My Vintage/Boho Office Room Tour! (Mid-Makeover)

Hello, gorgeous humans and welcome back to my corner of the internet! Today’s post is something fun – and means I’m finally dipping my toe into one of the categories I’ve wanted to post about for years: interior design. We are, of course, doing an office room tour!

Am I excited? I’m excited. 

So this room . . . it’s an interesting one. There’s a background story to it.

My boyfriend and I are living in his apartment, while his flatmate is stuck in Peru. (Yeah, you read that right – stuck in Peru.)

TLDR version: Razzle Dazzle’s housemate Steve went travelling before COVID hit the fan, the borders closed and he’s stuck outside until they lift. He’s lived here for 4 years, has no kind of home base back in the UK and is not allowed back into Aus until borders reopen. Fun times.

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Anyhoo – back to non-stressful things. This room is actually Daryl’s old bedroom that I’ve redecorated into my office/creative zone. I was still going into my workplace up until the last week of July, but now I’m working from home this place is a godsend.

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Now, I have been doing a lot of work to this room. There’s been crafting, thrifting, flipping and reworking like my Pinterest stats depend on it. (Which they kind of do. Cute room and content? My re-pins be thriving.)

It’s definitely not done quite yet; I’ve got some more crafts and practical things that need working in. However I realised, rather than keep putting this post off until everything is perfect, I could just . . . post it? Then post an update when it’s finished?

(Truthfully, I’m more excited for the final reveal because I have footage of the bedroom before, during and . . . well, we’re not at after quite yet. But we will be! And that transformation is going to make for a great Youtube video.)

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Here’s my space so far . . .


The real feature here has to be this beautiful vintage desk. I got this second hand off Facebook marketplace and it’s absolutely stunning.

Firstly, the colour. I know lighter wood is trendy at the moment, but deep, rich tones just call to me. Secondly, the storage space. This baby has drawers for days and built in compartments. You guys have seen all my bullet journalling posts – you know the stationery arsenal I’m packing.

I definitely want to DIY or invest in some organisers for the exposed part of the desk – so if you have any suggestions, shoot them my way!

VELVET SCALLOP CHAIR – EBAY UK – £149.95 (the same exact chair as mine)

With everyone working from home, office essentials are kind of sparse, so I’ve got an (admittedly gorgeous) armchair rather than an actual ergonomic office chair.

One of my central focuses is to be more sustainable and reduce my waste. While I could have bought a really cheap and ugly office chair, I realistically know that would get thrown away.

(I’m vain, sue me.)

This chair is super chic and, once I manage to track down an office chair I actually like, will still make a nice accent chair in the room. Plus, it’s velvet. We all know how much I love velvet.

I desperately tried to get a version of this second hand, but neither Daryl or I drive and nobody really delivers at the moment. (Which is very fair.) Would anyone else love if thrift stores and vintage/antique stores had online stores, even just for COVID?

Now, for whats on top of the of the desk! I have some of my favourite plants sitting atop of my desk, watching over me with love. (Also how beautiful are these plant pots? I bought them from a local nursery, so they’re not available online unfortunately. But I adore them.)

We also have one of my favourite recent DIYs – my pressed flower VOSS bottle upcycle!

Next up is my half-complete plant/crystal tray. (Yeah, I know, I’m ever so eloquent.) This is actually from Kmart but originally looked super tacky with black metal outskirts. A lick of spray paint gold though? *Chefs kiss*

I’ve got a crystal haul coming up for you – well, when they all arrive anyway – but the top level of this tray is my pretty, shiny rock tray. Below is reserved for my small plants and succulents.  It’s basically like purgatory – it’s where you go before you’re uprooted and plunked in a terrarium. (She says although she hasn’t made a terrarium in months.)

Moving into my craft corner we have . . . well, just a corner of the room where I’ve plunked a random assortment of vaguely crafty things. This drawer set is actually a DIY (that I of course have coming up for you) and it holds my various paints. Behind that, we’ve got some canvases – and I’ve tucked away Daryl’s birthday gifts behind that big ole’ mirror.

