inform you that if you look up and see a shooting star, you can make a magic wand.

It all combines to make a wonderfully peaceful escape.

Things I Didn’t Love

And, yes, as much as it pains me to admit . . . I didn’t love it all.

1. Player 2 does sweet F-A

The issue: Player 2 can’t progress the game/island overall, or use some of the real fun new additions, like building bridges or changing the landscape. Even things like being able to relocate the shops . . . you can’t do as player 2.

Now, this one I’m torn on.

One on hand, Player 2 being kind of useless to overall game progression? Nothing new. I always thought of Animal Crossing as a 1 player game – and any secondary character is . . . well, kind of for your younger sibling so they feel included. They’re living in your island, why would you want them to be able to fuck it up?

The issue here, though, is that the Nintendo Switch is a multi-player game console. It’s designed to be shared in families and each person has their own profile that ~generally~ equals a new save data. However, this is kind of unfair considering only one player really gets to play the full game.

Moreover, in the old games the save data was loaded onto the physical game card – so in a family of three, each kid could buy a seperate game card and play it on one console. Whereas with the switch, it’s saved to the console . . . so each kid would have to buy a whole new switch.

I know this may sound like a small issue to some people, but it’s quite tricky if you’re sharing a Switch – for example, my lovely boyfriend and I. When I first bought Animal Crossing, Daryl had minus zero interest in it and the island was my oyster. Since he’s started working from home, Tom Nook is his crack dealer and he’s not been sober since.

I spend maybe a quarter of the time playing he does (if that), which makes it really annoying for him to be so limited on his gameplay. We actually ended up deleting the island we spent weeks on so he could be Player 1, which is a bit of a ball-ache considering we’d unlocked so many features before.

Are any of these deal breakers? Nah, still love it. Still highly recommend – so if you need something to lose hours into during all this COVID-19 nonsense, why not pick up Animal Crossing?

Amazon US – Animal Crossing – $59.99

Amazon UK – Animal Crossing – £44.99

Links are affiliate links!

Alright, folks, that’s a wrap! I hope you guys enjoyed this post – are any of you animal crossing fans? Have you got the newest game? Are you going to give it a go? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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14 thoughts on “Animal Crossing: New Horizons – REVIEW!”

  1. I feel so out of the loop when it comes to Animal Crossing because I just could never get into it when it first came out and now it just feels too late to jump on! I’ve watched a few people play it and idk man, it seems so interesting to watch and hear people talk about but I can’t do it hahah I just get super bored super quick!! Glad to know you’re making the most of your iso though gal xx

    1. ahahaha you literally sound like daryl. he didn’t get it AT ALL then he got bored one day, played it for a few hours and suddenly he transfers me half the money because “its OUR game now” -_- thanks for reading lovey xx

  2. I used to love Animal Crossing! ✨ Such a magical feel good game. Don’t think I’ll be getting the Switch as I’m still trying to get over the fact that Nintendo discontinued the Wii U soon after I brought it and I can’t get over the betrayal of never having the new thing in time 😂 Great review! Was interesting to hear what differences this game has to previous versions 💕

    1. It’s so nostalgic, isn’t it 🙂 Ahahaha that’s definitely fair – I’m the exact same with phones, I always get them *just* as everyone else moves to a newer version. I’m glad you enjoyed the review girl! <3

  3. Ah I have never played Animal Crossing but it sounds so much fun! My best friends got it and I’ve asked her to bring it over when lockdowns done so I can see 😂😂 she showed it to us on facetime too it just looks so cute 😍😍 personally the player 2 thing wouldn’t be a problem for me because it would just be me playing, but I can see why it would be so annoying if not!! Glad you still love it though! Loved this post ❤️

    1. I’m really sad… I want a Nintendo Switch soooo bad especially the one with the Animal crossing design but sigh lite or no lite it’s still way too much for a broke ass bitch like me to spend on! Especially with the whole Covid-19 going on :/ I will simply live vicariously through people like you who play it, IT REALLY SOUNDS SOOO FREAKING AWESOME THO! But the whole save data thing feels like such an oversight by Nintendo!

      1. That’s totally fair! We halved the cost of everything, otherwise it would’ve been way too expensive for me as well (COVID-19…making me *want* to spend all my money, also not letting me *make* all that much) Yeah, the save thing is such a weird one because on one hand it’s not a massive change, but on the other it’s such a pain. Hope you’re keeping well girl!

        1. urgh, I know! It is a pain! Because sharing is pretty common, now I wonder if they are doing this intentionally! Hmm! You too! Stay safe Mia!

      2. Oh my gosh, the Switch in yellow is the cutest!! I love the casual photos of your man playing it. I had no idea there was a Player 2 option. Interesting… I totally see how it’s unfair though!

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