Trust In Yourself: The Most Important Currency You Can Have

Hello, internet procrastinators. Does it feel good to be ignoring the things you’re actually supposed to be doing? Do you feel satisified? Successful? Productive? No? Well, you should – by landing on this post you’ve reached peak level of procrastination: the level by which you do psuedo-productive things instead of the ones you’re meant to be doing, so at the end of the day you still feel accomplished.

Today, I want to ask you a question. Do you keep promises to yourself?

I want you to think about this.

Something I read years ago that stuck with me (the entire basis for this post, really) was an article wherein someone said “the most important promises are the ones you make to yourself. Those are the ones you need to keep.”. Before reading that, I’d never really considered the concept; I was one of those people who would make 100s of plans and do none of them. One of those people who would set New Year Resolutions and laugh at the idea that they’d ever happen. I started projects, only to constantly abandon them.

My point is: I definitely didn’t keep any promises to myself.

The issue the article raised was that by not keeping these promises, you’re slowly eroding your trust in yourself – that, much like a person who consistently lets you down builds up a reputation as being unreliable, you start to view yourself less and less highly.

You know what’s weird? It’s true.

If you can’t trust yourself to do something as simple as go to the gym once a week or watch less TV, how can you trust yourself to do big things like start a new job or move somewhere new?

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Seriously, think about it. As you go through life letting yourself down . . . your opinion starts to change. Here are a few examples I can think of in my everyday life.

  • Procrastination. I used to procrastinate – a lot – and eventually I started to think of myself as lazy. As not dedicated. As someone who really was never going to do any of the things I set out to, so why try?
  • Not finishing things or seeing them through. Back in the day, I was a big “idea” person. In fact, it’s one of my personality traits – I come up with loads of ideas and concepts . . . but fail on the follow through. This isn’t something I struggle with anymore (getting a job and being forced to follow through massively helped me with this, something we’ll talk about later) – but I used to kind of give up on plans before I began them. If you know you aren’t going to see an idea through, why put any effort in?

Long story short, I started to subconsciously – and consciously – think of myself as someone who wouldn’t actually do anything. And it actually (subliminally) affected my self-esteem and self-perception; it affected the opportunities that I put myself forwards for and how I viewed myself.

I was always very academic, but that annoying type of academic where I never revised – however, I had this (frankly, correct) block that would stop me from doing things because I knew that if I needed to put effort into them . . . I wouldn’t. Studying Media Studies? Fun, something relevant to me – but coursework based, and we all know I wouldn’t do that. Same goes for art. Same goes for starting running.

And so on and so forth until you realise you aren’t actually trying anything. And the things you are trying, you aren’t really believing you can do anyway.

To me, New Year’s is a really good example of this – a lot of people want to change things in their lives; they want to be more fit, have more fun, try new things. But come New Year, when motivation should be at an all time high and other people are more willing to help you, they all . . . don’t.

Everyone says “New Year resolutions are pointless; I never stick to them anyway.” Which is kind of sad – because if you can’t rely on yourself to change your life . . . well, who will?

I’ve touched on this in my Do I Regret Or Recommend Starting Work Early and 10 Things I Learnt From My First Jobs posts, but starting work massively changed my life for the better. Without consciously realising it, I started to build that trust up within myself.

I’ll be real with you guys – even just the plunge to start working was a leap of faith for me. With an apprenticeship, you can’t just quit halfway through and get a new job. If it weren’t for how far away and expensive my college was (and the fact a lot of my friends felt the same way and decided against coming back for a second year), I wouldn’t have made that jump.

But throughout my time at work, sticking to something and succeeding, I started to build trust with myself. I could stick to things and be consistent, I could chase my passions (and, y’know, actually bloody do them), I was capable of doing things.

I started viewing myself as a person I liked. A confident, organised, responsible and capable person. And it’s massively changed my personal life for the better.

I only started working two years ago – in fact, it’s two years exactly this September.

