My Washi Tape Collection & Where To Buy Washi Tape Cheap

It’s like I want to judge myself for this post, but I just can’t.

Hello, my friends – how are you stationery addicts doing? Today, I’m bringing you a fresh round of bu-jo porn. And I now have the mental image of someone banging a Moleskine journal, so thank you brain.

Here’s the thing: it is hard to make a bullet journal pretty when you have no artistic talent. It really is. Cute calligraphy? That’s out. Some cute drawings? Unfortunately, it’s a no from me. People the likes of myself are somewhat limited to . . . well, effectively cheating.

I make my bullet journal look creative by stealing other people’s premade creativity – and I recommend it, works super well.

The best way to go about this? In my humble opinion, you can’t beat good ole’ washi tape. In this post, I will be sharing with you the tape that is currently in my collection – and the super cheap stores I bought them from.

(You’ll probably be surprised by how small my collection is, but basically my house is a war zone and my dog likes to chew up washi tape and normal cellotape. It’s insufferable and I have lost many a good washi tape to his bacteria-infested mouth. The bastard.)

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First of all, though . . . I love the idea of having a spread just sitting there, proudly displaying your washi tape. I mean, don’t you? It’s cute as hell, plus you can just turn around and look at your washi tape all in one convenient place. Sounds great to me, to be honest.

Let’s take a look at all the tapes on my first spread . . .

My first row of washi tapes are my total babies at the moment – they’re damn beautiful and they were insanely cheap from Aliexpress. I’ve used one of them in my bullet journal spread for Setting My Blog Goals, so you’ve witnessed these in action too.

Floral Gold Foil Washi Tape

Cheap washi tape, Buy Quality masking tape directly from China decorative stickers tape Suppliers: 10 Styles Gold Foil Gild Washi Tape Hot Stamping Flower Bonsai House DIY Bullet Jornal Stickers Decorative Sticker Masking Tapes

Gold Foil Floral Washi Tape – £0.96 each

Bamboo Tape

Next up is my lovely bamboo washi tape. Was there any real reason for this purchase? Nope. Do I regret it? Nope.

Bamboo Washi Tape – Etsy – £2.19

Spirited Away Tape

Then we have what has to be one of my favourite tapes EVER – my Spirited Away washi tape.

Studio Ghibli Washi Tape – Esty – £2.38

If you have not seen the beauty that is Spirited Away, my friends, you have not lived your life to its full potential. Studio Ghibli produce the most beautiful, meaningful cartoons to bless our screens and Spirited Away is easily one of my favourites. I want Howl’s Moving Castle (another one of my favourites of theirs) tape next. (And possibly a calcifer tattoo. I know that’s ridiculous and I won’t get it . . . but I still want it.)

Mini Cacti Tape

You guys have seen my mini cacti washi tape used in spreads before – namely my May Bullet Journal Week 1 & 2 Spreads – but it’s honestly so cute.

Cheap slim washi tape, Buy Quality washi tape directly from China decorative tape Suppliers: 8mm*8m Stars Diamond Fish Succulent Paper Masking Tapes Slim Washi Tape Dividing Boarder Lines DIY Decorative Tapes

Thin Washi Tape – Aliexpress – £0.78

Tropical Leaves Tape

Leaf print washi tape – Etsy – £1.95

Renaissance Paintings Tape

I won’t lie to you guys . . . you’re going to be seeing a lot of these washi tapes cropping up in my up-and-coming bullet journal spreads. Why? Well, mainly because they’re bloody beautiful and goddess like and everything I want to channel.

Cheap tape diy decoration, Buy Quality washi tape directly from China masking tape Suppliers: 1.5-10cm*5-7m Vintage European opera epic washi tape DIY decoration scrapbooking planner masking tape adhesive tape washitape

Renaissance Paintings Washi Tape – £0.71-£2.50 – Aliexpress

And now, my friends, we are onto side 2. Which is actually just more washi tape from the same listing (there are like 10 different patterns to choose from).

See, guys? My collection is practically empty. (I mean, considering the fact that I bullet journal so often and have zero spending control; arguably, this is a very restrained collection.) Naturally, I don’t want my beautiful board to stay this sad and neglected . . . so here’s one washi tape that’s currently on my wishlist.

Cheap tape diy decoration, Buy Quality map washi tape directly from China washi tape Suppliers: 10cm*5m Vintage world map washi tape DIY decoration scrapbooking planner masking tape adhesive tape label sticker stationery

Vintage Map Large Washi Tape – £2.51 – Aliexpress

Okay, kids, I think that’s this post wrapped!

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This was just a quick little post for you beautiful people – I’m actually on my way to Birmingham to go meet the girl’s I’m going to Australia with! Exciting stuff.

