OOTD: Kangaroo Hunting On The Gold Coast

by Mia M.

Welcome home, my fellow internet addicts – how’s life treating you all today? Great. Oh, me? Well, I get to be materialistic and talk about clothes for ten minutes, so I’m fine. How considerate of you to ask.

One thing I didn’t prepare myself for with the whole moving out of London thing is the fact that I’ve only gone and lost all my blogging friends. Not only does this mean nobody to bounce creative energy off (oh, Isabel, I miss you already), but it also means . . . dude, where do I get my OOTD photos?

(Can I say dude yet? I feel like that’s an Australia-appropriate type of slang.)


As you can infer from the title, your girl has only gone and stroked some kangaroos! We’re currently staying on the Gold Coast (and, if you missed out on our Air Bnb Tour, have a read of it here), so we decided that we would take a little trip down to Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and see some Aussie wildlife.

And with the massive mane atop my head, I decided to pose like some too.

Well, let me just say, for a London girl who’s idea of wildlife is pigeons and the occasional fox, I could not have been happier. Mainly because you actually? get? to? touch? the? kangaroos? It was slightly uncomfortable because, while they didn’t seem to be particularly fussed, they’re not like puppies who lap up the attention either and I kind of wondered if they’d prefer being left alone.

That said, it’s the question of the bigger evil when it comes to zoos: is it a less dignified existence or is it better because we’re protecting endangered species and rescuing animals? And, if the animals have been raised to tolerate attention from humans and are kept in engaging enclosures, is it really cruel? I have no answers. (But I do have shitty wifi! Seriously, it’s driving me insane.)

Let’s move onto the real star of the show, though: my freaking dress. Mustard, floral, with lace inserts and a loose but flattering fit? Oh, my heart can’t.

Yellow Flower Mini Dress | Dolls Kill
Yellow Flower Mini Dress | Dolls Kill

Mustard Slip Dress – Dollskill – $38 (Worldwide)

This baby is from my fave shop of all time, Dollskill – and, if you’ve got a keen eye for detail, you may remember that my dress from this OOTD was also from Dollskill!

The brand, Emory Park, is actually American (hence, the whole Dollskill thing) but you can buy some of their gear from ASOS. Honestly, I’m confused by their price point – everything on their website is expensive as hell, but on sites stocking them, it’s all massively affordable? I’m not complaining, but I am confused.

Now, the moment we have all been waiting for: appreciation for the beauty that is Vans trainers. Comfortable, cute and they go with quite literally everything – why wouldn’t you love Vans? (There is no correct answer here other than possibly your ex-boyfriend cheated on you with a girl who always wore Vans.)

(And even then, one could argue that girl was probably way cooler than you and that you were standing in the way of his evolution.)

Okay, kids, well I guess that’s this post done! I hope you guys like this dress as much as I do . . . I mean, it has mustard lace inserts. The only way it could get better would be if it were from For Love and Lemons, really. I would share photos of all the other furries (and scalies) with you, but I forgot I actually brought my camera along until the last half hour (hence, most of my outfit photos being the phone camera quality.).

Okay, just one koala photo. Because these babies were freaking adorable and I feel like I wasn’t emotionally ready when I witnessed them in real life. What did you guys think of the outfit? Are you fans of Dollskill? Have you ever touched a kangaroo? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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