And now I’m moving to Australia. With two strangers. Which would have been inconceivable a few years ago.

But here’s the thing: I’m fine; I’m happy – I’m confident that even if we all end up hating each other, I will be able to do it alone. Even if I end up wanting to come home, that’ll be fine and I’ll figure out some way to have an awesome time back home in London.

At first, I thought I trusted “the universe”. Fate. But what I’ve come to realise is that I trust myself. I trust myself to be capable, to be hard-working, to be okay.

The most important currency you can have is trust in yourself. It’s a combination of faith, self-belief and discipline. You need to know that you have your own back; that you’re capable and that if you say you’re going to do something, you’re going to damn well do it. You need to understand that you have the power – and the ability – to change your life.

So how does this effect you? I want you to start keeping your promises. I want you to start to rebuild that trust within yourselves. Start small; start by promising yourselves little things like “I’m going to get up 10 minutes earlier” and actually follow through. “I’m going to eat breakfast.” “I’m going to do a Youtube exercise video at least once a week”. And then when it comes to betting on yourself big . . . you might be more willing to give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Before we wrap this post up, photo credits for these go to Alix! She’s a small Youtuber who is building her portfolio and, while she is, she’s taking photos of bloggers for free. If you live near London/South England, make sure you take a look at her Twitter and send her a message!

Okay, my beauties, I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you ever thought about the concept of building trust within yourself? Do you keep promises to yourself? Have I convinced you to start? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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        1. Be well kid. Heaps of dangerous and poisonous creatures here for you to build up for 🐊🐍🐙🐚🦑🐝🕷🦂 🐈

      1. Ohhh a goddess. A GODDESS. Wow. Like some kind of ethereal fairy girl are you even REAL ??? Anyway. Apart from your astounding beauty this post was AMAZING, “If you can’t trust yourself to do something as simple as go to the gym once a week or watch less TV, how can you trust yourself to do big things like start a new job or move somewhere new?” is so true. If I procrastinate and don’t do these tiny things for myself, how am I expecting myself to achieve my dreams and go out into the big old world and do all of that for myself? I’d just be kidding myself and living a lie. I think we’re all guilty of it sometimes. This post was so lovely and thank you for making this, I needed it today!! xxx

        1. ASDFGHJKL CHLOE YOU’RE TOO SWEET TO ME YOU ANGEL, MAKING ME SMILE 😀 And thank you thank you thank you! I really hoped this would be helpful to people because, I don’t know what it was about this advice but it massively resonated with me so I thought I would share it and hope someone else could benefit 🙂 And YES YES YES! Thank you for the lovely comment xxxxx

      2. This post is the embodiment of the word ‘beautiful’. The words, the message, THE PHOTOS. I find myself myself procrastination heaps, though I’ve started getting a lot better. I’ve definitely got the personality where my thought process is ‘this shit used to make me mad, let’s get real good at it’, and its working good enough. Like Chloe said, we’re all guilty of it, it’s just finding what motivates us within ourselves to get shit done. I’m getting there. I mean, I’m definitely not moving countries anytime soon, (well at the moment, tomorrow is a new day), but a start is a start. I bow down to you Mia xx

        1. Thank you, Priya, you is a total babe <3 <3 And honestly I think some of it is just being a teen/young adult and growing out of it too – we'll all get out of it! 😀 Girrrrll, you're gigging and doing university, I think you're already there! xxx

      3. Girl! You. Get. Me! Seriously I can relate to this post SO much! I have no problem keeping promises to other people, but to myself, the struggle is real. (Now on top of breaking promises I sound basic) Thanks for this billboard of a reminder! It was needed! <3

        1. Oh my gosh you look so beautiful. This was so relatable – I am the Queen of big goals but I can’t commit to small things, like exercise or saving. I need to take myself and my goals more seriously. Fabulous post x

