20 Mother Gifts That Will Make Your Mum AND Your Bank Smile (+ What I Got My Mum For Mother’s Day!)

Hello, friends – it’s your friendly neighbourhood Mia, taking advantage of seasonal content!

Now, I could sing the praises of mothers; the unconditional love and warmth they give us; the fact we quite literally wouldn’t be alive without them . . . but, quite frankly, I just want to show you all the pretty pictures. I think I’ve done well – my mum is going to love her mother’s day pressies.

In case you are like pre-last-week me and unaware, Mother’s Day (for the UK) is March 11th. So pretty damn soon. Well, kids, don’t worry – I’ve got your back. I’ve spent hours combing the web for the best deals, the cutest finds, the most meaningful gifts . . . so it looks like you spent way more time deciding what to get her than you actually did.

Plus, because I love my mum but at the same time I have to pay out for her birthday, Christmas, my own life and all the aforementioned holidays for my dad too . . . these gifts are all pretty budget friendly. See, guys? Not all heroes wear capes.

Without further ado, I bring to you – 20 gift ideas for mum under £20. Told you these were budget friendly! Then, once we get through those, I’ll show you what I bought my mother and you can steal some inspiration.

Mother's Day is fast approaching! (11th March!) Here are 20 super cute and meaningful gift ideas . . . on a budget!

20 Gift Ideas For Mothers Day For Under £20

**DISCLAIMER: These links are affiliate links, which means I get paid a small advertising fee if you purchase through my links. This doesn’t change the price for you, but does go towards taking down our corporate overlords.**

1. “I’m A Mum – What’s Your Superpower? Coaster – ASOS – £3.50

Discover Fashion Online

Mum Coaster – ASOS – £3.50

I think this gift is so damn cute – and it doesn’t get more affordable than less than a fiver! If your mother is anything like mine, she loves tea (and it’s UK mother’s day, which means everyone celebrating is British – so it’s a relatively safe assumption that your mother also loves tea), which makes a coaster a great idea. Plus, there’s also an adorable matching mug.

2. Candles – TK Maxx

Rose Ganache & Vanilla Candle – TK Maxx – £9.99

My mother absolutely loves candles; you cannot walk into our house and not smell some form of lavender, sea salt or jasmine. TK Maxx always sell a massive variety of gorgeous and almost absurdly well-priced candles and this rose ganache and vanilla candle definitely has to be one of my favourite picks!

3. Bath Bombs – Amazon

Cupcake Bath Bomb Set – Amazon UK – £10.45

Nothing says “mother I appreciate all the hard work you put into my existence” like essentially saying “you deserve a break”. Bath bombs are a wonderfully self-indulgence that your mother deserves after dealing with all your shit . . . plus, these ones are super cute!

4. Comfy Shoes – ASOS

Shoes don’t have to be wildly expensive. You can find some brilliant deals on fashionable and budget-friendly shoes on ASOS perfect for a mother’s day present. Naturally, I don’t know what style your mother wears – but here are a few classy staples I think most women could totally rock.

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Grey Slip On Shoes – ASOS – £18

Discover Fashion Online

Black Tassel Flats – ASOS – £18

Discover Fashion Online

Faux Fur Slippers – ASOS – £11

Here are just a couple of the many fantastic deals to be found. That said, there is a slight issue in that whilst shopping for my mother I was finding loads of deals for me . . .

5.  Pyjamas – TK Maxx – £16.99

Navy Check Floral Pyjama Set - Christmas Gifts - Christmas - TK Maxx

Navy Floral Pyjamas – TK Maxx – £16.99

Pyjamas are always a default gift in our household – and they’re always a hit. Everyone loves a nice pair of comfy PJs and you can never have too many, right?

6. Morse Code Bracelet – Etsy – £10.00

“Mother” Morse Code Bracelet – Etsy – £10.03

Mother + Daughter Set Of Two Morse Code Bracelets – £11.85

Etsy is my go-to place for unique, meaningful gifts and I recently stumbled across these beauties. Morse code jewellery looks minimal and stylish, but also has secret meaning to it . . . which I love! Not only are these bracelets incredibly versatile and suited to a variety of tastes, they spell out “Mother”! Be still my heart.

7. Calm The F*** Down Tea – Amazon – £9.99

Calm The Fuck Down Tea

Calm The Fuck Down Tea – Amazon UK – £9.99

I’m not saying your mum needs this tea . . . but mine does.

8. Premium Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle – Amazon – £14.99

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle – Amazon UK – £14.99

I really don’t think I need to explain this one; it bloody snowed last week.

9. Mum In A Million Mug – Paperchase – £10

Floral mum in a million ceramic mug

Mum In A Million Mug – Paperchase – £10

10. Adorable Notebook – Etsy – £4.99

Nikki Strange Notebook – Etsy – £4.99

The Etsy store Nikki Strange has so many gorgeous notebook designs – and an offer of 3 for £10 an all their notebooks, so if your mother is a stationery lover like mine . . . get running!

11. Lamp – TK Maxx – £19.99

Brown Cuboid Canvas Table Lamp 35cm - Lighting - Home Accessories - Home - TK Maxx

Cube Lamp – TK Maxx – £19.99

12. ASOS – Handbag – £14.99

Discover Fashion Online

Black Handbag – ASOS – £15.99

13. Personalised Chocolate – Etsy

Okay . . . I want to buy all of this. Hold onto your credit cards, kids.

