OOTD: Jumping Into Summer With Breaks! (AKA: it’s a jumpsuit)

by Mia M.

I have felt both pretty happy and very much the stereotypical British teen in the past two weeks. Why? Well, I’ve been having a lot of fun . . . and by having a lot of fun I mean being pretty drunk. It’s been fun – plus, I have stories and plans to go to a cocktail making class, so who can complain?

But that’s not the point of today’s post is it? No, no – today I am supposed to be sharing with you an OOTD that was for once actually photographed. Despite what you blog newcomers may think, my OOTD posts are actually somewhat of a rare experience; the Italy diaries were an exception. Actually, the fact I posted about my travels (and in a somewhat timely manner too) is an exception.

(We still haven’t got round to Toronto or New York and they were in December.)

(One day, my friends, one day I shall tell you about those travels.)

(Not any day soon, but still.)

If you remember my May Bullet Journal Set-Up and My Summer Bucketlist posts, you will familiar with the fact that:

a. I have a lot to be getting on with this summer and so my summer started the first day the sun shone and

b. I’m prioritising relaxing and having fun for a while, as opposed to my workaholic tendencies. I know what you’re thinking “but Mia, you’re not serious enough to be a workaholic” – and you are correct. However, I tend to turn my hobbies into work and set myself a ridiculous amount of goals and- look, who cares? My point is that for May . . . your girl stopped.

And so we reach my OOTD inspiration! I mean, sure, I love jumpsuits because I’m lazy and any form of one-piece clothing that I don’t have to worry about matching things with is a yes from me . . . but also because I was loving the whole 60s hippy vibe. The stripes, the wide leg trousers, the colour – it’s all a yes from me! Aside from the shop because Forever 21 didn’t approve me as affiliate and I’m bitter.

For you precious people, though, I’ll give you a non-affiliate link.


Shadow Stripe Jumpsuit – Forever 21 – £28

I’m a capitalist; that hurt me.

One thing I’ve really taken from this month is just to chill the fuck out. So many fun things have happened because I went “I have work tomorrow . . . but fuck it”. Or “I planned to go 5 blog posts written by the end of the week . . . but I could just write 3”. Hell, this whole day and shoot happened because, instead of working on le blog like I should have been, when my mum asked “hey, we’re going out – want to come with?” I said . . . “eh, sure”.

(Which is naughty of me because my Saturday was out with my friend, my Tuesday was my Dad’s birthday and as a British man with Irish heritage what that meant was drinking and my Friday was after-work drinks that turned into after-after-work drinks. My Saturday really should have been work, but . . . I mean, I’m having a break, right?)

Plus, more than that, I’ve felt so much less stressed. Admittedly, at times, a bit like a limp and lifeless vacuum devoid of any motivation and, yes, I found my creativity somewhat dwindling the more I just gave myself the day off. I’m a person that thrives of a wee bit of stress, that’s just my lot in life.

But I think, as long as it’s balanced with being productive too, giving yourself breaks is a good thing. I feel refreshed and inspired; plus, somewhat more importantly, I am enjoying my life! So my sweet internet friends, take this as my advice:

Give yourselves a break.

Our world is super fast paced and sometimes it feels like all the effort we expend into trying to enjoy it . . . stops us from actually enjoying it. Instead of going out that Saturday because “well, I want to go out with friends at least once a week”, stay at home and read your book in the garden like you secretly want to. Instead of tidying your room because “it’s your day off and you really have to get it done”, go out with your friends to that super fun event you want to.

Don’t do what you should – do what you want to. Just for a while; maybe just for one day out of your week.

Look, this post is somewhat trash because I am exhausted and it is currently midnight when I’m writing this – but I hope you get what I mean. Did you guys like the OOTD? What’s your opinion on jumpsuits? And how have you been welcoming in our warmer weather? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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