17 Airport Outfit Ideas! (For Summer, Winter, Short Flights AND Long Hauls.)

Hello, beautiful people, my name is Mia and the only somewhat beneficial thing I get from my OCD-ridden brain is the ability to completely not freak out about massive, life-changing things and instead freak out about absolutely meaningless nonsense. (I mean, the only beneficial thing aside from being great at detecting patterns but how? is? that? useful? in? any? way? shape? or? form?)

Case in point? I’m moving to literally the other side of the world with two girls I literally have met twice and I am unfazed; I have planned quite literally nothing. Now, my airport outfit however? Well, that needs to be tried and tested; we need to look at all different variations. It needs to be the right blend of comfortable and chic. Casual, yet still stylish.

Why? Absolutely no fucking reason. Is what I’m wearing to the airport going to change the outcome of my holiday? Absolutely not. Am I going to over-plan it like my happiness for the next 6 months to 2 years hinges on it? Abso-fucking-lutely.

So, welcome, my friends – today I’m going to be sharing with you the perfect things to wear to the airport. You ready? Great.

17 Airport Outfit Ideas: A Lookbook

First up, I’m sharing a lookbook video with you! Watch it and subscribe, because . . . well, there’s no real incentive other than I want you to. Can’t that be enough?












We have short haul flights, long haul flights, summer flights and winter flights. I’m really pleased with how this turned out (also: discovered potential cute airport outfits I had not previously considered – and also just outfits – which is always a plus) so make sure you watch.

(By the way, all of the images below of other girls were off Pinterest and the sources were things like repost Tumblr pages and weheartit, so if you know where any of the source images were found let me know and I can add source links.)

What To Wear For Short Haul Summer Flights

pinterest//annarshapiroCute summer outfits that you should take on holiday

When it comes to short haul summer flights, you can go cute. A few hours on the plane is nothing – you could comfortably wear a dress for that. Plus, the good thing about summer is that the days extend for longer so rocking a cute outfit means you can hop off your flight, dump your bags at the hotel and jet straight off!

What To Wear For Long Haul Summer Flights

 pinterest//mylittlejourney ☼ ☾♡

My rule of thumb for any flight longer than four hours? Fuck being cute, you want to be comfy. Airports are an amazing place where it’s socially acceptable to wear jogging bottoms and leggings, so take advantage. If you wouldn’t change into it after a long day of school/work, it isn’t comfy enough.

My tips:

  • Waistlines – make sure you aren’t wearing anything with a waist that’s too tight; it’s gonna be uncomfortable as hell after a few hours of sitting down.
  • Not too tight or stiff – if you want figure hugging, go for leggings. Stiff or uncomfortable fabrics are, again, just going to get more uncomfortable over the hours. Don’t waste your time or happiness.
  • Layer it up – flights are air-conditioned and cold, so even if you take off in the heat and land in the heat . . . you’re going to have some cold moments in between. (Or you might be taking off at night and landing midday.) For this, make sure you’ve got layers to build up and strip off. Personally, sweaters and light jackets are my go to for this!

What To Wear For Short Haul Winter Flights

Comfy10 Fall Trends You Need To Know #refinery29 http://www.refinery29.com/wear-app-street-style-outfit-photos#slide-2 This elevated and comfy travel ensemble is giving us major wanderlust. ...

For short haul winter flights, again, you can look cute (and warm). It’s all about the layering and the knits. Personally, I like wearing jeans in the winter for short flights because they are a little bit warmer.

What To Wear For Long Haul Winter Flights

Again, long haul flights for me require leggings or jogging bottoms – so switch out those jeans!

Have I decided on my airport outfit for Australia as of yet? No, not really – but hey, at least I’m somewhat closer to knowing what to wear, right? I have inspiration and options, so that’s half the battle won. If you enjoyed this post, make sure you’re all following my Fashion Pinterest board!





Which of my outfits did you guys like best? (No seriously, can you tell me because I want to have at least that ultimately meaningless decision made.) What’s your airport style? Do you have a go-to travel outfit? Did you enjoy my video? Let me know your thoughts down below!


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82 thoughts on “17 Airport Outfit Ideas! (For Summer, Winter, Short Flights AND Long Hauls.)”