“Mum” Confetti Chocolate – £6 – Etsy

I <3 You Mummy Chocolate Box – Etsy – £9.95

14. Scarf – ASOS – £18

Discover Fashion Online

Scarf – ASOS – £18

15. Necklace – Topshop – £12.50

Circle Stone Pendant – Topshop – £12.50

16. TK Maxx – Cushions

Floral Cushion 51x51cm - Living Room - Home - TK Maxx

Purple Floral Cushion – TK Maxx – £16.99

17. Mum and Me Memory Journal – Paperchase – £12Memories & mementos for mum journal

Mum and Me Memory Journal – Paperchase – £12

18. Novelty Slippers

Again . . . we’re in Britain and right now it is bloody cold. So keep your poor mum’s toes warm this mother’s day!

Summer Mae Women's Warm Plush Soft Sole Indoor Slipper: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags

Sheep Slippers – Amazon UK – £12.99

Cute Ladies, Womens, Girls Novelty Fur Claw Slippers with Fabric Dot Sole, Pink, Size 5/6

Pink Monster Slipper – Amazon UK – £13.99

FUYAO Plush Unicorn Slippers For Women Young Girls, Winter Warm Slippers, Valentines Gift For Her: Amazon.co.uk: Shoes & Bags

Fluffy Unicorn Slippers – Amazon UK – £14.99

19. Furry Dressing Gown – Amazon – £14.99

KATE MORGAN Ladies Soft & Cosy Dressing Gown: Amazon.co.uk: Clothing

Fluffy Dressing Gown – Amazon UK – £14.99

20. Fitness Tracking Bracelet – Amazon UK – £19.99

Lintelek fitness tracker

Fitness Tracking Bracelet – Amazon UK – £19.99

Well, now we’ve got the gifts for your mother out the way . . . here’s what I bought mine!

My mother is a big lover of shabby chic and vintage – and tea. We have loads of retro furniture in our kitchen, our dining room is shabby chic style and she’s been loving vintage teapots recently.

Enter me. I bought my mum a real vintage and rather beautiful if I do say so myself teapot from Etsy.

Now, unfortunately because this was a vintage teapot there aren’t any others available, but Etsy have a massive range of vintage goodies so if you’d like to pick your mother up something browse here.

That was her main gift, but I also bought her this little 365 day happiness journal. My mother is very into her meditation and self-improvement and this gorgeous little pad was only £5 from Paperchase!

I do have a couple of other little bits, but those are DIY gifts – and I’m going to be sharing those with you in another post! You guys know me; any excuse for a DIY.

Okay, so I hope you guys enjoyed this ‘lil gift guide. Are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Have you bought your mum anything yet? Which of the gifts I chose did you like? What did you think of my gifts for my mother? Isn’t that teapot to die for? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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52 thoughts on “20 Mother Gifts That Will Make Your Mum AND Your Bank Smile (+ What I Got My Mum For Mother’s Day!)”

  1. These present ideas are all so cute! And the tea pot you got your mum is GORGEOUS omg. I’m always so lost when Mother’s Day comes up because finding something cute but personal can be hard at times. I always end up buying a little something and including something self-made, like a breakfast in bed, or a card, or a self-made mug. I once tried baking a cake but that went wrong VERY quickly (could have burned the house down lol). Lovely post as always Mia xx

    1. Thanks girl! And omg I actually want to keep it, like it’s not even the gift that shows the love it’s the fact I’m actually giving it to her. Although I will most definitely be using it for blog photos 😉 I really love all those ideas – sometimes self-made things can be the most meaningful gift: it shows you put time and energy into it! And girlllll I learnt to AVOID the kitchen the hard way! Thanks lovelyyy xx

  2. Wow this post is amazing! I love the tea pot that you bought for your mother. So beautiful and unique 🙂 She’s going to love it. I really don’t know what to get my mother. Same struggle every year. Lucky me I got till May to figure that out! xx

  3. This is a great guide girl! My mum and dad’s birthday is a week a part and right next to mother’s day! So I might put my mum’s gifts together and get her something quite big, but I’m always last-minute!! The teapot is SO cute and I love the notebook and comfy shoes from ASOS. Admittedly, more for me and not her. And I didn’t know the date of mother’s day till reading this lol so thank you!xx

    1. Oh my god, in some ways that’s really convenient (it’s all done in one big swoop) but my bank account is cringing in sympathy! And thank you girly! I didn’t know the date either until last week and I instantly went *okay internet shopping time!*xx

  4. Great list of gifts! My mom saw something similar to those Morse code bracelets (think it was a necklace though) and really liked it, so I might get her that as one of her gifts (:

  5. My mouth dropped open when I saw the teapot! Me and your mom might have to wrestle for it. She’s been warned. Also, if she’s into personal development and such, a beautiful journal is a great idea. I love your choice. I’d lose my mind without a journal to write in.

    1. I know! I saw it on etsy and immediately went “well, I need that….for blog photos of course” and then realised “oh god it’s mothers day soon…..i must make the sacrifice”. But it was hard. And thank you! I definitely agree; for christmas, we got her a law of attraction planner which she loves so i thought this little happiness one would be a nice addition to her collection 🙂 xx

    2. I almost had a heart attack, dang it XD
      Here in the states Mother’s Day is in May but I have been MESSED UP lately so I can hardly remember my own name much less the date lol.
      My own anxiety aside, these gifts are soooooo pretty. What a great list.

          1. I’m sure your mum is going to adore all of these gifts! And thank you for the wonderful list of suggestions – shows that meaningful items definitely do not have to cost a fortune, while showing appreciation for everything that mums do for us. xox

            1. Aww thanks lovely! And I’m so glad you liked my picks; you’re definitely right – we don’t have to spend a fortune to show appreciation 🙂 Loving the new site btw!xx

          2. That is such a cool collection of ideas✌🏼 In India Mother’s day is celebrated in May and I am surely gonna grasp few of these ideas to surprise her😊👍🏼

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