Last but not least is my getting ready corner! The table is yet another DIY and it holds all my daily skincare and makeup in convenient spot. And, because it’s my room, there’s naturally got to be flowers underneath too.

One of my favourite cute, inexpensive and (sing it with me) non wasteful hacks for storage is using thrifted picnic baskets as boxes. I don’t know why, but our local thrift store always has a section dedicated to picnic hampers and you can pick them up for around $5 each. (And that’s Australian dollars too – the equivalent of around £2.50.)

This post has made me realise how much I love a good craft. I honestly might do I “everything I’ve DIYed in my room” post because it’s a whole lot. Or a plant tour because we’re pushing 50 in this room alone.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this post! (And, I guess, my room?) Do you guys like my decorative style? What was your favourite part? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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43 thoughts on “My Vintage/Boho Office Room Tour! (Mid-Makeover)”

  1. I personally would hate how cluttered this room is, I much prefer a minimal design but I can definitely agree that this room looks like some that you would see on Pinterest on the boho section of home decor. Good job! How do you find actually working at the desk? xx

    1. That’s definitely fair! I would definitely appreciate a bit less clutter, but it’s basically a bedroom/office. We have to keep our housemate’s room intact for when he’s allowed back into the country so there’s a lot of stuff I’d rather be in the bedroom haha! It’s actually really comfy – I have a back support pillow and generally pop some books under my laptop to convert it to a standing desk xx

  2. I love the picnic baskets and the eucalyptus leaves in that picture. I appreciate the indoor plants that give it an overall tropical vibe too. Thanks for sharing your room tour!

  3. Wow your room is so nice!! I looove the arm chair 😍 I feel like adding plants to a room immediately makes it nicer and more lively and I love what you’ve done with them! They look so cute! Thanks for sharing all the inspiration 😍

  4. What a cute plant/crystal table – love how you spray painted it gold. And I LOVE your arm chair!! It’s so cute. I want one 😂Though the velvet material would be too hot for me since I live in a tropical country. 🙂

  5. Your office room is beautiful! I love it. You have such personality and it’s great how it flows through the whole of your decor and arrangements. The desk is beautiful; Facebook marketplace is such a dark horse!

    Paige // Paige Eades

  6. I would love a proer office/craft room. That chair is just gorgeous 😍😍 Love the emerald colur of it. I have one similar in pink and just think they add a bit of style as well as practicality! Looking forward to seeing how the room was before and with the finishing touches.

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  7. The first thing that popped into my head as I was looking at this was how this room is so *you*! I know we’ve never met and my interaction with you is limited to reading your posts and talking through comments, but this is the exact aesthetic I would picture you to have and it is gorgeous! I love the vintage desk – absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Arshia! <3 I happen to agree that this room is very me - a lot of random things chucked together hehe. I'm glad you like it; I've added a vintage photo frame trellis memo board that I think you will LOVE xx

  8. I love all the unique furniture pieces you found for your room! It’s such a lovely creative space, and the plants add so much life to it too!

    Eileen |

  9. Oh, gorgeous! such a unique and fun space Mia. You did well! It seems you and I both love our fancy accent chairs. Desk chairs are way too boring and just ruin the look of a space. I love the thrifted picnic baskets too. I need to get my hands on a few. So stylish!

    1. Aw, thank you Maryam! I definitely have tried to make it a fun space to be in so as to inspire me a little. And could not agree more! When they release a pretty velvet desk chair, then I may convert but for now… 😉

    2. I’m a big fan of vintage! I love the style of that chair with the vintage desk. I much prefer darker wood to lighter as well – it just seems more classic and office style. It’s as though light wood isn’t as serious (as strange as that sounds). I hope the flatmate manages to get back soon – hopefully his place or hotel in Peru where he’s staying is nice. xx

    3. I love it so much omg!!! Boho style hippie style yes 😍 It’s so beautiful. I love the plants and the crystals too. I would love to buy some. I can’t wait for the haul. You have decorated it beautifully. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished

    4. Girl! Seriously was NOT lying when I said Joanna Gaines needs to step the F aside. I am obsessed with this office! Such a cool comfy oasis! I would never want to leave! <3

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