FALLS FESTIVAL & PLAYLIST (ish, kinda, not really)

Hey, pretty babies – how’s the world treating you all today? Good? Fantastic, let’s talk about me. Now, if you retain any information from this blog, you’re probably more than aware of two things:

1. I love festivals. Actually, just live music. Meh, who are we kidding – just music.

2. I also love Priya. (Who happens to be a musician/music blogger/kickass human whom I adore and whose website you most definitely need to check out.)

Since living in Melbourne (there will be a life update post coming up about my travels in Australia so far, I promise), I have been hanging out with the lovely Priya when our schedules allow it. Now, before I get into the story, let me just preface it by saying my Melbourne life has been full of quite frankly weird serendipity. In this one story, you’re going to be hit with three different instances of it. I don’t know what’s going on either.

First of all, I love the little girl gang Priya has. I feel like they’ve adopted me since being in Melbs (apparently, that’s how the natives refer to it. I have my doubts about this.) and they’re all really welcoming and fun.

So: serendipity. In my first week here, Priya actually organised a little clubbing night with a few of le girls, we ended up getting along really well (not hard, bunch of bloody legends). On this night out, as we’re literally discussing “oh we have to meet up again!”, one of their friends who was supposed to be coming to Falls dropped out. And wa-la, guess who just happened to be available!

This night out actually! God, have I been in Melbourne for a full three months already? Terrifying.

I have to confess, I knew literally two people on the line-up – and one of them wasn’t on the days we were going anyway. (Which is a shame because Dizzee Rascal would have been a total laugh live, but there we go.) I’m actually quite glad I went in blind though; I ended finded a ton of new artists to listen to and the whole trip was just a massive hoot!

And so we reach the crux of today’s post – a lil Falls Festival inspired playlist!

  1. Flight Facilities – Crave You
  2. Flight Facilities – Need You
  3. Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune
  4. Bishop Briggs – River
  5. Bishop Briggs – Wild Horses
  6. Bishop Briggs – Baby
  7. Anderson .Paak – TINTS
  8. Mallrat – Uninvited
  9. Ruel – Dazed and Confused
  10. DMA’S – In The Air

These are just a few of the performers that massively stuck out to me . . . and that I can actually remember. (Hey, it was a festival – what do you expect?)

I’d say Flight Facilities were probably my favourite act of the entire three days for multiple reasons. A. They were just really fucking good. They’ve got the perfect music to dance and enjoy yourself to, which is always a plus. And b – serendipity.

So I don’t know if you guys are aware of my friend James. I’ve definitely mentioned him off-hand once or twice on here, but we actually met all the way back in 2017 (terrifying) at FIB, a festival in Spain. Actually, the way we met was pretty serendipitous (really rinsing that word, huh?) – but that’s a story for another day.

Anyways, we ended up having to spend like 12 hours stuck together in a closed airport before going our seperate ways and somehow in that time we got along well enough to keep in contact for a year. So imagine my surprise when, on the drive up to Falls (which happened to be my birthday), it turned out we were both going!

Yeah, so that first night was my birthday and I ended up hanging out with James, the friend he was with Tyson (also a legend) and we saw Flight Facilities! All good fun.

So, yeah – that was Falls Festival 2018/19! It was a total laugh, I had an awesome time; thank you to the lovely Priya for inviting me! Make sure you head over to Priya’s website and read her conveniently linked Falls Festival post; she made a super cute video too!

Well, kids, that’s your lot! I hope you enjoyed this post; I massively enjoyed the festival! Have you guys ever been to Falls or seen any of these artists live? Would you? Let me know your thoughts below!


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26 thoughts on “FALLS FESTIVAL & PLAYLIST (ish, kinda, not really)

    1. Than you so much girly! It was such a good time, I wish I’d have thought to make a lookbook or something <3

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    kittyp0p says:

    Yaaaas! Crave You is my jam

    1. Thanks lovely ladyyy! Can’t wait to make a laneways post 😉 x

  2. Throughmylens – Currently living in the City of the Dreaming Spires..! A complete bohemian at heart. Come, get to know me through my blog posts.. Hop on board and join me on my journey to find all things beautiful! xx
    Throughmylens says:

    Wow sounded like a whole lotta fun Mia, the pictures are beautiful!

  3. oxria – Hello! I’m a 17 year old girl who likes to share experiences and travel memories with people. On my blog you’ll find a bunch of things: from fashion posts, hauls and travel diaries to random photos of my cats! (b ᵔ▽ᵔ)b I hope you like it!
    oxria says:

    Love the photos in this post, Mia! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much lovely lady!

  4. Hannah – Hello there! My name is Hannah and I am a 22 year old lifestyle blogger who loves travelling, coffee and social media. Welcome to my corner of the Internet.
    Hannah says:

    Loved the photos in this post. I cannot believe how well everything turned out – everything truly does happen for a reason! I am glad you had fun at the festival and discovered some new artists, I always find listening to artists live the best way to figure out if you actually like their music (and personality). xx

    1. Thank you, Hannah! I know right – I’m uploading a similar post today about another festival we went to where a similar thing happened … life in melbourne has been full of great coincidences to be honest! And I definitely agree – big part of the reason I love Bishop Briggs so much now is through watching her at falls!xx

      1. Hannah – Hello there! My name is Hannah and I am a 22 year old lifestyle blogger who loves travelling, coffee and social media. Welcome to my corner of the Internet.
        Hannah says:

        I look forward to reading the post! xx

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    SimpleSerenity says:

    Missed your blog posts lovely. Really enjoyed reading this one and seeing all the fun photos, great post dear. xx

    1. Awww thank you so much! I’ve actually just quit my job (thank god) so I’m going to be active in the blogging community again – yay! xx

  6. Those photos and illustrations/edits to go along are just MARVELOUS. Sounds like an endless amount of fun surrounded by some pretty awesome people (ahem, PRIYA) xx

    1. Thank you so much Fiona you babe! xx

    1. Thank you so much you lovely lady! x

  7. I love live music and festivals so much Music is life. I’m happy you had fun. The pictures look amazing!

    1. Me too! Honestly the vibes of a good music festival are unbeatable 🙂 Thanks love <3

    1. I really did! Thanks for reading, lovely! xx

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