OOTD: Wild N Free (your girl is MOVING TO AUSTRALIA!)

by Mia M.

Hello, you sexy souls – I have been walking on sunshine for the past week and I think it’s about time that I tell you all why! Initially, I thought I was going to be able to keep it a secret . . . but I’m way too excited for that; so, like an over-excited child, I’m going to be metaphorically opening the presents before Christmas day.

Long story short: your girl is only moving to fucking Australia. No, you did not misunderstand me. Yes, that means exactly what you think it means: I am moving to the other side of the world for an Australian themed adventure. I’ve mentioned it very briefly in one of my previous posts and in a short-but-sweet Instagram post that I am most definitely going to plug right here:

However, as fun as I may think this is, I realised that me saying “bitches, I’m going to Australia!” probably isn’t what all you guys would consider to be any sort of quality content – so I decided to share the news via an OOTD. (And, in answer to all of your inevitable questions like “uh…why exactly have you decided to move halfway across the world?” I’ve got a ‘lil video for you at the end!)

So without further ado . . . welcome to my OOTD: Wild’N’Free. Because I think it perfectly encaptures my bohemian spirit at the moment!

Guys, guys, guys: this T-Shirt dress was shockingly from Boohoo and it cost me all of £6! It was on sale, so unfortunately it’s not available, but your girl of course has some alternatives prepared for you. Click the photos for links – I only link to affordable products, too, I know nobody’s trying to go broke for a dress!

Click Here To Find Out About The Lo Extreme Flute Sleeve Paisley Skater Dress From Boohoo, Part Of Our Latest NEW IN Collection Ready To Shop Online Today!
Click Here To Find Out About The Lo Extreme Flute Sleeve Paisley Skater Dress From Boohoo, Part Of Our Latest NEW IN Collection Ready To Shop Online Today!

I picked this dress up (well, virtually) on a whim and it’s now one of my most reached for! It’s nice enough to go for drinks in, but casual enough to stroll around the park in too.

So basically perfect for me because as soon as I leave the house to do something casual, I tend to think “well, I’m out now, I might as well do something fun, right?” and go out out.

Also, moment of appreciation for these brown faux leather boots. They’ve honestly been with me for years, they pair well with so much – and they’re so comfortable. I’m a big boots with dresses supporter to be honest. Here’s an alternative pair, because every girl deserves some brown boots in her life.

Tan Boots – New Look – £27

Honestly, much like my Paisley Shirt Dress from back in Florence, I think this is going to be a year-on-year staple because paisley is timeless. Seriously; paisley has been the flag of the bohemian chic for years past and it will be for years to come. It’s like buying something black; you’ve essentially adopted a child, that shit’s going to live in your house for years.

I love the colour, the different patterns and the detailing on the dress. It’s bohemian chic to the max and, well, just look at my hair – the bohemian lifestyle wasn’t a choice. This mane looks wild and free, the dress I’m wearing should match.

Much like I was advocating for taking breaks in my Jumping Into Summer With A Break OOTD post, I am wholeheartedly advocating being a ‘lil bit wild and free in this one. (Also, can we take a moment to appreciate “advocating”? It almost sounds like I’m doing something worthwhile with my platform, what a laughable concept.)

We all need a little adventure sometimes – and it’s important to break free of the monotony of everyday life. Mainly because everyday life can be really boring.

So yeah guys, I guess the moral of this story is: be a ‘lil wild and free. Do something fun! Move to Australia! Speaking of Australia . . .

Now, I’m sure you guys all have questions – but I figured the main one would be: uh . . . Mia, why exactly are you randomly moving to Australia? So I decided to make a video explaining my reasons for disappearing to the other side of the world!

The story behind this is genuinely pretty funny/interesting, so I decided to save it for a seperate post/video – make sure you guys all stay tuned! Okay, my friends, I apologise for this post being a bit all over the place, I just really couldn’t contain my excitement and I wanted to share the news!

What did you guys think of the outfit? Is bohemian chic your style? Would you rock this dress? And let’s talk about bloody Australia! Did you enjoy the video? Are you excited for Aus-related posts? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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