Comfy, Warm and Cute AF – My Go To Winter Airport Outfit Ft. Story Of Lola

Oh, OOTDs . . . what happened to you? I wish I could say it’s because I haven’t been taking pictures – but I have. I have at least 5 OOTD posts I could publish, complete with photos and all, but they always seem to fall to the backburner. Posts about pretty much anything else seem more interesting than you guys being forced to look at photos of me and pretend to care.

Hello, my simply stunning blog audience. How are we this fine day?

This December, I have been on quite a lot of planes. It’s been fun, other than the incessant fear of blood clots. Oh, you thought I was an easy-going, normal person and not paranoid about things that have a 1 in 100,000,000 chance of happening to me? Well, think again.

The thing about going on holiday is that . . . before you arrive at your destination country, you usually require a plane and, unless you’re rich, that usually requires use of an airport. Airports and their subsequent plane journeys are hardly the most glamourous and comfortable of expeditions, so what on earth are you expected to wear?

For airport journeys, I am a creature of habit. Actually, just for my wider life, really. Depending on the season and the type of holiday, I usually have a go-to airport outfit at the ready. I shared with you my summer go-to-airport outfit a few months ago (time is flying by, huh?), so today I’m bringing you my go-to airport outfit for winter.

Absolutely shameless Instagram plug; follow me on the ‘gram, kids – I’m trying to see if I can hit 1,000 before 2018!

So in my Winter Clothing Haul Post & Video, I shared my absolutely gorgeous Story of Lola hoodie that I bought. If you don’t remember it, that’s actually pretty logical as it was hardly a monumental event for your life. I’ll kindly insert the video and refresh your memory.

If you remember, I was/am trying to make a conceited effort to shop more mindfully and I am pleased to say that the most expensive thing in that haul (my gorgeous, pink, story of Lola faux fur hoodie) has got so much wear that it was 100% worth it. In fact, it’s got top spot in my wardrobe as my go-to item for times when I want to look (relatively) put together, but be as comfortable as physically possible.

It’s soft, it’s cosy and oh sweet jesus is it warm . . . but it’s also bloody gorgeous. The colour, the shine, the way it looks like velvet fur. Is that a thing? That should totally be a thing.

Just look at it. In all of it’s pink glory. Also, in case you didn’t guess, this is my complete airport outfit. And, yes, I am wearing a matching velvet scrunchie. Because co-ordination.

I also pair it with leggings because who wants skin-tight, uncomfortable jeans digging into you for an eight hour flight? Plus, these are Primark ones that have velvet lining on the inside, so they’re wonderfully warm, but also super cosy.

If you haven’t realised it by now, I am all about my comforts. I do not like to suffer for style – unless it’s tattoos, heels or summer dresses. None of which are going to be utilised in a winter airport outfit, unless you’re real brave.

No seriously though . . . how do people wear heels to the airport? What kind of satanic ritual did you have to perform to get that kind of balance? And can you teach it to me?

Paired with some comfy boots and fluffy socks (planes are cold; let me have this.) as well as a thin tee (or, if it’s especially sub-arctic, a thin jumper) . . . that is my go-to Winter OOTD complete!

I’m so obsessed with scrunchies at the moment, it’s an issue.

If you like this hoodie, it’s Β£95 and being sold here. (Linked.)

Β Okay, so as we wrap this post up . . . let me just say a massive thank you to all you lovely people. With all the travelling and whatnot, I haven’t really been active on here (aside from scheduled posts) so it’s lovely that you guys have still been enjoying and interacting with my posts. I am back home (for a week, anyway) so I’ll be back catching up with all your posts and comments! I haven’t suddenly turned into one of those bloggers that doesn’t deign to acknowledge other people’s existence, promise – I’ve just been crazy busy.

And with that, let’s conclude! What did you think of my airport outfit? Cosy? Warm? Adorably snuggly? Also, I have got loads of travel related posts to throw your way . . . we’re definitely going to have to stagger this trip’s experiences out! Oh – I know a lot of people loved the Story of Lola hoodie in previous posts (it was on a wishlist before I bought it, then featured in a haul); after seeing it “in action”, do you guys think it was worth the money? Let me know your thoughts below!


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60 thoughts on “Comfy, Warm and Cute AF – My Go To Winter Airport Outfit Ft. Story Of Lola”

      1. Thank goodness for that 😐was just thinking I may have been a rude bastard again to such a lovely young lady… and that I might get turned into a frog or a ferret with one leg shorter than the others

    1. Probably should be traveling in your Hannibal Lecter transport gear πŸ˜… I imagine being placed next to you on a plane could be like meeting Tyler Durden 🀣
      Have a fantastic time. Go Hornets in 3 hours

      1. I’m sorry but is there actually ANYTHING you don’t look good in ???? Loved this hoodie when you showed it in your haul and it still looks just as amazing 😍😍xxx

      2. I am so in love with your whole style! Every time you post an outfit I just love It so much! Especially this, Im all for the cosy travelling style. My friend actually bought a similar jumper in a royal blue colour and she keeps sending me pictures in It. I’m so tempted to buy one myself! xx

        1. Thank you so so much lovely! That means so much πŸ™‚ And yes girl yes who wants to be uncomfortable on the plane? πŸ™ Ooooh royal blue sounds AMAZING. And yes definitely do it’s 100% worth it. xx

        1. I honestly thought your hoodie was a blanket and I was like “wow, someone does the same thing I do!” Now that I realize it is indeed a hoodie and not a blanket, I feel like I look like a bum burrito at the airport. I do love that hoodie, though! It looks super cozy!

        2. Always so happy to see about you in my reader! I hope you are good, you look stunning like always <3 love your style and your houl video.

          Send you a big hug!


        3. I was feeling warm until I read this post, but looking at the snuggly hoodie I feel very cold all of a sudden – my body has has a physical reaction trying t force me to buy it πŸ˜‰

          1. “No seriously though . . . how do people wear heels to the airport? What kind of satanic ritual did you have to perform to get that kind of balance? And can you teach it to me?”

            IKR OMG!! Btw that looks SO COMFORTABLE like I need to get it rn!!

            1. Ahhh that hoodie is so beautiful! Honestly, that is pretty glam for an airport outfit -I usually board my flights in something that resembles pyjamas because I cannot deal with the side effects of trying to look stylish for hours of sitting down hahahah. Brilliant post as always and I cannot wait to read all your travel updates!! <3

              1. Thanks lovelyyy – it’s such a cosy, lazy day outfit that it doesn’t even take effort (thank god) and yess you can’t get it from topshop anymore, but you can get it directly from story of lola xx

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