        2. YES this is so true, and you’ve written about it so eloquently! I sometimes have a hard time trusting myself because I have too high expectations and don’t really give myself much slack. This is something you’ve convinced me to reevaluate with this post! Also can I just say you’re stunning, beautiful photos lovely xx

        3. Beautiful photos and a great post! I’d never thought about promises to myself in this way before and how not keeping them might impact me. Thank you for sharing, this was a great read! <3 xo

        4. the first two sentences were such a reminder that I NEEDED.This blog-post in general- was such a reminder.I’ve been super off-the-slack lately with everything!you never fail to motivate me girl xx

        5. That’s a beautiful and inspiring post, as usual. Reading this in the morning is very motivating and a reminder to keep my promises and have faith in myself. Good luck in Australia, it will be a great adventure!!

        6. Love this so much, you are such an inspiring writer, posts like these from you are truly heartening to read. You look absolutely gorgeous in the photos, the dress looks beaut on you! <3 <3

        7. Wow this post was so beautiful! ❤ I agree with all of you said. I really needed these words. I also can relate to it because I still find it hard to keep the promises I make to myself. This Summer I wanted to go many times to the swimming pool and I went 13 times. I’m proud of that 😊 Then it comes with searching for a job and I feel like a failure. Thank you for reminding me how important it’s to stick to our promises and to believe in ourselves ❤. I hope I will get where I want to be and achieve my dreams. The little things are so important in life because they lead you to do the big changes in lives. I also loved your pictures. So beautiful ❤

        8. Such an important topic to focus a post on!! I’m struggling with procrastination at the minute and you are right if I don’t start trying things and really keeping my promises to myself I’m not going to achieve what I want to!! Thanks for sharing this xx

        9. What a great post! It is so vital to keep our promises and always move forward, improve, get better. Life has so much in store for all of us, and we don’t know when an exciting opportunity is gonna show up, so we might as well be ready for it all the time. I’m moving abroad like you (next summer), so good luck with that, it’s such a great adventure 🙂

        10. Whoa whoa whoa, Mia. You really just opened my eyes, this all makes so much sense. I really don’t have trust in myself to follow through with the things I tell myself to do because I’ve let myself down too many times but the thing is; we don’t ever get mad at ourselves & we always forgives ourselves so it’s hard to change!

        11. I have no words for how much this post of yours opened my eyes + mind to what I have subconsciously been doing do my self-trust. I keep making excuses. The classics: “oh I still have time”, “I’ll do it later” or “I’m just so busy right now”. But I do think that I have made progress in the years with that – I love checking off goals and working towards something, feeling like I have a purpose; Constant progress, not perfection! It’s so important to keep TRYING, to keep growing, evolving and learning with those trials. I certainly don’t want to feel stuck in anything what I do. But I guess (and your post really made me realise this) that not following through on things, not prioritising those promises to myself will do just that for me. Thank you for this wonderful, thought-provoking post, Mia! And by the way, those pictures are STUNNING! xx

          ps. sent you an email a little while ago, it would be great if you could get back to me as soon as possible!

        12. This is so motivating – thank you for sharing! It is so easy to underestimate the power of positive thinking, a prime example of the law of attraction. xx

        13. Celebrating Love AF

          This spoke to me so much! I was actually wincing at the questions you posed because they sounded so much like me. I’ve always been quick to call myself lazy when faced with these very issues, but I never did anything about them. I just continued to allow it to make me feel bad about myself, but this post makes me see that I’m only causing further mistrust in myself and I definitely don’t want that. Thanks for sharing!

        14. I really like this. I think it is an intriguing perspective. The funny thing is I am actually struggling to find a place of rest in the midst of everything I tell myself I want/need to get done. Maybe this is God’s way of telling me to commit to a season of rest instead of pressuring myself w/ daily struggles. This is random but I think a great post idea for you would be to talk about how you handle social media/blogging stress/pressures. I think you have a good knack for how to do so and it is inspiring! Blessings! Xoxo

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