  1. Oh yay – airport outfits! I mean I obviously couldn’t just pic one outfit, however I am totally obsessed with outfit No #9, #12 & #15 (can you sense that number one priority of mine is comfort on an airplane haha) Like I wish I’d be able to rock a dress or jeans – but all I want to do on an airplane is to be as comfortable as possible. All in all (another) great post lovely. I hope this upcoming week is going to be wonderful for ya’ <33 xxx

    1. I know, they’re so bizarrely fun to look at right? Not a clue why they actually matter, but fun to plan! And ooooh nice choices – COMFY choices 😀 And I totally feel you, if its a 1-3 hour flight and we’re arriving in the day, I can do a dress or jeans, but anything longer and the outfit needs to feel like pyjamas. Thank you my lovely, hope you have a fabulous week too! <3 xxx

      1. Honestly same, everytime I go out looking a mess I regret it and promise myself to make an effort to look good even if I’m tired. Going to the airport is no excuse lol

    1. I’m like you – I stress about small stupid things when a normal person would stress about the bigger more obvious thing. 😂 Also long or short, I always go for a comfy but usually ugly look cause like you said, fuck being cute. I literally have the exact same list of what to avoid and wear for long flights in my head, which I use every time I fly.

      1. Moving to Australia will be AMAZING! I always stress about what to wear for a flight as I want to be comfy. I would love to wear joggers etc but my mentally is that if I look nice I will be more confident because I always get anxious in airports. I am going on holiday soon and I actually arrive in Spain about 9pm so I can deffo get away with wearing leggings and a hoody! The outfits you included in this post are so cute and the ones in your video are too! I have also subscribed to your Youtube! Great post!! xx

        1. I hope so – I’m so excited for it! And omg yes literally like I want to be comfy but I ALSO want to be a boss ass bitch and I don’t know how to combine the two worlds ?? oooh I love spain, have fun! and thank you lovelyyy <3

      2. I am obsessed with your style Mia! Moving to Australia will be such an incredible adventure, so many of my friends have done the same and with an uncle out there, it’d be stupid of me not to go one day! Smashed it again <3

      3. Aaaah I’m in love with these outfits! I’d wear the literal pajamas, t-shirt dress and cozy jumper cozy leggings. I’ve said this before but THE JUMPER IN #17 IS BAE 😍😍😂

      4. I wish I looked as cute in leggings as these girls do but alas, I do not! I love wearing leggings and an oversized t-shirt on flights because it is both comfy and warm. I normally carry a change of clothes in my hand luggage anyway, just in case my luggage gets lost I have a spare outfit and so I can change if needed. xx

        1. Aww thank you Amelia 🙂 And omg absolutely like looking cute is great for the fraction of time you’re in the airport but it doesn’t help you when you’re uncomfortable all 8 hours of your flight xx

        2. Literally if I could wear PJs on a flight I would, last week I wore track pants, trainers and an oversized baggy shirt and I probably looked homeless but you know…that’s fashion, right? Comfort is a MUST. These are some great tips!! (Especially waistlines, who wants to sit for hours on end feeling like their circulation’s been cut off?!) xx

        3. These are so cute! HOW did you decide to just up and go somewhere with two people you only met twice? That seems so adventurous and so exhilarating, but I’d be so afraid to do that! Seems like a lot of fun, though!

        4. I always go for plain simple casual look when travelling. I usually bring big scarf so I can keep myself cozy and worm. These outfit ideas are so good, stylish and chic. Love the post girl. xx

        5. Ummmm….outfits 16 and 17?? Thats. My. Shit. Love it, so much! As I’ve said several times before, I’m the equivalent of a 12 year old boy, so catch me in leggings, huge, hug hoodie and sneakers at the airport, it’s been my go to for honestly my last five overseas and interstate trips, and I have zero regrets. I loved the versatility in all these outfits too like girl, I’d wear half of those out!! xx

        6. I’m loving all of these outfit ideas! I don’t travel much but I may end up taking notes for future travels 😁
          Some of these outfits are also just as cute for everyday wear 😊

        7. I loved all of these outfits so much ❤️ I especially love to wear something comfortable. I agree that it’s great to have a sweater or layers for the cold air conditioning in the airplane. I always get a bit cold there.

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