What did you think of my washi tape collection? Which one was your favourite? Are you a fellow washi hoarder? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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63 thoughts on “My Washi Tape Collection & Where To Buy Washi Tape Cheap”

  1. Holy moly okay excuse you, I have forever thought your renaissance tape is my favourite – WHERE HAS THAT BAMBOO AND LEAF TAPE BEEN HIDING HMM??? I’m in love. You shall see in a few months, but white and green is very much the aesthetic of my life, like every other basic chic out there, but I’m fkn proud of it, and I need that tape stuck right across my forehead thanks very much xxxx

    1. OH OH PRIYA DON’T YOU WORRY HUNNY WE’RE HITTING THOSE RAINFORESTS OUR FIRST 2 MONTHS IN AUS, YOU WILL SEE MUCH OF THAT WASHI TAPE! and oooooh yes girl, that’s a fucking colour scheme, have no shame! xxx

    2. OH MY GOD WAS THIS POST MADE FOR ME OR WHAT?!?!?! Hello, yes, my name is Fiona and I am a fellow washi tape hoarder. I think my favourites from your collection are probably the renaissance-style ones. As an art buff, I love the whole period and the tape kind of reminds me of classical art memes haha! xxx

      1. Awww thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoy my content, I love creating it 🙂 and YES, I don’t know what my journal would look like without it – and I don’t want to know! xx

      1. First girl you had me in stitches… “Banging a moleskin journal” thank you so MUCH for that image and laugh :p And oh my gosh I am obsessed with these tapes! So SO pretty! Thank you for sharing your BulJo (have I mentioned that abbreviation makes me think of something oh so naughty…Oh my brain LOL) ways! <3

      2. Did you write this post….for me???? I’m going to pretend you did and be grateful because my soul NEEDED this post (even if my bank account doesn’t). Look at them 😭😭 so beautiful. And the Renaissance ones? Don’t even get me started. I’m deceased. the inner stationery hoarder within me is screaming to get out right now. I may have to make some purchases …xx

        1. Chloe….I MIGHT HAVE! And ahaha god I feel that on a cellular level – “it would make my heart hppy, but my wallet….not so much”. Girl, I aint gonna stop you – it’s washi tape!xxx

      3. I don’t own any washi tape!!! But I LOVE your collection and now I really want to go and buy some, not that I know what to do with it but I NEED the Studio Ghibli Tape!! xx

      4. Beautiful collection! I have a few rolls, but somehow never started an actual bullet journey or used them much in my calendar/agenda book (: someday I guess haha

      5. I loooove the tropical leaves and spirited away ones! I’ve been looking for pretty washi tapes for my journal but I haven’t been able to find cool ones when I go shopping! Glad you made this post!

      6. I frickin love these and your little display page showcasing them all!! I am so tempted to buy them but I just bought five rolls, got given one and have a big pack in the mail on the way (no idea what that will be like as it was less than a pound for like 8 rolls or something lol). Great post and love your bujo as always💛

        1. Awwww thank you so much! I was really pleased with how it turned out 😀 And to be fair, sometimes not knowing can make it a bit exciting like ooooh will it be shit or fab? who knows? <3

        2. wow i had no idea washi tape could be this beautiful. I’ve only seen the boring polka dot and stripe kind. You really have amazing taste.
          You’re going to make me broke cause now I wanna be a washi tape hoarder!!
          Have fun in Australia!

          1. Girllll I know right! When I first started, that plain sort of this was the only washi tape I found, but once I started actually looking at sites like Aliexpress and Etsy the world opened up ;D xx

          1. I do love them! And … ish. I definitely want to keep journalling because I love looking back over memories etc and it’s a great way to do that, but I’ve bought a pretty creative planner so when I have the time to do bullet journal spreads I can use the space for that but if I don’t it’s got dates etc. to just quickly jot things down in. Got a whole post coming up about that 😉 xxx

          2. Uhh what a genius way to fill out pages in your bullet journal. I absolutely love washi tape, it’s like the perfect thing to whack out if you’ve just got that littl’ annoying space left on a page – #relatablethingsforpeoplewhobullletjournal . My favourite one of your’s will have to be the leaf print ones – I’m such a sucker for anything botanic. Great post Mia, once again xx <33

            1. Why thank you girly 🙂 And oh my god YES or if you just have a page that’s looking a little plain . . . stick some washi tape on it! I love botanical things too my love (pretty much all my tattoos are botanical!) so feel you on that. Thank you! <3 <3

          3. You have a beautiful collection of washi tape! I have a huge collection myself, maybe I should make some display pages also, that would make it much easier for me to see which ones I want to use xD
            Can’t wait to see more of your bullet journal spreads! <3

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            2. damn, girl! i just woke up so as the first read on my feed, aother inspiring post! I definitely love the renaissance painting washi tapes! thank you!

            3. Mia, someone banging a moleskin journal?! LOL omg, you crack me up… 😂 I am in love with all of these but my fave is the gold floral!!! Hope the girls are a good bunch ♡♡♡

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            5. Omggggg I love washi tape so much asdfhjkl ❤️❤️❤️ You are da best! Awesome post 😊👌 I also buy a lot of washi tape and I’m definitely a stationery addict haha. I loved especially the one with Spirit Away. I love those movies so much 😍😍😍 They are all beautiful. I need to buy more 😂

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